Speeders in Algonquin: Beware

Not all the items on the Algonquin Police Department blotter that arrived today are for speeding, but enough are that it seems worth a post.

Gjata was subsequently released with a court date in Kane County.


Speeders in Algonquin: Beware — 3 Comments

  1. Couple of those speeding stops were on Longmeadow Parkway.

    Given Longmeadow Parkway recently opened to IL Route 31, Algonquin police are staking out within the village limits where the speed limit is 35 M.P.H.

    If taking the new stretch from Hwy 31 going west, it’s 45 until the Algonquin village limits, when speed limit drops to 35 as you top the hill.

    Great place for a speed trap, especially climbing the hill.

  2. Lopez, right you are!

    Why are some speeders arrested and ‘taken into custody’ and not others?

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