IL-14: Oberweis Wants Federal Help in Chicago

From State Senator Jim Oberwies, the 14th District candidate for Congress:

Jim Oberweis urges federal intervention to stop violence in Chicago

Sugar Grove, IL – State Senator and candidate for Congress in the 14th District, Jim Oberweis, is issuing the following statement on the violence engulfing downtown Chicago.

Jim Oberweis

 “What we are witnessing in Chicago is very disturbing. The perpetrators behind the violence, looting and rioting are criminals engaged in a coordinated criminal enterprise to terrorize citizens, damage property, enrich themselves with stolen merchandise and destroy family-owned businesses.

We are at this point because of a failure of leadership. When President Trump offered to aid Chicago by sending in reinforcements to stop the violence, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot responded with over the top foul language in her refusal to accept the help.

There has been a failure at all levels of government in Illinois. Governor JB Pritzker has allowed Mayor Lightfoot to continue to make one bad decision after another without intervening and Cook County Prosecutor Kimberly Foxx has failed to prosecute the criminals behind the rioting and looting.  The lack of support for Chicago police who risk their lives every day is incredibly disappointing.

We need federal help to get the City under control. I urge President Trump to send in federal law enforcement officials to restore order in Chicago.  Lightfoot, Foxx, and Pritzker had an opportunity to get a handle on this situation and they have failed miserably.

If our local and state officials are not willing or able to stop the looting, then It is time for federal involvement. It is time to defend our police and stop the dangerous rioting and looting.  We cannot allow Chicago to become another Portland.”


IL-14: Oberweis Wants Federal Help in Chicago — 18 Comments

  1. Obviously, Chicago is nowhere near any district Jim Oberweis currently represents or wants to represents. 😐

  2. More bla, bla, bla from Oberweis.

    This blowhard is RINO Rauner redux.

    If he had any balls, if he was a real MAN, he would be calling for
    the immediate resignation of that vile creature who wears Joe Pesci’s suits.

    After all, isn’t that what a real leader would do when confronted with rampant violence and mayhem ?

  3. Nobody needs any Feds. Mayor Daley had the answer back in 1968. It worked then – it would work now.

  4. Speaking of stinky:

    Latest lawsuit against House Speaker Michael Madigan, ComEd seeks $450 million in penalties over alleged bribery scheme.

  5. I agree with Cindy on this one.

    The old man had it right, if you see them burning stuff, just shoot.

  6. I think Cindy was referring to more of a billy club type deal, like the ’68 Democrat convention.

    Breaking bones and cracking dumb ass skulls is very effective.

    The key is consistency

  7. No, old man Daley literally issued an order during the 68 riots to shoot to kill arsonists and anyone with a molitive cocktail in their hand. He also order CPD to shoot to maim anyone looting.

  8. Don’t try to interpret for me, Paul! No, Neal is right. The shit stopped immediately when he gave the orders, “Shoot to kill!”

  9. And if the same order was given today, it would have the same effect.

    Problem solved.

  10. After reading this, maybe the should do the Daley.

    ‘Looting is reparations’:

    BLM protesters gather outside Chicago PD in support of looters who ransacked city Sunday night, as organizer claims ‘anything they wanted to take, they can take because these businesses have insurance’

    Black Lives Matter Chicago held a protest Monday night in which they defended looting as a form of ‘reparations’

    Drawbridges into Chicago were raised Monday night and freeway exits closed as downtown was locked down

    Precautions were being taken to avoid a second night of chaos, following riots and looting in the early hours
    SWAT teams were seen patrolling the streets of the Illinois city on Monday afternoon

    Protests and looting erupted when a false rumor spread that police had shot and killed a child on Sunday

    Police in fact had shot and injured a 20-year-old man, who ran from them, turning to fire his gun at officers
    Latrell Allen has been charged with attempted murder after the shooting on Sunday which sparked the riots
    Chicago’s Magnificent Mile was hit by looters after hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police

    People then started organizing on Twitter and Facebook to loot downtown in a caravan of vehicles

    The violence coincided with the sixth anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri

    Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the looting had nothing to do with peaceful protest over police brutality

    She denied that the decision not to prosecute looters during George Floyd riots had spurred on looters now

  11. Oberweis is a hack who should have kept his face in his ice cream and not come up for air.

  12. Bring in the N.G. again and leave them here for a while… then remove all the illegals non citizens.. time to take the garbage out… narrows down the ones that need to arrested and prosecuted.

  13. BLM is covered by the August 10th Chicago Sun-Times.

    Mary Mitchell condemned the lootings. 😐

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