NWH Gives Space to Those Who Wish to Close Jail’s ICE Floor for the Second Time

Here are the names of the groups signing on to the screed:

  • Activists for Racial Equity (ARE): Crystal Lake and Surrounding Communities
  • McHenry Direct Action
  • Standing Up Against Racism- (SUAR) Woodstock
  • Elgin in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter
  • Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice
  • Elgin Coalition for Immigrant Rights
  • Occupy Elgin
  • D156 LASO

This is the second time this material has been published in the Northwest Herald. It also ran Friday.

Their thesis seems to be that boarders are “lies of ‘us’ and ‘them.’”

This sounds like the push back I received when, as the 2002 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor, I proposed using the new and empty Moline maximum security prison to house ICE detainees.

The opposition to the idea was so strong, I had to take the press release off my web site.

I did convince the two main players in the Illinois Libertarian Party that one could not have a country without borders, a position I still hold.


NWH Gives Space to Those Who Wish to Close Jail’s ICE Floor for the Second Time — 17 Comments

  1. Racist groups espousing age old racist ideas packaged in new racism to accomplish the destruction of egalitarianism.


    The loudest proponents of racist policies are the “educators”.

    It’s exciting times we live in when the naked morons think they’re wearing the very best finery tax money can buy.

    Then the Fourth Estate tries to further legitimize the fine cloaking of the naked racists.

    This empire’s Decadent Period will be the shortest in history.

    Can we pull this American Experiment out of the insane full tailspin it is in or will we auger in to history creating a new dark age of hunger, depression and slavery?

    Vote peacefully or swim in the violence inaction engenders.

    The idiotic and ignorant are your Masters.

    Only you can determine for how long.

  2. wondering if such a thing like a FOIA could be used to find all that own or have stock in the NWH,,,to check to see if the “Franks” Family are partial owners as they are with our local banks….

  3. They are a bowl of worthless, dirty turds at the Northworst Herald. Look at the unprofessional editorial team.

  4. Why does the NW Herald, Editors, Writers and Shaw Media Owners keep thinking everybody who lives “up here” are left wing loons?

    Check your audience, learn your audience, interview your audience and you might see your reader subscriptions go the other way.

    Idiots the lot of you—missing number one rule in business, not knowing your customer.

    Or maybe you do and dont care and keep pushing this left wing lunacy on residents of McHenry County.

    You are detested by nearly all and pushing this garbage on readers, (twice) with no rebuttal proves it.

  5. Every country has a right to determine who is (not) a citizen.

    No single country can absorb entire populations of other countries, unless maybe the country and/or population in question is very small.

    There might racial, religious, ethnic or other issues too. 😐

    Illegal Aliens can sneak in from any country, including Poland, Ireland, Jamaica and Nigeria, not just Mexico. 😮

    Some Mexicans have US Citizenships, dating back to the Mexican-American War (1845), when California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were annexed by the USA. 😁

    Mexico has very strict citizenship guidelines posted online, which the Anti-ICE crowd never mentions. Try sneaking into Mexico from Guatemala or El Salvador.

    You will be quickly deported. 😮

  6. Strongest argument I have ever made with a leftie on border control is to appeal to the sense of fairness.

    Most of these young people want to be good people, they have just only heard one side of argument.

    They also have this strange obsession with everything being equal, so use it against them.

    While people can sneak in from any country, due to geography most illegal immigrants come from Mexico.

    How is it fair to just let all the Mexicans sneak in, what about people in (insert any other country).

    Something like that works quite often.

  7. THE NWH is nothing more than a mouthpiece for El Jacko.

    Esta bien, no?

  8. Looks like the people in charge of the newspaper are just as moronic as are the people in these groups calling for the closure of ICE at the jail. What are the names and occupations of the people in these groups? Are any of them “undocumented immigrants”?

    Has the owner, publisher, editor given their “position” (via editorial) on sanctuary cities and states and harboring and protecting illegal aliens?

  9. They are undoubtedly a bunch of dip shits who print propaganda rather than news.

  10. One glance at their “editorial” letters to the editor page will give you a clue as to who is really running that Communist rag.

    Clue: Its common name begins with an S (pronounced like a hissing sound) and ends with an N.

    Be assured they will all find a very warm berth eventually.

  11. If there’s all these complaints about The Northwest Herald, then it’s time for a competing newspaper. 😁

  12. NWH hemorrhages cash.

    Days are numbered.

    I’ll do a jig the day it finally folds.

    A long one.

    They readership numbers/paid subscribers are fraudulent.

    Advertisers taken for a ride!

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