Reader Calls Out McHenry Grade School for Ignoring Special Ed Children

From a McHenry County Blog reader:

District 15 is currently refusing to provide special education services, despite the ISBE saying that they are still responsible for doing so.

They are basically ignoring 5 year old children in special education.


Reader Calls Out McHenry Grade School for Ignoring Special Ed Children — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you Cal!!!!!!

    I know this to be the case from my personal experience with the district.

  2. I think, this is pretty common, but not always reported. ☚ī¸

    Chicago tends to focus on normal students, especially brainiacs and jocks. 😐

  3. I’m referring specifically to the situation with coronavirus.

    No other problems with the district under normal circumstances although I will agree that kind of stuff is common.

  4. What they are doing is sending like to old Barney videos about wiggling your toes and calling that remote learning.

    Yes you read that right, Barney.

  5. Time for class action lawsuit to be filed on behalf of those children and their tax paying parents.

  6. Not hating on someone for calling them out, but it’s time to stop relying on government schools for anything at all

    It’s clear that they are not going to be able to offer what they are supposed to provide, so it’s time to to defund the monolithic government and the parasites involved with it.

  7. I’m all for defunding them, and believe me, I’m taking care of what needs to be done without them.

    That doesn’t mean I’m not going to call them out.

    If anything it lends to the argument that they are failing and we should doing something about it.

  8. We shall see.

    There is a process, basically like an administrative lawsuit I could drag them through but I’m trying to get them to do the right thing first.

    I just don’t see how they can say with a straight face they are trying to do what is best for kids when they clearly are not.

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