IL-14: Kamala Harris’ Selection as Joe Biden Running Mate Draws Lauren Underwood Into Presidential Race

Kamala Harris
Lauren Underwood

Underwood breaks nearly six months silence on Democratic presidential contest further evidence Jim Oberweis fading

It’s all over the news. Senator Kamala Harris (D, CA) was chosen as presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s running mate yesterday. The formal nomination of both Biden and Harris will be made official next week at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee (though both Biden and Harris will not be in Wisconsin, but will deliver their speeches virtually).

So here’s a local take on the big news from yesterday from a unique local 14th congressional district of Illinois perspective.

A tweet from Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s campaign Twitter account last night a little after 8:30PM CDT stated the following (transcribed) reaction from McHenry County’s congressional representative (excluding Algonquin Township):

“Today is a historic day — especially for Black and South Asian women.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the leaders we need in the White House to right our course as a nation and restore American leadership in the world.

“Onward to victory!”

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood tweet 8/11/20 8:34PM CDT

Included with Underwood’s tweet were two dated pictures, presumably from her 2018 campaign:

Biden and Underwood
Kamala Harris, Lauren Underwood’s mother,
Underwood (in rare picture without glasses)

Nearly six months ago, on February 24 addressing the City Club of Chicago, Underwood had said of the Democratic presidential contenders,

“Some people are neutral and some people are not helpful, and nobody…running on the Democratic ticket is helpful to me in my race.

“…presidential candidates as neutral at best or really difficult at worst.”

Lauren Underwood addressing City Club of Chicago 2/24/20

For context, when Underwood spoke at City Club, it was within three days after Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had just smoked Biden in the Nevada presidential caucus, and Biden was on the ropes. Biden’s comeback would begin the following Saturday in the South Carolina primary, and Biden never looked back.

But while the question was primarily addressing the reality at that time of a possible Sanders presidential ticket, the remarks began an absence of any openly public discussion from Underwood on the Democratic presidential race until last night’s tweet.

Jim Oberweis

While there is the clear historical significance of Harris’ selection as running mate, Underwood appears to be moving out of the “neutrality”/”difficult” position she said back in February concerning the Democratic presidential ticket. A lot of factors favor her doing this, most notably a fast-fading candidacy from Republican challenger Jim Oberweis.

Last Thursday, McHenry County Blog published its article with observations made by commenters about Oberweis’ campaign. Several observations were made about a lack of activity from Oberweis’ bid to unseat Underwood.

Currently, the two major congressional elections ratings, Charlie Cook Political Report and Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball both continue to rate IL-14 as “Leans Democratic”. One of the minor ratings services changed its rating for the 14th, as published in Friday’s Roll Call:

“Lauren Underwood…was expected to face a competitive reelection battle. Her race is now rated Solid Democratic by Inside Elections.”

Roll Call Nathan Gonzales, 8/7/20

Inside Elections changed the rating from “Leans Democratic” to “Solid Democratic”, skipping the “Likely Democratic” rating, which makes one believes Inside Elections overstating Underwood’s strength.

That said, a week after blog commenters cited concern, and no apparent change in Oberweis’ campaign, and yesterday’s announcement from Congressional Leadership Fund for additional media market advertising buys on TV which again bypass Chicagoland, Oberweis’ campaign is nearly beyond repair. 14th district voters will likely not have the opportunity with both Underwood and Oberweis to listen to their positions on major issues needing federal legislative responses.

And voters will be shortchanged.

For the record, McHenry County Blog has discussed observations with the Oberweis campaign directly.

So local Republicans attempting to defend Oberweis, present any evidence to prove otherwise and it will be seen if it stands up to discernment. Read last Thursday’s article to know what kind of evidence needs to be seen.

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IL-14: Kamala Harris’ Selection as Joe Biden Running Mate Draws Lauren Underwood Into Presidential Race — 30 Comments

  1. Tweet from Lauren:

    “Today is a historic day — especially for Black and South Asian women.”

    That is a racist statement.

    Race, ethnicity and gender should have no place in the
    qualifications for any elective office in the US.

    Lauren must be voted out of office next November.

  2. **Race, ethnicity and gender should have no place in the qualifications for any elective office in the US.**

    I know that reading comprehension is difficult, but maybe you should re-read Lauren’s tweet.

    She said absolutely nothing about qualifications.

  3. You know what’s really historic?

    Kamala comes from a family of slave owners.

  4. Biden may as well have named Democrat Patty O’Kenneally. He’d have just as good a chance of winning the election.


  5. YES!

    ha not even her own Jamaican people can stand her, love it, good choice Biden now its easy pickens from here on in…

  6. Some guy posted an understatement.

    When’s Lauren going to present her lovebird like Mayor Beetlejuice?

  7. Biden must really be polling bad with blacks and imagines this shores up that Democratic base. Warren was the logical choice to get those wiley white females back in the fold …. the ones who voted against witch Hillary.

  8. Republicans have scandals too. George Homer Ryan. Corrine Wood. Jim Ryan? 😮

  9. Dufus dementia senile Joe Robinette Biden will leave his home basement this afternoon after 3 PM Eastern to appear in a gymnasium with his nasty far left wing radical vp pick Kamala Harris.

  10. A scoop of vanilla ice cream isn’t going to cool fears that Jim Oberweis is going to blow it against Lauren Underwood. I believe the 27th of August is the last day for Jim Oberweis to withdraw his nomination and the last day for the GOP to appoint a replacement. I would suggest that Jim Oberweis and the Republicans of the 14th district have a serious conversation about that asap.

    If Oberweis has no reason to believe he will get a million dollars within the next month, multiple appearances on Fox News, or some major game changer in this contest, he should consider doing what’s best for his party, withdrawing, and letting them pick someone else.

    And if the GOP sees no indication of a quick and dramatic turnaround, they need to tell Oberweis to withdraw so they can do what’s best for the party. Stop being a wuss.

    If this dude is a loser, kindly ask him to step aside.


    I have seen almost nothing good from his campaign and tons of blunders.

    There is no momentum whatsoever.

    The people on his staff appear to be doing nothing.

    They’re not only getting smoked on campaign fundraising and spending, but they aren’t even forcing themselves into the news.

    They do nothing on social media.

    They don’t know how to get any attention or just don’t care.

    This went from a competitive race, to leans D, to safe D in a few months, and there are no signs of turnaround.

    An ice cream social with the most die hard Republicans…

    Oh, yeah, that’s going to turn all your problems around!

    I don’t know what to say, other than this should be a seat that flips back to the R side, but Oberweis is looking to hand Pelosi a big win because he doesn’t have what it takes to defeat Lispy Lauren!

    That’s what it looks like to me anyhow.

    Is there going to a be a quick turnaround?

    I don’t see it happening.

    We’ve been waiting…

    Please at least consider this strategy if you are serious at all about trying to flip that seat back.

    Otherwise, if you are cool with Lauren Underwood being the representative, ignore me and tell Jim Oberweis to continue doing whatever he has been doing over the past year.

    People to write to about this would be your precinct committeeperson, your township and county GOP executive committee, your GOP state central committeeperson (Laura Pollastrini), the GOP state chair (Tim Schneider), and the Oberweis campaign.

    One thing you might want to bring up is: where are the polls?

    Does Jim Oberweis have any internal polling that even shows him in a competitive race?

    Unless he can prove he has a good chance, I say ditch him.

    What even are the reasons he should be the nominee at this point?

    Let’s not forget that almost 75 percent of the primary voters chose someone on the ballot NOT named Jim Oberweis.

  11. Biden and Komala finally appear at 4:54 PM Eastern at the gym. No public or citizens allowed or invited there. Only some reporters. What will Biden screw up in the prepared text from his handlers? Might it be as horrible as when Obama reading from a script referred to military corpsmen as “Korpse-Men”?

  12. I’m awaiting juicy Kamala Harris and Willie Brown gossip. 😁🤭😊🤭

  13. Looking at her in facial profile it appears she is a man with a woman’s wig on.

  14. That mid July pic of Kamala Harris was too soon after her facial work that implanted her cheek bones. The pics I saw of her from yesterday, looks like the cheek implants she had added and the issues she had last month have fully healed.

  15. Some people think that wasn’t even Kamala but was a double.

    Hard to tell.

    It was really weird.

  16. Excluding transgendered, some men resemble women and some women resemble men. It happens. 🤔😮

  17. Kamala: “I think it gives a lot of people joy, and we need more joy!


    (… Until we lock them up!)

  18. The dopes at CNN were criticizing Tucker Carlson for mispronouncing “Kamala” on his show last Tuesday night. Then, when Dufus dope dementia senile Joe Robinette Biden had his coming out announcement with Kamala Harris yesterday, HE mispronounced Kamala. Correct saying is coma-la not cam-L-A or come-al-la.

    Harris is pronounced as in Paris, the city of Fronce.

    One radio talk show host says that Biden should have a food taster whenever he is around Kamala.

    Kamala is for open borders, no penalties for those who just walk over the border, voting age of 16, Medicare for all and the destruction of private health insurance companies.

    Kamala is one of the most left wing radical extremists in terms of her positions on issues and a voting record similar to socialist/commie nutball Bernie Sanders.

  19. Biden could only have done worse if he named AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Waters or Patty O’Kenneally as his running mate.

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