IL-Sen/FL-22 Mark Curran Appearing on Patriots In Tune Thursday Night 9:15PM CDT

Mark C. Curran, Jr.

Part of doubleheader of congressional candidate interviews with Medicare Lady(tm) Darlene Swaffar at 8:30PM

Tonight on the live stream broadcast of Patriots In Tune, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mark Curran of Illinois will be interviewed during the second hour. He is the “night cap” of a doubleheader of interviews tonight on the show live streamed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and other social media platforms.

Curran is one of four challengers to 4-term incumbent and Senate Democrat Whip Dick Durbin who are on the ballot for this fall. In addition to Curran and Durbin, the other candidates are:

  • Dr. Willie Wilson (objection pending) as independent
  • Danny Malouf of McHenry County as Libertarian nominee
  • David F. Black of the Green Party

The show can be watched tonight and accessed, per this Twitter meme:

In the opener, Swaffar, who’s in a 4-person race for the Republican nomination in Florida’s 22nd congressional district, will be applying her healthcare expertise and discussing President Trump’s four executive orders issued last month to lower the cost of Prescription Drugs.

Indeed, it was Swaffar who posted the excerpt video of President Trump highlighting the “middlemen”, which was one of the four orders issued by the President on July 24, and discussed in this article. The video from Swaffar is embedded in the article.

Hope to see you on the show, and if you’re logged in through YouTube, be sure to say hello to me from the chat, which is called the PIT (“Patriots In Tune) Crew.


IL-Sen/FL-22 Mark Curran Appearing on Patriots In Tune Thursday Night 9:15PM CDT — 5 Comments

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