Way to Lobby to Stop Pritzker’s $2,500 (Maximum) Fines for Businesses Who Do Not Force Customers to Wear Masks

From Illinois Leaks, reprinted with permission:

Illinois – URGENT call to action – re: JCAR Meeting To Consider Enforcement and Fines!


Illinois (ECWd) –

The JOINT COMMITTEE ON ADMINISTRATIVE RULES has the power to stop the Administrative Rules being proposed which would permit police, state, and local health department to mandate “training, warnings, and fines up to $2500” for business owners who violate the Governor’s orders.

According to the August 11, 2020, JCAR meeting agenda:

“If members of the public wish to express their views with respect to a proposed rule, they should submit written comments to the Office of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules at the following address: Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, 700 Stratton Office Building, Springfield, Illinois 62706”.

Considering the current proposal tramples our Constitutional rights and will cause irreparable devastation to the lives of many, and further destruction of our economy, we urge people to take action and submit a written comment urging the JCAR to refrain from implementing any new rules related to the governor’s latest “guidelines.”

#43 on the Agenda:  Local Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency (or Local CURE) Support Program (14 Ill. Adm. Code 700).

JCAR did not provide any proposed changes for us to review as they did with others under consideration, so we can only “assume” any proposed emergency changes will support yesterday’s message from the governor which would subject businesses to training, warnings, fines, and criminal charges, for what their customer do, or do not do, in relation to social distancing and wearing face coverings.

Rather than mailing the submission, send them the submission by email at the following email address.


We urge everyone to read this article in its entirety and watch the clip of Governor Pritzker telling us what rules he wants made to enforce restrictions on the people of this great state.

The subject of those written submissions needs to reflect the following:

#43 on the Agenda:  Local Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency (or Local CURE) Support Program (14 Ill. Adm. Code 700)

We urge all who submit a written comment to be professional and factual with their submission and outline clearly and distinctively how this proposed rule will impact themselves, local businesses, municipalities, and the state as a whole.

Again, we urge the public to stand up and be heard on this new rule that can criminalize business owners, including license revocations, for something their customers do.


Way to Lobby to Stop Pritzker’s $2,500 (Maximum) Fines for Businesses Who Do Not Force Customers to Wear Masks — 10 Comments

  1. It’s one way for the state to collect revenue, when so many businesses are dead or dying. ☹️

  2. Why would anyone sign on to fight something that is ALREADY declared by the court totally illegal, unconstitutional and VOID? He is scheduled to appear in court on Friday to explain why he has not rescinded all his fake orders as the court has stated or be arrested. This is likely to muddy the waters completely. This looks very much like controlled opposition. Stay away!

  3. Things like JCAR are exactly what is wrong with how we currently do things. While I understand this has been the case for a while, how is this legal under the Illinois constitution that executive agencies make rules and a committee from the GA just reviews it.

    I looked up a pdf on the JCAR website titled “How Rules Are Made in Illinois”

    Here is a quick quote

    “Through the IAPA, the General Assembly delegates to executive branch State agencies authority
    to implement statutory law (Public Acts) via administrative law (rules/regulations)”

    How is this not in violation of Article 2 Section 1 of the Illinois constitution?

    “The legislative, executive and judicial branches are separate. No branch shall exercise powers properly belonging
    to another.”

    These are the things we need to fix if we want our country to get better. Politicians need to stop being able to hide behind agencies while they fail to do their job and pass laws.

  4. Illinois is not only a Sanctuary State but a COVDIDIOT state as well.

    This explains much of what ails Illinois.

  5. Been in big box stores in Woodsock and Crystal Lake recently and everybody, EVERYBODY that I saw is wearing a mask. Smart customers, smart management and employees of the stores. Only morons and imbeciles say there is no China Virus.

  6. Bred Winner, there’s a virus, there’s flu etc.

    There will always be viruses.


    Dont shut down businesses, schools etc! And don’t mandate masks (or any other PPE).


  7. Mr. Franks and Beans worried about a MASK when his entire STATE is turning into a third world country of garbage! Really? is this all you have to do? again over his Fred Flintstone head… Wilma bring me another hot dog!!

  8. bred is a huge DANGEROUS idiot. Turn off your teevee! You have no idea how stupid you have become until you do.

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