Robert Hanlon for the Defense in Will County Township Road Commissioner Case

From Illinois Leaks, reprinted with permission:

Norton Slapped with $17,000+ Motion For Attorney Fees In Frivolous Lawsuit He Lost


Wesley Township, IL. (ECWd) -After successfully having the frivolous lawsuit Dismissed with prejudice under the Citizen Participation Act (“CPA”), Robert Hanlon, Attorney for the Defendants (Cindy Brzana and others), filed a Motion for Attorney fees, which are mandated when a Defendant prevails in a CPA Motion.

Hanlon is asking the Court to award defendants a total of $231.00 in filing fees, and $16,987.25 in attorney fees.

Former (appointed for a short time) Wesley Township Road Commissioner John Norton, who currently has a Stalking / No Contact Order against him (here), filed a frivolous lawsuit, in part, because some people stood in front of him at a public meeting.

He was seeking $10,000,000.00 (you can laugh, it is not a typo).

Under the CPA:

  • Sec. 25. Attorney’s fees and costs. The court shall award a moving party who prevails in a motion under this Act reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred in connection with the motion

The Docs:   Attorney Fee Memo – Motion for Attorney Fees – Notice of Motion

Defendant’s Attorney sent the following as part of a message to Norton:

Since the court already granted costs and attorney fees in our requested relief, all that is left is the amount you will pay, not whether or not you must pay them.”

As alleged in a July 31, 2020, email, Defendants are well aware of Norton’s equitable interest in real estate, a couple of aluminum boats and three boat trailers (one might be a car towing dolly), HAM radio equipment and antenna(s) – (on the house and next to the garage), and a vehicle he drives that sounds like the muffler is falling off. 

Some or all of this can be taken to satisfy a Judgment of fees/costs against Norton.

Norton was given the opportunity to agree to reduced fees but failed to respond, so now he must appear in court (via Zoom) to answer this Motion for fees on September 3, 2020, at 9:00 a.m.


Robert Hanlon for the Defense in Will County Township Road Commissioner Case — 7 Comments

  1. Good job, go after the puke called Jim Condon, McHenry Township Road Commissioner, who loafs all day and sends his stooges to do his work.

  2. I think it’s important that I address this post.

    Unfortunately, Ms Brzana, Ms Forsythe and others have had to endure troubling behavior exhibited by Mr.Norton.

    Surprisingly, Mr Norton was appointed Highway Commissioner.

    His initial “Bizarre” action was to shut down a road where his political opponents resided for no reason whatsoever.

    After the people booted him from office, he engaged in behavior that resulted in his arrest and issuance of an order of protection.

    It was his desire to initiate suit against Ms Brzana and others solely to harass them.

    The court saw it for what it was and sent Mr Norton packing.

    However, in the wake of his frivolous lawsuit my clients incurred substantial legal fees.

    The court already awarded attorney fees and the matter is limited in amount only.

    Efforts to extend courtesy discounts went without a response.

    It’s unfortunate that the failure to respond has increased Mr Norton’s problems.

    You would think that a prudent person would address the issues and see to it that the behavior would change.

    This is lost on Mr. Norton.

    Perhaps when he actually understands the ramifications of his conduct, he might change his behavior.

  3. Now get McClellan who used her court case to further her campaign!

    Well that surely didn’t work!

  4. Sounds like a typical township sleaze official.

    There are so very many of them.

    These township tax assessors all need to be investigated. The give their friends low assessments.

  5. Nunda and McHenry townships are dens of corruption, followed by Grafton and Algonquin.

    Gasser brought down a Sixty Three Crime Dynasty, when he booted Bob ‘the Slob’ Miller of Disneyland trips paid by Township taxpayers.

    Lutzow is a perfect example of bloated, stupid, government.

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