Is This Something Trump Is Doing that Has Gone Largely Unnoticed? — 10 Comments

  1. As today’s news goes this is old news,

    Rush and many others covered this in great detail last week.

    POTUS was referring, quite obviously, to DEMOCRATS and Leftist anarchists
    who are funded by the likes of the uber wealthy like Soros.


  2. Hopefully some crooked pieces of crap will be arrested, prosecuted and convicted.

    Come to McHenry County Mr President as you’ll find some very poor character individuals in political offices around the County.

    Just throw a dart at a County map and start from there.

  3. There’s been high treason in ‘our’ government for decades.

    I’m surprised Trump is still alive.

    In case you missed it there’s been an ongoing coup d’etat going on since Election Day 2016, actually begun months before that.

  4. The author of the external reference is confusing the “Optima Management Group” with the “Optima Rx”, part of the internal pharmacy benefits manager for UnitedHealth Group (or prescription drug “middlemen” referenced by the President), as documented in Friday’s article about prescription drug prices:

    The President’s quote Cal used in this article, which is in the video in Friday’s article, was bookended by the topic of the four prescription drug price Executive Orders he issued in late July.

  5. There have been 25 attempts on his life so far.

    Crooked Media silent.

  6. Trump has been bad for the Leftists and NeoCon sides of our deep state.

    Ending future wars by building deterrence, wiping out caliphate, pulling 1/3 of troops out of Germany, asking old world order Europeans to pay for their own defense, confronting China, peeling off Hispanic and African American voters, confronting Public Unions within VA, building a Wall, and God forbid confronting the Left Media and publicly identifying them as they are.

    The results are clear to anyone paying attention.

    The riots, gnashing of teeth from What the media describes as “peaceful protestors” while standing in front of burning neighborhoods has exposed their “secret agenda”.

    Portland mayor is right, they are re-electing Trump.

    Look at Chicago last night.

    Amazing peaceful protestors show up at the Mag mile with empty backpacks.

    Nothing to see here, Light foot doubling down on shutting churches and keep tax paying Americans from gathering.

  7. Groggy, stop using sugar coated euphemisms.,,, ‘Neo-com’ really means zionist power.

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