Price Tag Switch at Harvard Walmart

From the Harvard Police Department:

Harvard City Hall


On 08-06-20 at 1528 hrs, an Employee (m-22 yoa) of Walmart, 21101
McGuire Rd, Harvard reported on 07-25-20 at approximately 1936 hrs an
unknown male entered the store obtained several eletronics switched the price tags with clearance items.

The male utilized the self-checkout paying the reduced price and left the store without paying the full retail price.

Under Investigation.


Price Tag Switch at Harvard Walmart — 10 Comments

  1. That’s the cost businesses have to shoulder in a Sanctuary State run exclusively by DEMOCRATS.

  2. This is precisely why self checkouts don’t work

    A human would have spotted the difference and stopped the sale!

  3. HonestAbe1 I heard the perp was wearing a mask.

    Was it because the fascist state made him wear a mask to push the covid-19 agenda or because he wanted to cover his face during his theft?

    We’ll never know.

    All I know is that I’m voting Yeezy 2020.

    Only Kanye has a plan to stop the radical left from pushing forward with their plan to weaponize the cotton industry and turn the youth against us with eLearning propaganda Zoom videos.

    I bounced on my boys rocketship while posting this comment.


    That’s a rocket ship

  4. Poor demented DishonestAbe1 can’t even read an article about a shoplifter without trying to turn it into something about immigrants.


  5. And there are no suspects!


    Just pass the costs on to the White payers.

    They get soaked on everything else so what’s the diff!?

  6. Oh please Gary Puckett… pull your head out of your ass.

    I’m not a “white” tax payer and I get screwed paying taxes, Medicare and Medicaid just like the rest of minorities in this country.

    And many of these costs go towards legal (Hear that, you moron, Hoss Wisenbaker),
    useless, lazy, POS citizens who have lived here in the USA all their lives and are a burden on society.

    Get over your white privilege, you pathetic turd.

  7. Dump Trump you are obviously the lying, stealing Mexican of the Illegal variety.

    Soon you’ll be stopped by law enforcement then turned over to ICE.

    Adios Jose Lopez Gomez Santos Ramirez Diaz Garcia Jr and take that with you?

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