IL-14: Republican Oberweis Calls on Democrat Link to Resign

From State Senator Jim Oberweis, the Republican candidate for Congress in the 14th District:

Jim Oberweis calls on State Senator Terry Link to resign

Sugar Grove, IL – State Senator and candidate for Congress in the 14th District, Jim Oberweis, is calling on State Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) to resign in the wake of the federal income tax charges he is facing.

Jim Oberweis

“There is no doubt that Terry Link is the infamous Senator who wore a wire during the federal bribery investigation of former State Representative Luis Arroyo.

“Senator Link has betrayed the public trust with his actions, and he needs to resign from the Illinois Senate immediately. He also needs to resign his post as the head of the Lake County Democrat Party.

“We need a new chapter of leadership in Illinois.

“It is imperative that we root out the culture of corruption in Springfield.

“It is time for Lauren Underwood to join in reform efforts instead of sitting on the sidelines. Instead of silence, she needs to join me in holding corrupt officials accountable for their actions.

“It should not take an act of Congress for Lauren Underwood to stand against unethical behavior.”


IL-14: Republican Oberweis Calls on Democrat Link to Resign — 5 Comments

  1. Lopez, what ya smokin’?

    Madigan has so many dossiers on so many powerful people he’s a real Teflon creature.

    He’ll never do any time. Worst case scenario: he’s smokin Cuban cigars on Ipanema beach in Rio, drinking gin and tonics.

  2. I don’t smoke, though I think death will catch up with MJM before the Feds do.

    The NBC5 headline in Walker’s tweet was partially right, only thing Link resigned from was the Legislative Ethics Commission.

    He’s still in the Senate, so get ready for the “if it’s true” chorus to come out.

  3. Link wore a wire, hoping for leniency from the Feds.

    If he can just hang on till the Biden victory and the prosecution is scrapped.

    When Trump wins, he might well become the “missing” link who disappeared w/o a trace before his testimony on his brother legislative rats.

    Reick is another criminal that needs to put away.


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