Criticism of Road District Legal Fees Draws Response from Andrew Gasser

An article about legal fees of the Clerk, Town Fund and Road District summarized in the Audit of Algonquin Township revealed the following:

  • Town Fund – $258,572
  • Township Clerk – $79,482
  • Road and Bridge Fund – $213,031

The Audit is being considered tonight by the Township Board.

Under that article is this criticism from commenter Stephen Pokorny:

“Tell us again how Gasser saved us money by wasting it on ridiculous law suits?”

Gasser replied with this comment:

You refuse to listen Steven.

I’ve cut taxes every year I’ve been in office.

I say I because I have the authority to set the levy.

The board then votes on it.

During this time the road district has rebuilt two bridges.

That is unheard of in township government.

We may do a third next year on my way out.

We have solved the most difficult drainage issues that have existed for decades.

We have improved transparency at the road district – all bills posted online for your review.

We instituted internal controls so the road district no longer buys women’s clothing, vacations for the family, and gift cards for political friends on the township dime.

In spite of being set up by bob and Anna May, we still accomplished a lot.

Yep we fought what I believe is a bad deal.

The only negation we can find is an email from Rebecca Lee, derek’s wife and bob’s daughter, to bob asking for things.

Nepotism is gone.

There is a price to pay to drain the swamp.

The system is the system.

It is broken and it sucks.

By the way – they are giving the elected officials a pay raise tonight.

The Board will not meet at the Township Hall tonight.

It will be a Zoom meeting. Details are below:

Topic: ALG Township Board Meeting

Time: Aug 12, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

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Criticism of Road District Legal Fees Draws Response from Andrew Gasser — 31 Comments

  1. And you got nothing for all the money you spent chasing ghosts.

    you made the lawyers wealthy

  2. Great, you did the job you elected to do.

    We didn’t elect you chase ghosts or spend money on lawyers.

    How much more could have been saved if you hadn’t chased your personal vendetta against the Millers.

    How much spent?

    How much recouped?

    And you’re still not done.

  3. How much more could have been done?

    You are the one not listening.

  4. But then again you’re always right, just ask the courts.

    Keep spending you may just win one.

  5. Pokorny wrong again!

    Gasser didn’t unionize the Road Dist., nor did his wife get expensive purses off the township credit card; and Gasser didn’t use township funds for Hooters in Wisc or Disneyland!

    Crooks like Atty Kelly need to be exposed.

  6. The anti gassers would absolutely be the same ones blaming a woman for wearing a tight skirt for getting harassed. Clearly the Former leadership acted like Boss Hog, thank you Andrew, you have exposed the swamp. Their supporters in the comments here are the last ones to realize it. Worst yet they know but are too ignorant, self interested And pissed that they no longer can call their buddy Bob for some special favors or gifts. God Speed! You have broken the chain and exposed the slush fund at many levels in Township Government.

  7. There are two questions that are only kind of related.
    1 – Has Gasser lowered Alg Township road district tax levy? The answer is yes.
    2 – Has Gasser wasted a bunch of money on legal fees chasing a court case that he was always going to lose? The answer is yes.

    Both can be true.

  8. Seriously Pokorny!

    Jacko just spent $33,000 on a campaign piece from your dime!

    Jacko spent what $750,000 on patronage hires.

    Jacko tried to get 12 family and friends jobs at the state level under Blago!

    Jacko seems to be involved in the COMED deal where he got $12,000 from them and he switched his vote!

    Gasser tried to fix a wrong!

    So what if it didn’t work!

    How many times does anyone in government try to fix a wrong?

    Let it go under the rug.

    There are so many politicians that waste money it is not even funny!

    For a few dollars Gasser fought a fight that no one would take on.

    I wonder if you have this same veracity toward every government body in Illinois!?

    Please enlighten us with your in depth knowledge of the waste that goes on in your local district!

    Teacher pay/benefits that are out of control that could have been spent elsewhere!

    Are you giving the school boards the same grief about wasted money!?

    Tax Tax Tax is mostly what the state and local governing bodies do and you are complaining about a person who lowered your tax levy and did it the right way and a better job than the Millers!

    Go crawl under a rock or even better run for something and hold your school boards and city councils accountable!

    Thanks Mr. Gasser for doing a great job for Algonquin Township!

  9. Stephen is a proven moron and doesn’t know when to shut up. He keeps digging deeper. Much like his buddy, Alabama. Another absolute certified nitwit.

  10. But did he drain the swamp and exspose the creatures…yes….that can be true too, and priceless

  11. Andrew may not be perfect, but if he hadn’t the courage to run for election, and take unprecedented abuse, we’d still be mired in the 3rd generation morass of government at its worse. thanks,too, to a few of the Trustees still sitting on the Township Board who never said “No” to the former Highway Commissioner.

  12. If Slapdick Kenneally had done his job this wouldn’t be a issue.

  13. For all of the Miller defenders, where were any of you as he fleeced the public purse?

    Think about the waste when Andrew could drain the swamp build bridges, and push a big stone up a steep hill.

    These expenses were caused by Miller!

  14. “During this time the road district has rebuilt two bridges. That is unheard of in township government.”

    One of those bridges was the Edwards Rd bridge, really a big culvert that the residents were forced to take.

    That bridge and maybe the other were financed with McDOT MFT $$$$$, part of the Private Road improvement program.

    That program was voted on while Gasser and pal Nick Provenzano voted the program in around 2016, it sure didn’t hurt Gasser’s voting total when he promised residents to get a redirect of those dollar to those AT bridges.

    There was a AT bridge repair done on Wallace a few years back, and I believe Nunda was part of the Rawson Bridge replacement also, so we’ve heard the Gasser song and dance, he must be double jointed patting himself on the back is his MO.

  15. “We have solved the most difficult drainage issues that have existed for decades.”

    The residents comments about Gassers handling of drainage issues, Oakcrest Rd at Brookstone Ct can’t be printed because of language used.

    I wish I had a picture of the mess there that still exist.

    Gasser and his female assistant have no clue on how to run a road department.

    But hay, at $94k and away in Mississippi most of the month, it’s Gasser’s biggest paycheck ever.

  16. “I’ve cut taxes every year I’ve been in office.”

    Easy enough to do and still have about the same budget numbers a Miller did, when Miller left allot of tax dollars he had been saving for a major intersection improvement, Silver Lake at Crystal Lake Ave.

    Gasser killed the long term fuel savings improvement, so now the ca$h has been used to lower the levy.

    In the mean time wasting ton’s of tax payer dollars are going to his favorite lawyer as payback for his past financial support.

    Tax payers road are starting to show because of those misdirect of funds, go look for yourself, go ahead.

  17. Stephen Pokorny has never supported Miller’s actions, rather he has been verbally hard on Miller.

    Stephen Pokorny isn’t living in the past like so many dead heads here, he’s moved on to who is poorly running the show at Alg twh now, Andrew Gasser.

    The day Gasser took office he knew of the union, he knew we are in a union controlled state, firing the three that first day was STUPID!

    Dragging on the inevitable with the unions is wasting ton’s, poor bidding practices has cost us ton’s, lack of leadership at the road dist will cost use for years to come.

    He won a election from a opponent that was in office to long by most peoples standards, anti township vote, and nepotism.

    A qualified experienced candidate at that time would of won by more than 140 votes sports fans.

  18. Nob’s argument boils down to this:

    Gasser got two bridges done because Gasser was smarter than Miller.

    Thanks bob for the obvious.

  19. the nob @ 7:55 the Oak Crest Rd / Brookstone debacle was due to Miller allowing a residential lot to become a road violating the covenants.

    THEN McHenry Co Planning and Development approved a drainage “plan” that was defective and deficient.

    The developer drilled “drywells” into a wetland / hyrdic soils as the means of drainage for an entire subdivision.

    Besides sucking up the groundwater to new levels, the County never made the guy finish installing the entire drainage project, including any outlet.

    The groundwater levels swelled, the wetland/pond grew into not only the southern properties at the lower end, but the highest Northern end turned properties into marshes.

    And that was with building only 1 of 10 houses.

    It still remains in that altered, damaging state after the developer declared bankruptcy.

    Brookstone Ct roadway was never completed and this only covers a smidgeon of the issues that Miller and the County approved and scammed through.

    Elevations were never completed or corrected causing scummy green water to collect in ditches and under Oak Crest Rd into properties across the road.

    All Miller and County NOT Gasser!

  20. Kenneally is the ultimate culprit protecting the Miller crime clan.

    Gasser did a great job.

  21. outwiththeold, you are correct except Miller had no real control over the lot being turned into a road, that was the counties responsibility.

    Sorry but you are wrong about what has happened since Gasser got elected.

    Road crews have been trying to correct the ditch problems and standing water in them without proper direction, they are winging it.

    some of the work has been completed, but heaven only knows why they work has been at a stand still and landscaping not completed.

    There really should be a structure on the NE corner and a under drain running south where the ditch is since there is a constant flow of water from a couple of the basements.

  22. Frank, the County program was just started prior to Gasser taking office, Miller never had a chance to use that program.

    Also the Edwards bridge isn’t what resident’s wanted or asked Miller for.

    The county would only allow so much for the bridge repair.

    The costs difference between the two different types of bridges was significant enough that Gasser had to rebid the construction more than once.

    Also in many cases Gasser is violating the original deal the county set up, being the private roads would be brought up to minimum township road standard using county funds, then once completed the township would then start maintaining those roads.

    Instead to get around that, Gasser is taking over the maintenance before any work is even started so he can then spend township funds the pay for the excess costs the county program will not cover.

    That is dam near illegal and unethical to use township tax dollars on private roads.

    Fact is people who live on those roads should be paying to bring their roads up to standard, not other tax payers.

  23. Thanks Cindy coming from you means I’m on the right track. Every time the Gasser responds means i’m hitting a nerve.

  24. The nob read county records.

    Miller accepted the road.

    Cooker sued.

    Closed outcome

  25. The county had to say the lot could be turned into ROW before Miller could except it.

    County has control of property issues, township people can try and stop a road, but it’s still the county that rules.

  26. Bob Miller promised so much and never delivered.

    Andrew Gasser did.

    Gasser exposes the hypocrites inside the McHenry County GOP.

    He isn’t perfect but he does a good job.

    We in Venetian Gardens overwhelming support him.

    Never made excuses – he just got it done.

  27. Andrew Gasser, millionaire State Rep. Dave McSweeney’s hand-picked candidate, has achieved nothing but racking up sky-high lawyer bills.

    On the taxpayers’ dime, of course.

    Is it true that Gasser is attending university in Mississippi and phoning-in his duties as Highway Commissioner..?

  28. Robert Williams is Iron Mike lesperance, the Nunda Road Commissioner and nepotism king

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