State Rep. Allen Skillicorn May Be Dropping Out of Re-Election Campaign

Allen Skillicorn

Watching State Rep. Allen Skillicorn’s disengagement from the Illinois political stage over the last couple of months puzzled me.

His tweets are most likely to be about national politics than that of Illinois.

He did not show up at the Algonquin-Grafton Township fundraiser on Monday.

The two townships contain a majority of Republican primary voters.

Now comes a report that Skillicorn is leaving Illinois after his term expires in January, that he tried to withdraw his name from the ballot last Friday.

As recently as July 12th Skillicorn put $10,000 of his own money into his Taxpayers for Skillicorn PAC.

He was ranked the most conservative State Representative by the American Conservative Union Foundation.

At the end of June, the fund had $81,357.23.

He reports debts, mainly to himself of $104,332.10.

Skillicorn defeated McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield in the GOP Primary.

McHenry County Board member Suzanne Ness is the Democrat on the ballot, having received more votes than both Skillicorn and Schofield combined.

2020 primary election results for Allen Skillicorn, Carolyn Schofield, Suzanne Ness and Jim Malone.


State Rep. Allen Skillicorn May Be Dropping Out of Re-Election Campaign — 20 Comments

  1. I had noticed the “disengagement” as you had Cal, but I thought that was his strategy to disengage from the rest of the Republican ticket to face the challenge of Suzanne Ness.

    The Republican Party has until 8/29 to replace Skillicorn on the ballot, so while the district crosses both McHenry and Kane County, it will be the McHenry County Republican chairman to decide, without direct input of the precinct committeepersons.

    One wonders if McHenry County Board Member Carolyn Schofield will be considered, since she ran twice unsuccessfully for the seat, or someone else, possibly Carpentersville activist and Precinct Committeeperson Linda Prestia?

  2. Schofield is pure poison!

    She’s friend with Althoff.

    And that’s real bad!

    A total RINO!

  3. Thinking out loud and swinging for the fences here, but I wonder if Skillicorn allegedly dropping out of reelection is to allow the Republican chairmen to appoint Bill Redpath of West Dundee to replace Skillicorn as the Republican nominee for the 66th district, and thus, remove Redpath as a Libertarian running against both Congressman Sean Casten and Republican Jeanne Ives in the 6th congressional district.

    I have no basis in fact, but just a very educated guess, knowing Skillicorn tried to talk Redpath out of running in the 6th, so now he’s giving up his seat once he knew Redpath was serious. Redpath has two objections pending on his congressional petitions, and maybe Skillicorn saw the objections not removing Redpath?

    Since Cal noted Skillicorn loaned himself more money in mid July, something happened right after he turned 46 on July 8.

  4. Whoever takes his place is of no matter because it will not stem the tide of
    people rushing for the exits, nor the decline of a once great state and place to live
    thanks to the insatiable greed and corruption of DEMOCRATS.

  5. He’s like the guy who sold out his real estate right before the 2008 crash.

    And I don’t blame him a bit. Get off the Illinois-Titanic.

  6. What does it say about a state when EVEN the politicians are running away?

  7. Skillicorn’s no longer a resident of East Dundee, and his and wife’s voter registration was transferred to Sleepy Hollow, so Skillicorn now lives on the west side of the Fox River.

  8. which also puts him in the 6th congressional district, so looks like he gave up his alternate delegate for the 8th district with his move(?).

  9. The likelier answer is that Skillicorn did some internal polling and figured out Ness was going to beat him, so he’s deciding to retire two years early.

    Neither side should accept the trade John is talking about and here’s why.

    For the GOP, Redpath is a weaker candidate than Skillicorn and a weaker candidate than nearly anybody else they could find, including Carolyn Schofield, and the GOP still wouldn’t have a chance in the 6th congressional district with Redpath out.

    It’s a bad trade for the GOP to make because they would be ensuring that they lose BOTH the 6th congressional and the 66th state rep races.

    I also don’t think Redpath is interested.

    The LP would get a bad deal on this — they would take their names out of of a much larger congressional district so that Redpath can be the nominee in a much smaller state rep district.

    That’s stupid.

    Ballot access won’t really matter in either of these races since the lines for legislative and congressional districts will be redrawn before the next election, but arguably the 6th district would be more important because at least with that I’m *pretty sure* Redpath could get ballot access for Libertarians in Cuba and Ela townships in Lake County.

    I don’t think Skillicorn’s district would do anything for the LP in terms of ballot access.

    If the GOP needs to talk anybody out of running it’s Steve Reick & Jim Oberweis, not BILL REDPATH.

  10. Correcting is likely right and my theory was prior to finding out Skillicorn has moved.

    Maybe he’s going to run for a township office next year, or as Correcting says or someone else inferred, Skillicorn is “pulling a Rauner”?




  12. Does he still live in the 66th or not?

    Wouldn’t he have to step down as a rep, not just as a candidate, if he moved outside the 66th?

    Is he planning on moving out of Illinois?

    But he just moved across town?

    Why would he move and then move again?

    I’m so confused by all of this haha

    If he were to be replaced either as a candidate or state rep or both, who would decide who his replacement is?

    The Kane County GOP Chairman or the McHenry County GOP Chairman?

  13. The one good area state rep.

    Why couldn’t the bailoutee by the drunken liar Reick?

  14. Correcting, his new registered voter address in Sleepy Hollow is within boundaries of 66th district, so legally he’s good to serve out his term.

    Do not know if he owns the 52 year old home him and wife are living, or if he’s renting.

    Moving out of East Dundee would force him to vacate his Trump alternate delegate spot he won in primary, but given no loss for a virtual convention.

    He probably lost his precinct committeeperson spot because he moved out of his precicnt, but he could be reappointed to that in his new precicnt if it’s vacant.

    If the spot opens up on the ballot in time, the McHenry and Kane Republican Party chairs, with weighted vote, would vote to replace him on ballot.

    If the county Republican chairs want input from other Republicans, they could ask like what happened when Karen McConaughay resigned her senate seat and vacated her spot on 2018 ballot.

    A pic of him surfaced on Twitter allegedly in Baja California. Skillicorn has shaved off his beard.

  15. Who reported that he is not seeking another term?

    I don’t see it on his social media or anywhere in the news.

    The State Board of Elections still lists him as an active candidate which is weird if he submitted his papers LAST Friday. I generally trust John’s work, but I don’t see a lot of corroboration on this particular story.

    Big development if true though.

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