Franks: Masks for Thee, But Not For Me

A couple of days ago, the Northwest Herald gave space to McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ criticism of Republicans not wearing masks at the Rush Creek Distillery gathering in Harvard.

But now an observant Friend of McHenry County Blog has found this Julh 28th Facebook post from Franks displaying that he isn’t really serious about mask wearing.

Unmasked Jack Franks and maskless Jesse White.

One can see from the photo on top that none of the fishermen are wearing masks.


Franks: Masks for Thee, But Not For Me — 20 Comments

  1. Wait – What ?

    Did not Lord Jumbo Boy, King Of Burgers And Gluttony, just COMMAND the populace of plebes
    to “wear your masks even when you are outside”, as reported below ?

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  2. Was that really the fossilized Jesse White, or did Franks land a coelacanth?

  3. HA! That was pretty damn funny.

    Dude’s pushin’ 90 and can’t get him to leave.

    Claims he finally won’t be seeking reelection

    Clearly no concern for social distancing though even as one of the highest risk officials next to 600 lb overweight King of Burgers.

  4. They don’t need to wear any masks because they are ALREADY DOWN WITH THE SATANIC new world order. The masks are for YOU! You are initiating YOURSELF into the Satanic new world order when you don them. It is a ritual and you are submitting to Satan! You will pay with your eternity! You won’t listen when people tell you the truth but you follow everything these liars tell you.

    This is NOT funny. Your comments indicate you all think this is amusing. This is a WAR for your souls! Wake the freak up!!/

  5. Jesse White been there so long, guaranteed we gonna find shoeboxes filled with cash when he pass, like Mr Paul Powell.

    Any politician that would go on a personal fishing cruise with a guy who has to get a special state police escort when in Springfield because of sexual innuendos, gotta not be all there himself.

    Mask up Bro, you supposed to be representing Fatso wherever you go.

  6. It’s a Democratic virus.

    The only symptoms for them are excess weight and dementia.

  7. I’d like to donate my butt cheeks for Biden, Harris, Franks and Patty O’Kenneally’s face masks!

    Get a good sniff and enjoy!

  8. Well, well, well well, well. A lady on this blog and frank are in agreement on NOT wearing masks. What does that say?

  9. It says Franks believes in do as I say, not as I do.

    Pretty typical of liberals / lefties.

    Look at de Blasio in NYC, going to the gym when lockdowns started, Lightfoot getting a haircut, Chris Cuomo being caught outside with his family when he supposedly had covid and was under quarantine and our buddy Franks here.

    I’m sure there are more examples if I looked.

    Remember, the rules are only for the normal people like us.

    If you happen to be one of our overlords, rules don’t apply to you.

  10. Some really funny comments.

    But it’s sad that we are ruled by such human filth.

    Franks is one of worst.

    He must have been given an ultimatim by Madigan:

    “Your sexual hijinx have become to much of an issue and I’m not going to bail you out again after this one.

    Resign and go back to lord over your McHenry Co. Peasants … or Else!

    And your Pa ain’t going to cut any more ice with me.

    We’ve come back to the “DO OVER WELL” far too many times.

    Save your tears, Jack, you promised to be good too many times and I can’t cover up for you any more.”

  11. bred? You are an idiot. Franks DOESN’T agree on not wearing a mask! Did you even read his sign? No comprehension? No wonder you’re a moron.

  12. JFC people need to stop listening to Alex Jones and reading QANON

  13. Bob Wire, ” sexual innuendos?”

    No those were accusations of rape, stalking and criminal abuse.

    That’s why Madigan ordered a police escort to be with Franks when ever he was in the Capitol bldg.

  14. Just replace the hooked fish with taxpayers.

    That’s what we’ve become for these monsters.

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