McHenry County Electoral Board Grants Ballot Access to Libertarian Party Candidates for Auditor and Coroner

Jim Young and Kelly Liebmann

Yesterday, the McHenry County Electoral Board ruled against challenges to Kelly Liebmann’s and Jim Young’s petitions to be on the ballot for Coroner and Auditor, respectively.

If those objecting want to pursue the matter further, they will have to file in Circuit Court for Administrative Review.


McHenry County Electoral Board Grants Ballot Access to Libertarian Party Candidates for Auditor and Coroner — 24 Comments

  1. Who is the loser when all is said & done?

    Taxpayers perhaps?

  2. I’m sure come election day, the Libertarians will not win, so to answer the question, the Libertarians.

  3. We will all be the losers if the elected position of Coroner becomes a position of appointment by the County Board Chairman.

  4. Why are any Democrats or Libertarian candidates running for States Attorney?

    Kenneally isn’t that brilliant or unbeatable.

    If Franks can be elected as McHenry County Board Chairman than some Imbecile can beat Kenneally.

  5. Libertarians, Greens and others don’t grow their political parties locally, with precinct captains and committeepeople first.😐

    Americans have been trained to vote Democratic or Republican. 😐

  6. Cook County has a Medical Examiner. The Coroner was abolished by a referendum vote.

    We will not end up with another Physician as Coroner. The pay will be too low.

  7. Thank you Cal, for the correction. 😁

    What’s the difference, between medical examiner and coroner?

  8. GOP with lawyer, KEN SHEPRO, lost to Libertarian Party with no lawyer!

  9. Nope.

    The Libertarians didn’t even have a lawyer and they still defeated the Republicans with their lawyer, Ken Shepro — who sounds like a bad guy, a bad politician, AND a bad lawyer!

    Ken Shepro, who lost nearly 3-1 when he ran for Kane County Board Chairman in 2016, was out in Peoria County trying to help DEMOCRATS kick Libertarians off the ballot so that they could run unopposed.

    He lost the cases out there, just like he lost the two cases against the McHenry County Libertarians, and the other one in McHenry County on behalf of Orville Brettman earlier this year.

    Did Republicans waste money paying this fool!?

    From Connie Parr: “Ken Shepro Kane County GOP Chairman went to court to take Libertarian Party of Greater Peoria candidates off the ballot. I am surprised by his actions especially since no Republicans are running,.

    Libertarians defeated him and the Democrats yesterday at the objection hearing and will still take on the Democratic machine in November, but it seems shameful to me that Kenneth Shepro is defending the party of Mike Madigan…

    I am appalled by the lack of competitive races in Illinois.

    Over half of state house races are uncontested.

    Uncontested races are a form of voter suppression in my view.

    Illinois voters need a competitive electorate.

    Without one what is the point?

    Ken Shepro needs to become part of the solution.”

  10. Going down the comments…

    Paul Revere – The people ALWAYS lose if there is only one choice for political office. At least now there’s an alternative to corrupt Republicans in McHenry County.

    John Lopez – Sure, Liebmann and Young MIGHT lose in November, but who gets major party status, a primary in 2022 and township caucuses (for what few townships remain in the county) for the 2021 consolidated cycle? Libertarians, meaning it’s no longer a two-party county anymore.

    Jeffrey Thorsen – Are you talking if things ended in a 50-50 tie?

    Parker Jennings Davis Jr. – You must have overlooked Cook County. Democrats failed to object to the petitions of Brian Dennehy and only targeted County Clerk candidate Theresa Benjamin.

    Eddie – Not entirely true. There are 85 precinct committeemen so far. Libertarians in Kankakee and McLean counties got to elect theirs in the March primary for the next two years. Will be the case when Libertarians get major party status in McHenry County (and they will, considering head-to-head races). I state this as a precinct committeeperson in Montgomery County.

    Correcting #1 – Must be incredibly hilarious that not only did Shepro choke on the objections filed in McHenry County, but the hypocrisy of him representing a Democratic objector in Peoria County who committed address fraud being a precinct committeeperson at an address that she no longer lived at. Also, only to find there were no grounds for the objection being sustained.

    Casey Amos – I swear, Kelly Liebmann should’ve became a lawyer. I read her motion before she submitted it and to think that she wowed the State’s Attorney — with information based on other objection cases before the Illinois State Board of Elections regarding the Redpath Congressional filing and several General Assembly candidates. Jeanne Ives’ lackeys who objected are panicking because he had the minimum set forth in LPIL v. Pritzker (and more), their appellate objection regarding the so-called 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that’s not coming is invalid and they’re just stalling at this point.

    Correcting #2 – The fact that Kelly and Jim are on the ballot now should definitely help with voter numbers for Jo Jorgensen and U.S. Senate candidate Danny Malouf, but I could be wrong. And amen to what Connie said. I don’t agree with everything she says, but I do enjoy when she calls bullshit on the entire political system.

  11. Also, if the objectors pay attention to this blog, just give it up already.

    You’ve already lost.

    Stop wasting taxpayer money to suppress voter choice.

  12. Libertarians are some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.

    We need more of them.

  13. Cal – any time an objection hearing takes place, taxpayer dollars are always involved. To think otherwise would be living in denial.

  14. I thought you were suggesting the lawyer was financed on the taxpayers’ dime.

  15. You should look at the General Assembly objections.

    Without a doubt, John Fogarty, Kevin Morphew and Luke Casson are definitely being financed on the taxpayer’s dime to side with the objectors, but I highly doubt the objectors could afford one.

  16. In 2009, when I was a republican candidate for state representative, I thought the party leadership would be neutral, before the primary.

    Pat Brady and Tom Cross endorsed one of my primary opponents.

    I got an objection, and John Foggerty worked for the objector.

  17. Awesome!

    I’m glad to see more then the same 2 basic ideas that have been failing our state and communities.

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