Legislative Review Committee Supports Pritzker Mask Fine Executive Order

From Governor JB Pritzker;

Gov. Pritzker’s Statement on JCAR Upholding Enforcement Rule

CHICAGO — Governor JB Pritzker released the following statement following JCAR upholding enforcement rule.

I have always put the health and safety of Illinoisans first, and I’m gratified that local governments now have an additional way to keep their communities safe.

I want to thank the broad coalition of Illinoisans from around the state for their input and advocacy in support of science.

Groups such as the Illinois Education Association, the Illinois Federation of Teachers, the Illinois Health and Hospital Association, the Illinois Public Health Association, Open Safe Illinois and our Safety Net Hospitals. As well as the Chicago Federation of Labor, the Illinois AFL-CIO, the Illinois Restaurant Association, National Nurses United Organizing Committee-Illinois Chapter and SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana worked together to ensure the state remains focused on beating this pandemic.

The vast majority of our communities and business owners are doing what’s right. Working alongside these partners, these rules will provide multiple opportunities for compliance before any penalty is issued and will help ensure that the minority of people who refuse to act responsibly won’t take our state backward.

These rules will ensure that there is a commonsense way to enforce public health guidelines with an emphasis on education first so that Illinois can continue to make substantial progress in our fight against COVID-19.


Legislative Review Committee Supports Pritzker Mask Fine Executive Order — 18 Comments

  1. Absolute and total BULLSHIT.

    The fat fascist continues to destroy Illinois with the backing of
    the Leftist organizations listed above who support his agenda.

    We now have become political prisoners of the state.

  2. Incompetent dolts who cannot understand science.

    Let’s take medical advice from a man who weighs 500 lbs

  3. They are dehumanizing the masses and the masses are bending over and taking it. And it ain’t no five months. This is forever after! That’s how stupid you fools are. Your country is GONE. Your means of making a living is GONE. Your freedom to go out and about is GONE. YOur future is GONE. You are now a worthless faceless robot!

  4. American Revolution II coming to break the cultural distortion by you-know-who.

  5. **illegal coup**

    Thanks for showing that you do not know what either of those words mean.

  6. Cindy, as always, you are the only rational one is this crowd of zombies.

    For shame, AlabamaShake, for trying to discredit her words.

    Cindy, thank you for standing up against these brainless, emotionless blobs of skin yet again, may god be with you.

  7. JCAR is arguably not even constitutional.

    But no JCAR wouldn’t have meant no rule.

    It probably would have meant a rule that people hated more.

    As for illegal… please do go on and tell us how it was illegal.

    Details please.

    As for a coup… huh?

    Who exactly is pulling off a coup?

    The democratically elected Governor?

    And don’t worry tata…

    Cindy does a great job discrediting her own words by herself.

  8. Pushing the 5MIL it FF spent on defective China Masks… I see…

  9. Isn’t it obvious now that this wasn’t about “15 days to slow the spread”? Isn’t obvious that this was never about reducing short-term impact on hospitals? Isn’t it obvious by now that they are making up more lies every time to extend their authority over you?

    When the 5 months is up, what’s next?

    How will he and corrupt Democrats move the goal post next time? They won’t stop until you are completely under their control.

    The whole thing was a lie, and people still promote it. It’s easier to keep going along with it than to admit that they were wrong and believed so strongly in a lie that they were lead like lemmings into their own demise.

  10. Weird… I point out how Cindy is wrong, and she goes silent. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  11. You just love fishing for responses.

    Like a neglected child who needs attention.

  12. Nah, I just like pointing out how ridiculously wrong Cindy is.

    It is even more fun when I get to point out wrong Cindy AND you are.

    When it is facts vs tin foil, I’ll choose the facts against the tin foil y’all prefer every time.

  13. I hardly think that claiming that politicians are liars is “tin foil”.

    I think that even you would find it hard to deny that they are liars.

    But whatever gets you through the night.

  14. I think some are liars.

    Some are not.

    You/Cindy lie all the time on here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    But, claiming that Pritzker is delaying things?

    That is tin foil, and the exact opposite of the reality of what is happening in Clay County.

  15. I don’t have time for complete nitwits that only like to taunt while they don’t even understand that I have been shadowbanned for years and my comments take four or five hours MINIMUM to post in here. My journey is to enlighten the ones that are able to be saved. God bless all those that are able to see and hear the truth. My mission is to do Thy Will. Don’t know how long He will wait for you, my patience is gone.


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