Smash and Grab at Downtown Crystal Lake Jewelry

Last night a Crystal Lake store experienced something of what Downtown Chicago stores have experienced twice.

Dalzell Jewelers

Dalzell Jewelers had a Williams Street front window in front of a display case smashed.

Empty Dalzell Jewelers display case is visible.

Jewelry was stolen.


Smash and Grab at Downtown Crystal Lake Jewelry — 22 Comments

  1. Welcome to section 8’ers and the ‘reparations’ they claim.

  2. Camera shots?

    Every doorbell in a neighborhood seems to have them now and they take clear, with sound videos.

    I’m sure the shop, or downtown area has them all over the place, so will look forward soon to seeing photos of the perps and their car or method of escape.

  3. Saw a piece of garbage woman panhandler on Williams st recently and she talked to we honest citizens. Who the hell are these people? Where did they come from? With the moron imbecile dufus dope dementia senile Joe Robinette Biden and his ILK, where the H is the nation headed? Are there a majority of dumb voters who will elect this moron Biden and what he and his radical vp have in store for us?

  4. bred? Are you new in town? There have always been panhandlers downtown. All around Pop’s Corn Crib and by the station they hang out and beg for money to eat. I’ve purchased dinner for them. Where have you been?

  5. My daughter was accosted by 2 20 something black beggars panhandling on Williams. They tried all kinds of scams on her (“you’re not racist are you. “We jess need $10 to git sumfin’ to eat.”)

    But they took off like jackrabbits when me and my two flanker sons got outa the car.

    Guess they were members of the Dindu Nuffin’ Gang!

  6. Where was Patrick D. Kenneally?

    Sleeping? Eating? Scratching his dirty buttocks?

  7. They don’t prosecute crooks any more, George Soros appointed prosecutors, time to go to a Red state where there still is rule of law.

  8. That’s my plan within the next year or so.

    As soon as things stabilize, looking for a transfer to Texas.

    Not really going to have a choice as who is going to want to come to Chicago after all this?

    Have to live somewhere with the kind of work I do and Chicago is just blowing it.

  9. The Terminator? If your story is even true, then I must be racist because I was speaking of white elderly, disabled, disheveled, obviously mentally handicapped, street people type folks that talk to you – NOT black young thug gang banger types!

  10. Cindy, there are many black thugs in Woodstock, McHenry, and CL these days.

    Will Kenneally write a 78 page explanation why he can’t prosecute black thugs because George Washington owned some slaves and certain groups cannot be assimilated into a highly advanced technological society?

  11. If Kenneally wasn’t McHenry County States Attorney he’d likely be a member of the Village People dancing and prancing around singing Y.M.C.A.

  12. AGAIN?



    DO THEY…


    STUPID …

  13. That same Jewelry store was robbed 3 years ago, only back then it was an armed robbery and the guy on the way out slugged a worker and jumped into a car.

    He got caught.

    Darnell something or other was his name.

  14. Go figure…a bunch of racist, privileged, white bred a**holes on hear proving how ignorant the majority of mchenry county is.

    I hope you racist, right wing a**holes DO move to some “red” state and get the f*** out of illinois.

  15. Camera footage or no?

    If you have it, it would be helpful to release it.

    If you don’t have it, it would be helpful to get a camera…

  16. I think I might recognize one of the thugs from the shots they have posted on the Lake and McHenry County Scanner. Maybe not.

  17. If Travis Hooker wants to participate in gay events, he does have that right. The entire police department wasn’t forced. 😐

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