Jack Franks Reads McHenry County Blog

All along people have been telling me that one of the duties of one of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ million dollar patronage employees is to read McHenry County Blog.

Now, there’s evidence.

In this publication’s coverage of the Harvard Rush Creek Distillery Republican event last Wednesday, there were people without masks.

Rush Creek Distillery Republican gathering.

If there were photos elsewhere of the event, I haven’t seen them.

Now, the Northwest Herald finds not the content of the talks given at the event newsworthy, but Franks criticism of the lack of masks:

If you are more interested in content than expression of personal preference, here are the first two articles about the Rush Creek Distillery event:

McHenry County Republicans Urge Voting by Mail – Part 1

McHenry County Republicans Urge Voting by Mail – Part 2

There’s a Part 3 that I will eventually get around to.


Jack Franks Reads McHenry County Blog — 9 Comments

  1. coming from law breakers of our very own .. labor laws… yeah ok… talk to the hand…

  2. Only robotic fools are concerned about wearing face diapers. Watch “Invasion of The Body Snatchers” to know who these pod people really are. They are dangerous. Downtown Crystal Lake is full of this type of fool. Seig Heil to the new world order is the motto for these pathetic losers. Stay away from downtown. They are completely insane over the cartoon virus and love to follow illegal “orders”. Then they illegally dispense medical advice and start squawking that you MUST put on your mask! Every single one of them are treasonous bastards. They would be proud Stazi patrons. They deserve to lose ALL of their businesses because they are so stupid!

  3. I’ve got a picture of Franks in late July bragging about fishing on Lake Michigan with Jessie White (IL Secretary of State) violating their own mandates!

    * More than 2 in the boat
    * Not wearing masks
    * Not ‘Social Distancing” and
    * All while they’re with 2 elderly compromised senior citizens!

    Let me know if you want that pic.

    Democrats hypocrisy is astounding.

    #Walkaway #UnMaskPedogate #FranksAccusedOfRape

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