66th House District: Allen Skillicorn Withdrawal Watch

Allen Skillicorn

Tweet from U.S.-Mexico border and Capitol Fax urging Skillicorn to do something about his spot on fall ballot

As Cal’s article from yesterday began speculation of a pending withdrawal from the 2020 General Election by State Representative Allen Skillicorn, through today he took no action to formally withdrawal his candidacy from the November ballot.

Early this afternoon, a tweet of Skillicorn with 3 men surfaced with location description of Baja California, and later in the afternoon, a Facebook live broadcast from the border wall in southern California:

From Allen Skillicorn Tweet

Skillicorn, who’s now clean-shaven for the first time in nearly two years, is shown in a tweet with no verbiage, solely the picture.

Here are facts pieced together since Capitol Fax apparently through subscribers-only access, broke the story, and Cal followed up yesterday:

  • Skillicorn and his wife sold their East Dundee townhome in late May, and the deed recorded in the Kane County Recorder’s office on May 26
  • Skillicorns have not yet bought any property in either Kane or McHenry Counties
  • The Skillicorns transferred their Kane County voter registration from East Dundee to a home in Sleepy Hollow where they are presumably renting and claiming residence.
  • Sleepy Hollow address is within the 66th representative district, so Skillicorn has officially moved-within-district and during the abbreviated spring session in late May, Skillicorn was still a legal resident of the 66th district.
  • The Illinois State Board of Elections still lists Skillicorn as an active candidate for the General Election, but with his now outdated East Dundee home address, where he’s no longer a registered voter.
  • Today’s Capitol Fax includes Rich Miller noting the election is just over 80 days away.
  • As commenter “Correcting” has pointed out in comments, the last day to replace a nominee for the fall ballot is August 29, less than two weeks away.

We are sure the county Republican Party chairs in McHenry and Kane counties are completely updated what Skillicorn plans to do and when, but 66th district voters sure would like to know whom the Republican choice will be on the fall ballot, in addition to Democrat Suzanne Ness.

Complete tweet below:


66th House District: Allen Skillicorn Withdrawal Watch — 3 Comments

  1. If allen is reading this now by any chance, Thanks for leaving us hanging at least you could have given people a heads up so we can find someone else !

    We are 80 days away from voting and now what do I tell my people in the precinct??????

    one word for you no loyalty we got to know you and we walked for you we got petitions signed for you we supported you! now we are stuck with the people we really don’t want , this how we lose.

  2. A guy running for office in 2018, who suddenly resigns in 2020, makes no sense. 😐

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