Lake County Right to Life Urges People to Vote by Mail

From the Lake County Right to Life:


Your first and only choice is to vote. The next choices are yours to choose.


Anyone who voted in one of the last 3 elections received an application to request a vote-by-mail ballot.

If you did not receive an application to vote by mail you may click this link to see your options [in Lake County.]

Early voting in person begins Oct 19, through Nov 2.

The early voting sites will be posted on the Lake County Clerk’s Website.
Nov 3, is Election Day. This is the last day to return a vote-by-mail ballot.

The ballot can be taken to your polling place or it must be post marked 11/3 or it can be dropped off in a locked box locations. See the Lake County Clerk’s website for details on the locked box locations. Please note these new locked boxes are part of the new vote-by-mail legislation signed into law by Gov. JB.

Because this election is life or death for the UNBORN we are urging you to request a ballot-by-mail.

Once you receive your ballot you may chose to vote in person. REMEMBER YOU MUST BRING YOUR MAIL IN BALLOT WITH YOU. The vote-by-mail ballot is exchanged for a new vote in person ballot. If you forget to bring your mail in ballot you can still vote provisionally.

In view of the pandemic and the importance of this election it is uncertain that the polls will be open on 11/3/2020

WE AGAIN URGE YOU TO REQUEST YOUR VOTE-BY-MAIL BALLOT. Because your vote is what counts – don’t be marginalized.

= = = = =

McHenry County voters would, of course, contact the McHenry County Clerk’s office for information.


Lake County Right to Life Urges People to Vote by Mail — 15 Comments

  1. Don’t let the bastards scare you, vote in person to protect your
    vote from the potential of voting fraud.

    The Postal Service is NOT to be trusted with the sanctity of your vote.

    Likewise applies to the people who are responsible for processing the vote by mail ballots.

  2. Why would you ever trust just dropping your ballot into the mail or some box that’s just sitting around for weeks?

    If they had some sort of system with a bar code where you could track your ballots status then it would be a little better.

    It just seems foolish to me to try and make major, untested changes to the election on such short notice.

  3. What could be a 100 percent TRUSTED feedback loop to each and every voter by mail to assure the voter that the legitimate election judges got the voter’s ballot AND got it on time at least one day before the November Tuesday election date? So far, nobody in this Nation has talked about this nor claimed that they have a process for this in place.

    Only sure way to make sure your ballot has a chance of being counted is to vote in person.

  4. Seriously, if we can track a UPS package across the country, we should demand at least as much for something as important as a ballot.

    There is no trust in dropping a ballot in a box and hoping USPS does its job.

    From a technical perspective, this actually should be pretty simple.

    Even if you assume that everyone has the best intentions, it is just more proof that government screws up almost everything it touches.

  5. **If they had some sort of system with a bar code where you could track your ballots status then it would be a little better. **

    I agree! Some places do have a good tracking system. Chicago and Cook County allow you to track through the entire process.

    McHenry County has nothing.

  6. Agreed, states like California have the means for a voter to track their VBM ballot and confirm it’s counted.

    Remember, ballot harvesting is illegal in Illinois, so do not let a stranger pick up your completed ballot.

    Worst case, complete your VBM ballot at home, and take it and hand deliver it to an early voting location, or your polling place on 11/3.

  7. Why all the push for vote by mail when early voting starts September 24th?

    They could get a lot of people to vote that way.

    I’m sure it’s safer than all cramming in to vote on election day, and you don’t have to worry about the USPS losing it.

  8. Because, accusations of cheating put aside, Joe Biden is in reality a horrible candidate.

    He’s simply not with it anymore.

    He will be a puppet for Harris and the radical left if elected.

    The hope is to get people to vote before they realize that.

    We have most likely seen peak Biden so it only goes down from here for him.

  9. I’d give Biden 6 months before the radical left has him removed, assuming he is elected (which I doubt).

    At least, that seems to be their plan. Kamala always was the person that they had in mind and I frankly was shocked when she dropped out due to low support. However, it became obvious that Biden was 1 term or less.

    Amazing that they constantly critique “A Very Stable Genius'” health and brush Biden’s obviously deteriorating mental health under the rug.

  10. What ever you can to do it in person will cut

    then when they turn in signed sheets if someone is not lazy they will go thru them and remove the ones that Do Not Count for them!

    But as you can imagine this is not always the case!

    and this is just on the signature sheets they gather…

  11. It’s ironic, that Biden wasn’t wanted before by Democrats before.

    Michael Dukaksis (1988) rolled over Biden.

    Barack Obama recycled Biden from his roll over (2008). 🤔😐

  12. Let’s let blacks vote up to 15 times, half blacks, too, but maybe only 8 times.

    Indians (feather): 5 times; Indians (Asian) 3x, Whites 1/2 vote

  13. Early in 2019 when Biden was considering running for president, Barak Hussein Obama said to him:

    “You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t.”

    What a miserable ticket of losers is the Democrat ticket of Biden and Harris.

    When Biden ran in the 2008 presidential contest, he dropped out immediately after the first primary caucus in Iowa in Jan 2008 receiving less than ONE percent of the overall vote.

    Komala Harris was getting very poor reviews after the 2019 Democrat presidential debates, did not get much money in contributions and dropped out of the race BEFORE the first Democrat primary.

    The Democrat Party has proven their recklessness by actions, statements and positions of their top people of Pelosi and Schumer. That Party and their leaders will be shown to be grossly negligent by allowing a candidate that is unstable and with mental problems to possibly be elected to the most powerful job in the world with the authority to launch a nuclear war.

    Voters ought to ask themselves if they want doddering old fool Joe to meet with Putin and Xi and other world leaders.

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