Illinois Supreme Court Keeps Pritzker from Discovering Where Clay County Is

From The Center Square:

Illinois Supreme Court postpones Pritzker contempt hearing

Greg Bishop, The Center Square

Darren Bailey

(The Center Square) – There won’t be a civil contempt hearing this Friday in Clay County after the Illinois Supreme Court sided with the Illinois attorney general’s request to postpone the hearing.

State Rep. Darren Bailey, R-Xenia, was looking to hold Gov. J.B. Pritzker in contempt for violating a Clay County judge’s ruling against ongoing COVID-19 executive orders.

Clay County Judge Michael McHaney ruled July 2 Pritzker’s COVID-19 orders beyond the initial 30 days were void.

Pritzker continued issuing orders anyway. Bailey filed for a civil contempt hearing and requested Pritzker be jailed until he rescind recent orders. 

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s office requested a stay in the case until the court deals with one remaining count McHaney didn’t decide on. 

The Supreme Court ordered Friday’s hearing postponed until the case is fully resolved at the county level.

“All proceedings in the Clay County case … are stayed pending resolution of the motion for supervisory order,” the state’s high court said in its reply to the AG’s filing.


Illinois Supreme Court Keeps Pritzker from Discovering Where Clay County Is — 11 Comments

  1. Illinois residents and businesses who have been the victims of Gov. Pritzker’s thought that they would finally get justice on Friday.

    If Gov. Pritzker had been held in contempt of court, the people of Illinois would have had some sense of justice.

  2. The Illinois Supreme Court has ALWAYS been criminals.

    Would expect nothing less than treason from them now.

    God will straighten it all out.

  3. The Illinois Deep State court system at work willfully depriving
    its citizens of their day in court.

  4. They are dragging it out until it doesn’t matter anymore.

    Everything will be over after election day.

  5. **They are dragging it out until it doesn’t matter anymore.**

    LOL – right now the only person who has been dragging it out is the Clay County judge.

  6. You are an idiot, Alabama! The judge ALREADY ruled on July! 2nd! This has NOTHING to do with the judge in Clay County. How do you find your way home at night?

  7. No, Cindy, not quite.

    The judge issued a partial ruling, and STILL has not ruled on the last issue, which meant that the Governor could not appeal the ruling until the judge issues that final ruling.

    So the judge then demanded a contempt hearing even though the judge hasn’t issued a final appealable ruling.

    So, please do tell me how I am an idiot when you cannot even be accurate in your corrects to me.

    But don’t worry – I have zero problem finding my way home at night.

    I dial into my daily New World Order instructions and they tell me exactly where to go.

  8. Alabama Snake, it’s pretty clear that he’s not permitted to declare the disaster declaration beyond 30 days and cannot issue consecutive declarations in perpetuity. This is the contempt of court claim.

    The final issue is whether or not Pritzker was able to declare a disaster at all under the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act.

    Devore and Bailey wanted a ruling that he had no power at all based upon the “Definitions” of the act, and the judge did not make a ruling on this so now they are using this to drag it out.

    It’s not a “partial ruling”.

    The judge felt no reason to determine that Pritzker was incorrect in his initial declaration.

    It’s already been ruled that he has no authority after 30 days.

    Just like Pritzker, you’re skirting around the decision to pretend like he can make disaster declarations in perpetuity.

    It’s like when you claim that Pritzker “wins” the cases on religion where he actually concedes days before and it’s declared moot.

    Furthermore, he’s avoiding every attempt possible to go back to court to get that final issue cleared, because it doesn’t matter if there is a ruling on it.

    It’s all about obfuscating the issue as long as possible.

  9. LOL – Cindy is still claiming that I’m wrong, even though I pointed out facts and she just says “Totally wrong!” Sigh…

    ** it’s pretty clear that he’s not permitted to declare the disaster declaration beyond 30 days and cannot issue consecutive declarations in perpetuity. This is the contempt of court claim.**

    No, it is NOT “pretty clear.” And pretty much every court except the rogue Clay County judge has agreed with the governor.

    As for the contempt order/partial ruling. The judge has still not ruled on one of the issues, which means that the State cannot not appeal. It is not the state delaying things. The state WANTS to be able to appeal and they’ve asked the Supreme Court to take this immediately (the ILSC has denied that ask). Literally the only thing that has slowed this down is the Clay County judge not yet making a ruling on the final remaining issue.

    Do you seriously think that the Pritzker folks don’t want to appeal this?!

    Again, Pritzker has won in almost every other court (with a few isolated exceptions, largely not related to the actual law). They absolutely want to be able to appeal this, and have a final decision, because they know that they are VERY likely to win.

    The conspiracy theory that the Pritzker folks just want to delay is hilarious.

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