Crossing the State Line to Shop

Inspired by the comments about governments and people buying gasoline right across the state line in Wisconsin, I started wondering what would happen if a marijuana shop were set up in Harvard, Alden, Hebron, Richmond or Spring Grove.

In February, a Seven Point cannabis grow facility surfaced in Harvard.

The nearest pot stores are in Rockford, Mundelein and Elgin.

Where would you put such a facility in McHenry County.


Crossing the State Line to Shop — 15 Comments

  1. No need for a brick and mortor store as them people have plenty of illegal ways to get it…

  2. These are different topics that need to be addressed one by one, Cal.

    On crossing the state line for weed: If they buy pot here and bring it back to WI, they’re breaking their own state’s law.

    You’d be kind of stupid to go to Illinois to buy overpriced weed anyway.

    Weed in the black market is ubiquitous and cheaper than the legal market, so you’d have to be a real dummy or loser who doesn’t know anybody to go to Illinois to buy weed.

    You can go to like any bar and just ask “where the weed at” to just about anybody in the bar and someone will find it for you lol Weed has NEVER been hard to get!

    I think this “dispensary” thing must be for old people and the biggest dorks.

    So I would not recommend Wisconsinites buy weed from Illinois, because they are taking a risk and they would be getting ripped off.

    I suspect some would not listen and there would be some arrests in Wisconsin, if that’s what you had in mind, Cal.

    Where to put a pot store in McHenry County:

    A pot store would probably thrive anywhere in the county, but I think Woodstock, McHenry, or Crystal Lake would be the most ideal locations due to their larger populations and relatively liberal attitudes (McHenry isn’t quite as liberal but they have had headshops there for a long time so I think they are familiar with cannabis culture).

    I know a guy who is working on getting a license to open a shop either in McHenry or Woodstock.

    On growing vs selling:

    From what I am reading, it sounds like Seven Point is going to try to get a grower AND a dispensary license for their Harvard op.

    If that’s the case, and they are successful in getting both licenses, perhaps it will be a little cheaper since you’d sort of cut out a middleman.

    I know they dabble in growing and selling — but the licenses are totally different and if they only get a license to grow, then the Harvard location will just be like a big greenhouse.

    A lot of people don’t realize that, but the state of Illinois issues x amount of licenses for grow ops and y amount of licenses for dispensaries.

    Just because you can grow doesn’t mean you can sell and just because you can sell doesn’t mean you can grow.

    They are separate.

  3. I would wonder if they could be forced to quarantine for 14 days if they visited Wisconsin for Diesel?

    That might be something Gov. Shitzker might do if he is losing his gas tax to Richmond?

  4. **the most ideal locations due to their larger populations and relatively liberal attitudes **

    Yea… only liberals smoke weed. 🙄

  5. Correcting said: “I think this “dispensary” thing must be for old people and the biggest dorks.”

    The whole thing is dumb. They didn’t even decriminalize pot.

    They just made it legal to buy from THEM.

    Democrats always have a plan to destroy private business and redistribute wealth.

    They are going to get the money one way or another; Via highly taxed “legal and more safe” drugs or through incarceration of private sellers and incentivized arrests.

    FYI I don’t even smoke weed but think it’s dumb to ride two horses on the matter.

    Either completely legalize it or don’t.

  6. Alabama Snake has a way of taking anything and twisting it.

    That wasn’t said at all.

    Anecdotally, however, dumb pot-smoking hippies and similar are generally liberal.

  7. Shake, don’t strawman me and don’t bother trying to educate me about non-liberals who smoke weed because I know several.

    My point was only that a liberal locale would be more willing to approve it, and, yes, there likely would be more customers, but I NEVER claimed “only liberals smoke weed.”

    In general, I fail to see why you try arguing over and nitpicking about such trivial points.

    It just makes you look childish and like you have nothing of value to add.

  8. If I remember correctly the city of McHenry approved a license in the industrial park south of town off route 31.

    It’s up to the state if they get it but the first step is local approval.

  9. “dumb pot smoking hippies…” some guy, the 60’s called.

    They want your world view back.

  10. What Brian Sager’s basement?

    Seems a lot of electricity is being used there.

  11. If it were not for my one finger tapping on this tiny smart phone, I would comment in length to Correcting’s laughable comments.

    I always appreciate Correcting’s balanced views on a variety of issues…but the illegal/legal cannabis trade is obviously not one of his/hers more researched topics.

    Believe me, if you went into a bar and asked random strangers where to purchase weed, you would be met with blank stares and quickly thrown out by the management.

    Definitely not a cool thing to do!

    Besides, aren’t bars one of the most likely places for undercover police to hangout and get information on illicit activities.

    I gotta get going, but may I please make an invitation to Cal and Correcting to join me in a visit to a legal cannabis dispensary?

    Or at least check out and see what they have to offer.

    No comparison to what the “reefer man” has to offer! Have a great day!

  12. @Gary, sure, I’d go to a dispensary with you.

    Now we just need Cal to agree!

    But I want to add a few things for clarification.

    1. I didn’t mean literally anybody, I’m just saying it’s easy to find people who smoke these days. At any bar, it’s likely that most of the bartenders smoke, that you’ll find people vaping THC in the bathrooms, and you’ll find people smoking hitters in alleys and in cars in nearby parking lots.

    2. Bars are not full of undercovers, that’s a trope not reality. This isn’t 1993!

    3. If I lived in Wisconsin, I would find it more risky to go out of state, buy it, and then bring it back, than to just find some stoner in my own town and in my own state. Either way, you’re breaking the law, but one scenario involves you driving more, so more potential to get pulled over (plus more time and gas spent).

    4. The issue of the tradeoff between price and quality is going to be somewhat subjective unless we have machines to measure THC content and compare things side by side — but, based on my experience, I think it is NOT worth the increased cost. I believe the Illinois legislature completely botched legalization through excessive limitations on supply and heavy taxation.

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