Richmond Village and Township Trucks Buy Fuel in Wisconsin

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog who does not live in Richmond or Richmond Township:

Richmond Township Truck

I have twice now observed Illinois Tax Spending agencies buying diesel fuel and gasoline over the border in Genoa City, Wisconsin for Government vehicles. 

The first time was a Richmond Streets Department 6 wheel dump truck. 

It filled up, filled up the wood chipper it was towing and filled up at least 3 gasoline cans at the Mobil Gas Station which is literally on the Illinois/Wisconsin state line. 

I was so shocked I didn’t think to take a picture. 

Yesterday I was filling up and next to me was the Richmond Highway Department vehicle, which was filled up with gasoline, its bed tank was filled with diesel and the employee filled up gas cans in the bed of the truck see attached photos. 

The “M” plate isn’t that visible but its there. 

Richmond Village Truck

I get it, fuel in Wisconsin is cheaper AND better quality (no ethanol if you buy diesel or premium which is why I go there). 


Both the Village of Richmond and Richmond Township Road District directly receive motor fuel tax receipts, yet they both go support Wisconsin State Government, Kenosha and Walworth County, and Genoa City government, instead of supporting themselves, McHenry County and the State of Illinois. 

This is appalling! 

Any elected or appointed official who authorized or directed his employees to go OUT OF STATE to buy fuel for the entity should be removed from office. 

The employees should be explained jurisdiction and how they should take the appropriate measures to NOT leave their jurisdiction. 

Why would anyone think this is the appropriate use of state resources to spend money in Wisconsin instead of Illinois?

There are at least two gas stations in Richmond proper, Lord only knows how many in Richmond Township. 

Why don’t they pool their resources and create a fuel station themselves and purchase fuel on the state contract, tax free??? 

Seems like an awful waste of money the way they go to Wisconsin to buy fuel.

I’m sure if you happened to go to the Mobil on Route 12 in Genoa City (just over the border) on a Monday morning say around 7 am, I’m guessing that’s when they start their day, you’d easily photograph the Richmond City Streets vehicles filling up. 

I mean other than New Glarus Beer and a good restaurant with a bakery, that Mobil doesn’t offer anything that Illinois Gas Stations don’t, except the different tax rate!

= = = = =

Following up on the reader’s idea of creating a local government fueling station, I asked where.

Here’s his answer:

Richmond Township Road District has the large yard south of Richmond Burton High School they could put a pump station (they could be above ground FS tanks) or the Village has the streets department on the north end of town by the Taco Bell they could put above ground tanks at as well. 

If not, there’s the Marathon that’s out of business at 12 and 31 that already has underground tanks.

They could go in with the Fire Department and put tanks underground there.

Or the school district [could] partner with Spring Grove, Wonder Lake, Hebron, to name a few, and create a conglomerate pump that buys fuel at the State rate avoiding the taxes.

They [governments] are Tax Exempt in Illinois after all. 

It’s impossible to take the taxes off at the commercial pump but at their own?????


Richmond Village and Township Trucks Buy Fuel in Wisconsin — 30 Comments

  1. That means they are saving us money even after paying taxes??

    I wonder if that rag paper NWH will run the story of the blatant official misconduct that Mr. Magoo used our Grafton Assessors office to blatantly lower a golf course property in Lakewood of the Village Manager (friend) over 46% which left the EAV at about 220k, when a property 2 doors down from him sold in late 2018 for like 560k.

    They both need a talk with the FBI, so they cannot lie.

    I don’t know Kennelly but after seeing that he couldn’t get close to the max sentence in a negotiated plea with a woman who killed her kid, shows me that he might not be sharp enough to cut this butter?

    Prove me wrong, I dare you.

  2. Good for them!

    They are saving the taxpayers money.

    There’s a first.

    I filled up myself last time before crossing back into Illinois…$0.30/gallon cheaper.

  3. Just a question. Is there any place in Richmond that sells diesel?

    Maybe its more convenient to go 1 mile one way than to by it than travel 12 miles one way to buy diesel?

    I am not sure why a township would not have there own tanks…

    must be more to this story.

  4. And why Not?

    at least someone is thinking out of the box!

    in this over taxed chithole kudos to them.

  5. Someone notify Kenneally!

    He’ll want them to pick up lunch at Keller’s.

  6. And you wonder why the Marathon at 12 & 31 had to close down, when you can buy gas for under $2 in Wisconsin?

    I will buy more Wisconsin gas this weekend as well, and a car wash.

    And have a nice lunch up there with some of the money I saved.

  7. I would think that nobody in Richmond buys fuel in Richmond.

    That Marathon is so close you wouldn’t even know you were in Wisconsin if you didn’t know the area.

    I’m saying good for them under the no taxation without representation principle.

    Chicago now dominates Illinois politics to the point that small towns such as Richmond effectively have no representation.

  8. So no one on here understands tax exemptions for fuel for govt owned equipment, regardless of state?

    Like a box of rocks

  9. The Marathon in Richmond closed long ago, not related to the pandemic.

  10. By the way, the Watlow factory in Richmond is closing in 1 year.
    >200 jobs lost.

    Could Illinois over taxation be to blame?

  11. That’s true I forgot about that.

    Even with commercial vehicles, they pay fuel taxes based on where they drive if they are licensed for interstate commerce. The states collect it at the pump but split it up based on mileage in each state.

    I would hope that there is a way to do something similar when the government buys its fuel.

  12. Give me fricken break.

    Don’t you have other things to worry about?

    Who cares where they buy gas.

    Richmond bumps up against Genoa and Twin lakes.

    Go where it’s cheaper.

    Illinois is so corrupt — its why I moved!

  13. Watlow is closing due to poor management, and US tax.

    Most of their lines were shipped to Mexico last year

  14. The price difference of gasoline isn’t just because of taxes.

    The Feds have instituted some bizarre Rube Goldberg scheme that requires different types of gasoline for different areas, depending on the level of air pollution.

    In the corridor between Chicago and Milwaukee, gas stations are required to sell a special type of reformulated gas – McHenry county is in this corridor and Walworth County is not.

    The area around St Louis in downstate Illinois requires yet a different type of gasoline.

    The rest of the state is allowed to sell normal gas, although it is difficult to find alcohol free gas in Illinois.

    The existence of so many different types of gasoline in a relatively small area makes it easy for oil companies to manipulate supply and jack up prices.

  15. Illinois rapes everyone with taxes.

    If they wanna save money crossing the border as my self and others do.


    Why not.

    Screw the Illinois government for gouging our eyes out every where we turn.

    They screw up and we pay.

    We are a dying state.

    I’m not going to die with them.

    Wish I would have bought my house over the border.

    Instead I can throw a rock at Wisconsin from my house.

    They would tax me for that Too if they could.

  16. Richmond has only 2 small gas stations BP and Citgo they small

    You go 5 min north on 31 , you got new truck stop lots of place to manuver with dump trucks, good breakfast , donuts and pastries, clean place

    I always go there to get fuel or whatever else i need

  17. Illinois sucks, and it’s only getting worse.

    Remember the old “Escape to Wisconsin” stickers,
    well, we need to now.

  18. Cal, even if they have their own tank it might be cheaper at the station.

    They would probably be locked into a contract price and the pump prices after you figure it out might be cheaper.

    When I drove, I often got sent to a truck stop for fuel even though the company had a 3 island fuel facility for this reason.

    As also pointed out, little gas stations and big trucks suck.

  19. I can definitely understand why they were filling their gas cans in Wisconsin.

    Small engines with carburetors don’t run nearly as well on reformulated gas, and gas with alcohol can also mess up rubber parts like fuel lines and seals.

    Modern cars are mostly immune to these problems.

    I buy most of my gas in Wisconsin in any case, but I always use Wisconsin gas in my lawn mowers and other small engines.

    FYI – Gas stations in Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, Washington, Waukesha, and Ozaukee Counties all have to sell the same reformulated gas that is sold in McHenry County.

  20. And I hope every one of them quarantined for 14 days when they came back.

    And then lose their jobs

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