Lakewood Trustee Bryan Younge Hires Attorney in Dispute with Village Board

Here is the letter sent on behalf of Lakewood Village Trustee Bryan Younge by his attorney Nathan Reyes to Village Attorney Michael Smoron:

Meanwhile, the Village Board meeting for tonight has been canceled, relieving Board members from citizen criticism for putting Police Chief Todd Richardson on administrative leave.


Lakewood Trustee Bryan Younge Hires Attorney in Dispute with Village Board — 19 Comments

  1. While my heart goes out to this guy and the Lakewood employees, this letter/maneuver is quite possibly one of the most absurd, self-incriminating, ans point blank stupid things I have ever seen.

    I have to question any attorney that would put his name to such a ridiculous letter.

    But, for a fee, I guess why not.

  2. Another canceled meeting due to “no agenda”.

    Another blatantly obvious “dodge the public” maneuver.

    If Younge and the Lakewood employees ever quit playing small ball and go after Smith and Stephan in an intelligent manner, look for a Hillary-esque Slip-and-fall and loss of memory type of maneuver next.

  3. Aaron Shepley never would have allowed this as he hand picked the City Council and opposed anyone else, using this Council to remove any challenges to his Dictatorship.

  4. Clearly, the five day period has passed.

    This should be interesting.

    In other news, Village President Phil Stephan received a $7,000 per year discount on his $14,000 property tax bill courtesy of Alan Zielinski Grafton Township Assessor and didn’t bother to bring the “error” to anyone’s attention.

    Of interest may be the other big winners in the property tax shuffle.

  5. The assessment is ridiculous.

    Whent down 200,000. Thats highway robbery.

    How did this “error” happen?

  6. Someone contact Kenneally before he takes a nap.

    Kenneally likely is getting the same property tax break and isn’t saying anything regarding it himself.

    Seven thousand buys a lot of Doughnuts!

  7. Jason, Zielinski is in a heap of trouble, the noose is tightening, the quid pro quos are starting to show, but you can’t lie to the FBI, little guy.

    tic tok tic tok Mr. Magoo

  8. This is out of hand.

    The reality is that the board works on a voting system.

    My opinion – Bryan has on occasion not gotten his way and instead of following the process, his ego gets in the way because he knows better.

    You vote and move on.

    You don’t vote and then have a trustee complain and start drama because he’s upset he didn’t get his way.

    He is absolutely going to be responsible for legal bills because of his actions.

    There are 15 vocal people complaining about things that for the most part have a logical decision behind them.

    These 15 do NOT reflect the opinions of the rest of us.

    Bryan comes across as petty and venomous.

    I just learned of this and went to the last meeting.

    He was aggressive, abstained from a vote loudly stating his vote wouldn’t matter anyway (ridiculous childish behavior), and argued every point just to be difficult.

    His constant snide remarks and clear distaste for being there was evident.

    He does not represent me and should resign if this is his behavior.

  9. What the hell is wrong with the government of Lakewood, you can not take after the asshat President of the United States, and do what you want???

    Grow up!!!

  10. @Alg voter, I would concur.

    Trustee Younge and his self aggrandizing sentiments are as laughable as his attorney’s statement.

    Birds of a feather, as they say…

    The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.

    I’m waiting for his court of sympathizers to see the emporer has no clothes

  11. On this weeks edition of the Young and the Restless…….

    Brian tells the board he is resigning then, in a fit of rage as a narrow minded narcissist decides to double down and finds a suit for rent to intimidate the village board

    Tod finds Jesus and ponders his actions as the trustee he has been blindly following self implodes

    Jase finds the holy grail of silver bullets in an assessement challenge, then decides to audit the entire village realizing he has been undervalued himself and asks his spouse for a raise

    Trich decides to look at the villages financials then realizes her calculator from Amazon hasn’t delivered yet and demands a meeting with Bezos aboard his space ship

    Stephen continues to look opportunities to use TCH as a medium to gain attention for himself after a lonely childhood

    Chellbi finds solitude in shopping for a new pair of Gucci glasses then post a solo of her singing Stand by your man on tiktok

    Stay tuned for next weeks edition of the Young and the Restless

  12. Anyone have a link to the tax discrepancy?

    let’s get some proof and blow this up on social media.

  13. Or maybe I should follow the example set by President Stephan and only pay half of what I rightfully owe.

    If only I was a relative or a supporter, maybe I would have saved between $4,000 to $7,000 as well.

    Use you name Snerdley.

    Let’s see your tax bill.

    Or are you a beneficiary too?

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