Message of the Day – Hypocrisy

The message on the sign at McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ political office says, “Be a hero. Wear a mask.”

But, while the sign was up, Franks was out fishing and posing without a mask.

Jack Franks without a mask July 28, 2020.


Message of the Day – Hypocrisy — 17 Comments

  1. It’s not hypocrisy. It is DEADLY advice. Do NOT wear anything ritualistic. Even these fools know not to wear it.

  2. Change the sign from hero to ZERO.

    Do not consider it proof just because it is written in books, for a liar who will deceive with his tongue will not hesitate to do the same with his pen.


  3. Be a hero Jackanapes. Jesse White?

    One of the biggest crooks in Illinois!

    His ‘Charity’ was a bottomless pit of ‘reimbursement expenses’ funded by corporate traitors who now fund BLM, for tax credits!

  4. Did the Kennealy Crybaby snap the fishing pictures for his lord Jack?

  5. Jack Franks: “Laws are for the little people. -Not for Democrats or RINOS.

    Hey, this is Illinois!

    Psssttt, wanna trade some naughty photos?”

  6. Isn’t it Jack H. Franks with the “H” standing for Hypocrisy?

    Or is it Jack O. Franks?

    The “O” stands for Off?

  7. Yesterday’s special meeting was some kind of special!

    Franks got laughed at with his stupid, petty, hypocritical comments.

    It’s a must see.

  8. The Franks Family is a bad, crooked line.

    It didn’t start with Jackoo or his mentally challenged brother!

  9. Jack can’t even keep his mask on correctly for county board meetings!

  10. Non-fishermen, fisherwomen, have been told that fish are unhooked and thrown back into the water to live. “Fishing” is supposed to be an honorable sport we are told. Are the fish shown in the picture going to be processed and given to needy, hungry and poor people? As Christ would do?

  11. Let’s take that thought one step further bred.

    Would Christ just hand out fish like the democrats and their left wing polices do, or would He be teaching people how to fish?

  12. Bred, Franks would be one of the corrupt men Jesus whipped.

  13. Will Jack Franks’ sign ever include a denial of the sexual assault allegations against him..?

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