Conservative PAC Raises Money at Bull Valley Country Club

Here is what Republican McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Buehler took away from the evening:

Jonn Voight and Mike Buehler

“I was honored to have been invited to the Middle Resolution Fundraiser at the Bull Valley Golf Club in Woodstock last night.

“Keynote Speakers included Actor Jon Voight, Steve Moore, Jaco Booyens, and Kimberly Fletcher of Mom Across America.

“The Middle Resolution is committed to identifying and electing qualified candidates, collaborating on free market policies, and holding leaders accountable.

“Mr. Voight spoke of the accomplishments of our president’s administration as well as the threats of far-left Marxists to our nations freedom.

The Middle Resolution logo.

“There were many other inspirational talks last night. However, the speaker who made the greatest impact on me was Jaco Booyens.

“He spoke passionately about his organizations( commitment to fighting against the child sex trafficking industry and how prior administrations had ignored his pleas for action.

“This was by far the most thought-provoking event I have attended in the past year.”


Conservative PAC Raises Money at Bull Valley Country Club — 12 Comments

  1. Did anyone get Jon Voight’s Chrysler LeBaron?

    Did Kenneally eat all of the Quesadillas?

  2. Would’ve been nice to know so would could send some actual Republicans instead the right wing retards who showed up.

  3. Bullocks, they aren’t retards, they are leaderless….. for the moment.

    And if there’s ever a local pedogate, Kenneally will be Johnny on the spot, not to charge or even prosecute, but to write up a 545 page excuse as to why he just can’t follow up on anything and the criminals are naughty but it’s just a matter of ‘policy’ and prosecutorial whim.

  4. Free market policies is chamber of commerce code words for importing foreign workers.

    No thanks!

  5. Voight is a great American!

    Too bad the price of admission wasn’t more Conservative.

  6. Casey, the country club crowd brought us to this crisis by laying down every damn time.

    Now their own homes, daughters and ritzy shopping sprees down the Malignant Mile in Chiraq are targets and they remain clueless.

  7. Country Club Crowd was all for third world invasion and libtard policies.

    Demographic change meant nothing for them but imagined profits despite all the evidence.

  8. What’s Voight said about the Hollywood pedo ring or who really runs Hollyweird?

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