Trump Rally Advice – Police Chiefs in Rioting Democratic Cities Do Not Follow: “Create a Perimeter”

Host Gary Rabine

Gary Rabine hosted a Trump rally at his Bull Valley Country Club Sunday afternoon.

There were a plethora of speakers, including Republican congressional candidates Jeannie Ives, Jim Oberweis (introduced by Catalina Lauf), Sargis Sangari and Jesus Solorio.

McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Buehler and District 3 candidate Mike Shorten also spoke, Shorten drawing chants from the crowd of perhaps a thousand.

In addition, Jeanette Ward, running for Oberweis’ State Senate seat addressed the crowd.

The man speaker was former Milwaukee four-term Sheriff David Clarke.

David Clarke

He delivered advice that every police chief in the country should follow.

The key to protecting a city from rioting is “controlling the perimeter.”

When that did not happen in Ferguson, Missouri, Clarke waited for someone else to point out the continuing mistake.

When no one did in the week following the incident, he stepped forward and received nationwide attention.

The advice he absorbed came from the retired CIA employee author of a 1970 book entitled, “Riot Makers,” Eugene Methvin.

He called Clarke with advice on what to do in Milwaukee.

David Clarke

“They use the same playbook over and over,” Clarke said.

After the police shooting in Ferguson they created a slogan (“Hand up, don’t shoot”) and spread it though the neighborhoods.

“After a week I got involved.

“Using stuff I had been taught,” Clarke told his commanders to “reestablish law and order in this damn city.

“You tell me what you need.

“You have all the authority to use all necessary force.

“As long as you stay with policy and the law, I’ll back you to the wall.”

He went on TV and told residents, “What you saw happen in Milwaukee last night will not happen tonight.”

And it didn’t.

“We backed up out word,” he said.

That’s when he pointed out Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Chicago and Kenosha police did not “establish a perimeter.

Police American Flag was flown by a spectator during David Clarke’s speech.

“I’m seeing the same mistakes by law enforcement all over.

“They will not set a perimeter.

“They will not provide the resources.

“You have to protect critical infrastructure, those government buildings, retail [stores].

“Nobody in, nobody out.

“Keep ’em back. Keep ’em out.

“I find it downright unconscionable that a political commander would send his men out in harm’s way without an ability to defend themselves.”

They are failing, he said, because “cops are being told to stand down.”

That means “authority is [gone].”

Clarke then told of his advice to Milwaukee families.

“Your duty is to protect yourself and your family.”

He said he put that in a 30-second ad about which “the Left went ape shit.”

Clarke pointed out the deleterious effect on police officers includes 218 suicides in 2019, but there were “no cries for mental health for cops.”

“In 2019 there were more suicides than killed in the line of duty,” he pointed out.

He expressed his disappointment that “after Ferguson, the political class [didn’t] side with the police.

“They got in bed with the devil.

“I play smash mouth.

A small part of the crowd.

He label Black Lives Matter “Black Lies Matter” and referred to them as “scumbags” and “a hate-filled group.”

Clarke argued for police to be police, instead of being charged with curing “urban pathologies.”

He argued that “ghetto reform in the United States” was more important than police reform.

“We will make arrests and keep the peace and do nothing more.

“No engaging in dialogue.

“When you get an order from a police officer, you have a duty to follow that command.

“Get social workers out there if you think this is so damn easy.

“That’s policing David Clarke style.”

Trump cutout was a hit.

Returning to Ferguson, he pointed out, “Mike Brown did not have his arms up.

“Eric Garner (in New York City) weighed about 350 pounds and was in bad health.

“Eric Garner died of a heart attack on the way to the hospital.

“It wasn’t the fault of the police.”

Turning to Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Clarke related that the same State’s Attorney who indicted the cops had told the police “to go to that area [which was drug-infested) and clean it up.”

Gray was “struggling in the ambulance.”

He told of being on some talk show with an attorney who claimed it was “not unlawful to flee from the police.”

Having done his homework, Clarke cited a U.S. Supreme Court case that originated in Illinois in which one Justice noted, “Fleeing from the police is the height of suspiciousness.”

Clarke mocked the Mayor of Seattle calling her “Mary Poppins.”

he pointed out she “let these insurrectionists take over a complete area.”

She called this the “Summer of Love. I called it the Summer of Rage.”

He urged those attending to challenge Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

“Have some big guys,” he suggested. Weight lifters, bikers (many of which were in attendance, so that got a cheer).

Police lives matter. Support your local police.”

If police discourage your group, he advise, tell them, “You have a duty to protect us expressing our First Amendment Rights.

“These people are cowards. They’re expecting you to flee.”

Clarke came up with this:

“‘Defund the police’ is buffoonery.

“No. Defend the police.

“The enemies are domestic.

“They are domestic terrorists.

“They use fear and intimidation to [change] government policy.

“That’s what Al Qaeda and ISIS does.”

Clarke then held up his pocket Constitution and said, “Somebody’s got to enforce that. That’s the police officer.

“You have prosecutors who refuse to prosecute these rioters.

“They’re in bed with the Devil.

“Kim Foxx [Cook County State’s Attorney) is a loser.

When Clarke is confronted by a reporter or commentator with the question of how he can defend the Constitution when he ancestors were enslaved, he replies, “They put a mechanism in here (holding up his Constitution) to change it.”

He pointed out that 500,000 white deaths led to a Constitutional Amendment to free his ancestors.

“Where’s the freaking gratitude from Black Lives Matter?

“The Constitution ended slavery, not the Courts,” he said.

“You women didn’t get the right to vote from the courts, you got it from the Constitution.”

He said he would give up none of his right without a fight.

“God gave me today.

“He didn’t say, ‘See you on Monday.'”

Then he read a swearword-filled email he received that very day threatening his life.

“Be not afraid.

“These folks are cowards.

By return email, Clarke wrote, “Be sure you eat first, because it will be your last meal.”

He attached a photo of himself with a gun with the taunt, “Come and get me..”

“Don’t get in defensive positions.”

If called a “racist,” don’t say, “I’m not a racist.”

Go back to point you were making.

Turning to this year’s election, Clarke pointed out, “To the Left, every election is the most important election.”

He urged people to run for school board.

“Our schools have been taken over.

“They’re nothing but liberal indoctrination centers.”

He urged people have a sense of urgency about every election.

He noted that this year, the Democrats don’t worry about their candidates, they worry about the organization.

He pointed out that Donald Trump carried Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan by on 77,000.

He urged the activists to find new voters.

“Yard signs measure enthusiasm.

“The only thing that counts is voter turnout.”

Clarke argued Donald Trump deserves another term because he lost two and one-half years to “a Russia hoax.”

With that host Gary Rabine said, “Next [rally], four weeks away.”


Trump Rally Advice – Police Chiefs in Rioting Democratic Cities Do Not Follow: “Create a Perimeter” — 74 Comments

  1. Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx is a loser?

    It must be a prerequisite of the position as one just need take a look at Patrick B. Kenneally for confirmation.

  2. He’s right about one thing.

    BLM is a domestic terrorist organization and should be treated as such and it should be forcefully shut down.

    Anyone funding them should be charged with funding a terrorist organization.

    Look up the definition or terrorism.

    You will find something like –

    the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

    That is what BLM does.

    They do not hold peaceful protests.

    They are looting damaging and destroying everything in their path.

    They openly state this will continue until their political demands are met.

    This makes them terrorists, not protesters.

    Domestic enemies of the state.

    That’s what they are and we should show them zero sympathy or mercy.

  3. Of interest:

    Watch Joe Biden Slam ‘Fatherless Predators’ While Promoting 1994 Crime Bill That Targeted Blacks

    The former Vice President, who insisted in May that African Americans ‘ain’t black’ if they don’t vote for him, suggested last year that ‘poor kids are just as smart as white kids,’ and worried in 1977 that desegregation would force his children to grow up in a ‘racial jungle’ – went on a tirade against minorities in 1993 while sponsoring the Democrats’ 1994 crime bill, which supercharged the mass incarceration of people of color.

  4. The crux of Biden’s 1993 argument: It doesn’t matter if minority criminals were “deprived as a youth,” or had a “background that enabled them to become socialized into the fabric of society,” or whether they’re the “victims of society,” they need to be taken off the streets.

    “The end result is, they’re about to knock my mother on the head with a lead pipe, shoot my sister, beat up my wife, take on my sons,”

    So I don’t wanna ask what made them do this. They must be taken off the street, that’s number one. There’s a consensus on that.

    Unless we do something about the cadre of young people – tens of thousands of them – born out of wedlock without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing because they literally have not been socialized. They literally have not had an opportunity. We should focus on them now.

    If we don’t, they will. Or a portion of them will become the predators 15 years from now…. we have predators on our streets that society has in fact in part, because of this neglect, created them. Again, it does not mean that because we created them, that we somehow forgive them or do not take them out of society to protect my family and yours from them.

    They are beyond the pale, many of those people. Beyond the pale. And it’s a sad commentary on society. We have no choice but to take them out of society. And the truth is, we don’t very well know how to rehabilitate them at that point. That’s the sad truth.”

    We must make the streets safer. I don’t care why someone is a malefactor of society. I don’t care why someone is antisocial. I don’t care why they become a sociopath. We have an obligation to cordon them off from the rest of society, try to help them, try to change the behavior – that’s what we do in this bill.

    They are in jail. Away from my mother, your husband, our families. But we would be absolutely stupid as a society if we didn’t recognize the condition that nurtures those folks still exists, and we must deal with that.”

  5. You know, the Biden from 1994 sounds an awful lot like a conservative today.

  6. Trump should just read that Biden speech and let the media go nuts about how racist and how he lacks empathy. Then reveal the source.

  7. That’s a good point leopard, I didn’t know about it either. Republicans are not doing a good job of promoting events.

  8. “Unless we do something about the cadre of young people – tens of thousands of them – born out of wedlock without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing because they literally have not been socialized.”

    Biden is the problem.

    His Crime Bill and VAWA and similar were just extensions of LBJ’s “War on Poverty”.

    They CREATED this situation by incentivizing the removal of fathers from the home, promoting welfare and encouraging single motherhood, and producing these “predators” (his words) who were essentially raised by mama’s marriage to the government.

  9. Neal said: “You know, the Biden from 1994 sounds an awful lot like a conservative today.”

    I disagree.

    A true conservative would undo all of the government involvement and dismantle the welfare systems that robbed people of moral agency and turned them into an underclass that they could control.

  10. By the way… It turned out that they couldn’t control them and it just made people angry.

    But he’s still all about tightening the grip and making things worse.

  11. Out of wedlock birthrate has only gotten worse.

    Nearly double what it was since he said that in the ’90s.

    No amount of giving women infinite access to reproductive care / contraceptives has changed this.


    And it won’t stop until men start taking responsibility and stop getting with these wicked and irresponsible women.

  12. I would have gone, too.

    Tried numerous searches for this specific event.

    Knew of day and town, but couldn’t find place, time, participants, nothing.

  13. The non-condom wearing, irresponsible, wicked men are the problem too. ☹️❗

  14. bred,

    Just wait until they figure our how much of the covid situation was a hoax that the Democrat governors largely used to exploit, control, demoralize, and manipulate. People will be furious.

  15. Eddie,

    You may have missed my part about men taking responsibility because you only read what you wanted to read.

    No. Condoms aren’t the fix either.

  16. SomeGuy, I read it.

    You only called the women wicked.

    You didn’t place (much) blame on the men.

    No, condoms aren’t the total fix. 😮❗

  17. Eddie,

    You seem offended that I would refer to women, who attempt to get pregnant out of wedlock, as “wicked”.

    Whether to get government money, or extort a man for personal gain (which is the crux of the discussion).

    Men are generally not deliberately having children out of wedlock and have zero “reproductive rights”.

    Most men today are weak and are easily controlled by sex. They are too dumb because they believe the same things that you might believe.

    If Tinder and the culture of easy access to sex is any indication, this isn’t changing.

    It’s just getting worse, and these guys worship women and sex.

    If you’re parroting the nonsense that condoms are a solution, you’re part of the problem.

    Men shouldn’t be having sex at all out of wedlock, as far as I’m concerned.

    And they shouldn’t be having sex with someone with whom they don’t intend to bear children.

    No, I didn’t always have this view.

    I believed that it was OK a long time ago that it was acceptable, and normal, to get with lots of women.

  18. People that wait to have sex after marriage generally have intimacy issues.

    I feel like I was tricked into thinking the abstinence side of things was the right approach.

    So many women who never experienced an orgasm…

    Kinda sad.

  19. Rob in Hood,

    People who have lots of sex before marriage also have lots of intimacy issues.

  20. Dang—I wish I knew about this, must have missed the announcements, so many Algonquin Township and Lakewood Village and McHenry County Board meeting notices to read through, the true one worth attending I missed out on.

  21. Some Guy,

    Instead of saying I seem offended or might believe, why not just ask me? 😊🤓

    Saying I’m (or anyone) is part of the problem for advocating condoms IS part of the problem, because they can help prevent pregnancies and STDs. 😮

  22. Some guy seemed to place the blame on men and women. He said the problem won’t stop until the men stop….

    In the end it takes two to make a baby.

    And rob, if you think the main goal of sex is the big O you are thinking about it wrong.

    We don’t simply exist to seek out and experience as much pleasure as possible.

    There is much more to life than just that.

  23. Just one big O?

    Nah nah, I’ve given my girl 15.

    I know what I’m doing.

  24. YEP and that Pat of Mayor best adhere to it, put them in a Park NOT Downtown and on tax paid streets ! she is so out of touch and over her- head… bring the FED Guard in enough is enough ! she don’t get it.. nor does she learn!

    I hope every business owner who has been robbed sues the pants off of PAT!

  25. Eddie,

    At one time it was shameful, rather than praised.

    They also are not normally given any say in whether or not a baby is terminated or carried to term.

    Some time in the ’80s or ’90s, the culture began to praise single mothers as a form of female empowerment.

    Then, it ultimately got to a point where they would praise female promiscuity while condemning male promiscuity.

    Finally, the culture began to make up nonsensical terms like “toxic masculinity” in order to condemn male behavior that isn’t actually masculine at all, but is indicative of the behavior of males with no positive men who are role models.

    Now it’s even becoming common for women to have children deliberately through artificial means; manufacturing fake families outside of what is moral and right.

    The children end up dysfunctional as adults and the cycle repeats.

    Ultimately, most women today have no moral agency and there is no social expectation that there will be.

    Therefore, men need to be responsible not by practicing “safe sex”, but by ceasing to worship women.

    I just saw a headline that some Only Fans woman made like $2 million in a week or something.

    Some former actress.

    This is what the culture has become.

    You are right that men need to be responsible, but it’s not for the reasons that you’ve implied.

    Society can only change if men become an example of proper behavior and to do what’s right.

    But this doesn’t mean that the women who are having children out of wedlock are not “wicked”.

    They are very wicked. And the men that have children with them are morally inept and are ruled by a false god.

  26. The subversion of the culture has largely been accomplished through sex and sexual identity.

    Promiscuous heterosexuals are no different than homosexuals.

    Does that offend anyone? I don’t care.

  27. I’m not offended Some Guy, but Alabama Snake is.

    You burst his pride balloon.

  28. Outside of marriage, if a man and woman aren’t using protection, then the pregnancy is deliberate. 😮

    There is NO way to stop free will people from having non-marital sex. 😮

    Even with God watching them, David & Bathsheeba AND Abraham & Hagar had non-marital sex. 😮

  29. LeopardMan, I’m trying not to point fingers at any demographics but the same applies for both single mothers who deliberately artificially have children and the non-traditional couples that have false marriages and false families.

    All are doing it for their own selfish reasons.

    Technically the same would apply to a wealthy man who arranges to have surrogates, though historically children thrive the most when they have involvement from a biological father.

    Everyone is aware of the evidence though and that’s why family law is backpedaling on policies that were increasingly common in the ’70s-’90s.

    Equal parenting is becoming more of a norm, even if it’s still not ideal.

    Obviously there are some people who have trouble even knowing who a father is, and that’s part of the larger problem that I mention above.

  30. Eddie,

    You have zero idea what the Biblical context of marriage is by your last line.

  31. Some Guy,

    Abraham cheated on Sarah, with Hagar.

    David committed adultery, with Bathsheeba (who was married).


  32. Eddie,

    Sure, but that’s not the point.

    And anyone emulating the behavior of David, who performed some evil deeds (including having her husband killed) is making a terrible mistake.

    It’s not an excuse to perform the same acts.

    The whole point is that he was driven by lust and it caused David to have her husband murdered.

    It’s even implied that he raped her.

    But we’re getting off track.

    The Old Testament is a great story book but is not a way to live your life, and people who quote it in order to prove a point are generally greatly misguided.

  33. Coincidentally, you’re proving my point about a weak man who makes a woman his false god and later realizes that he was wrong.

    He lusted after her by seeing her bathing, took her from her husband, (allegedly) raped her, and then sent her husband to die in order to hide it.

    Only later realizing that he was wrong and took her to be his wife.

    But it’s wrong that Old Testament believers seem to believe that it’s OK to to sin over and over again and that makes it somehow alright because they will be forgiven.

    That’s why the modern church is in such disarray now.

  34. I’m not misguided, nor proving a point and not advocating it. All I’m saying is that it happened, while the Hebrews or Israelites were in direct communication with God. 😐

    Here are some people who fathers, but somehow messed up:

    John Wayne Gacy, Richard Speck, Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer,

    Trayvon Martin (had dad & stepmom AND mom) and

    Michael Brown (had dad & stepmom AND mom & stepdad).


  35. Doofus, dementia, plagiarist, rapist, racist, piece of garbage, liar, incompetent Democrat Joe Robinette Biden now giving a speech in Pittsburgh reading off a teleprompter and blaming the riots, arson, looting, anarchy, insurrection in Democrat run cities and States on Donald Trump. Earlier today, Trump Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, answered questions from the “Press” and emphatically stated that Trump and his Administration have on numerous occasions of riots in Democrat run cities and States has offered the mayors and governors federal help to quell “their” riots, looting, arson, anarchy and insurrection but the mayors and governors have refused federal help from Trump.

  36. We are free will humans, who will win repeatedly. ☹️

    If we’re Christian, sincere and repentant, then Jesus forgives us. 🤓

  37. Eddie,

    Ugh. Those examples, man. 🙂

    Those women who deliberately got with the murders for conjugal visits couldn’t have be right in the head. Never the less, they were attracted to that type of man and nobody had any sense to try to prevent them from producing children.

    Keep in mind that I don’t necessarily mean that have a father physically in the home is going to solve all of the problems. Their fathers were such poor examples that they might as well have not been there. And parents who remarry and have “stepparents” for their children are often equally dysfunctional because it simply doesn’t work and robs the children even more from necessary attention and guidance from their parents.

    I know a blended family where one child is sorta the black sheep of the bunch; neglected, because the weak father is so invested in the stepmother and the stepmother already has several kids.

  38. Some Guy, I should be clearer.

    Here are some people who HAD fathers, but somehow messed up:

    Gacy, Speck, Dahmer, Bundy all had fathers and look how they turned out. 😐

    With Trayvon and Michael having more than two parents, they should have behaved much better. 😐

  39. “With Trayvon and Michael having more than two parents, they should have behaved much better.”

    That’s absolutely incorrect though. Normally it works as a negative.

  40. Any male who would marry a single mother is a poor example of a man.

    Any female who would remarry is a poor example of a mother.

    Any of them having children out of wedlock are poor examples and are deliberately defying the natural law / God’s order, or whatever you want to call it.

  41. Both my parents remarried with their own kids.

    From previous marriages.

    Your defining terms for a poor parent is shallow at best when looking at the depth implemented in your argument for it.

  42. Some Guy, I know people who had parents and step parents who turned out wonderful. 😊✔️

    A man marrying a single mom does so, because he loves her and the kids. 😊

    A mom who remarries does so, because she loves 5he man. 😊

    Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton and Nancy Davis Reagan had remarried parents. 😊

  43. Rob,

    You offended?

    Your outlook on relationships and obsessing over orgasms might prove that there is some validity to my comments.

  44. How did that impact you growing up, Rob?

    I’m pretty sure I already know because you shared some of it previously (didn’t you use a different name a few months ago?).

  45. I don’t obsess over orgasms.

    I just find it funny that dudes can’t achieve something that requires basic intimacy.

    More often than not I find myself in a conversation where someone else talks about sex and I kinda tip toe around it out of fears of making other men feel inadequate.

  46. Why?

    Is your girlfriend a divorcee who didn’t have a fulfilling relationship with her ex-husband?

  47. Nah, it just feels so good to feel her orgasm so much after she’s explained that other men are more of the… “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.”

    It’s no difficult feat and it’s super easy to get a woman to orgasm.

    I dunno why so many other men prided themselves on getting laid when they only got themselves off.

  48. Some Guy, Bill Clinton is a good example, because he grew up poor (and I’m not trolling).

    I find your views interesting. 😐

  49. **I’m not offended Some Guy, but Alabama Snake is.**

    Man… I love how I don’t even comment on a thread and I still live in some of y’all’s heads.

  50. AlabamaShake I try not to drag you into stuff since you’ve been ignoring me. 🙂

  51. Rob,

    That’s way more than I think most want to hear about you.

    At any rate, please don’t make any babies. 😛

  52. Nigeria punishes adulterers and sodomites. If offenders are caught doing either, Nigerian Police will cane them, parade them around town nude and allow villagers to punch them. 😐

  53. Eddie, God took note of the goings on in Sodom, too. In a big way.

    When things get going in America, the drama queens will have to butch it up … watch their fey little speech patterns change overnight when they observe their first hanged sodomite on a telephone pole.

    And the funny thing is, it could’ve been done by either BLM/Nation o’ Islam or White Nationalists.

  54. Alabama, go back to your ‘sugar daddy’ Jack F.

    LeopardMan: whoa! But I think you’re right.

    When TSHTF, many decks (drecks?) will be cleared.

    Oh yeah, the backlash is slow to come, but when it does, POW!

    Create a perimeter?


    Search & Destroy.

    Gotta take the offensive dumbass Sheriff.

    Start thinking to win.

    Quit leading us down dead ends!

  55. Leopard Man, I’ll vote for you for Sheriff, and Some Guy Deputy Sheriff.

    And Eddie, you’ll be the Supt. of Schools.

  56. Disappointed that I missed this!

    Why wasn’t this made available to more people?

    There was an announcement about a similar event in Woodstock Square then it was quickly taken down.

    I figured it got canceled.

    Looks like the event was moved.

    Sure wish I had known about this…..

  57. Over the years the FBI has infiltrated every citizen militia in the country and has a long track record of instigating problems and planting evidence to make the militias appear to be neo-Nazi and/or white supremacist gangs that are nearly all, literally, peaceful.

    Then along comes the BLM crowd openly demanding that the cops are to be killed and “fried like bacon” and openly claim to be “trained“ Marxists but the FBI is dumbfounded.

    Not a clue how to infiltrate, or find out who trains them or who pays all the bills.

    Notice there is no movement to defund the FBI?

    Obviously, the FBI is complicit and aiding and abetting the insurrection.

    DOJ & FBI are corrupt DemonRat from top to bottom.

  58. No doubt the Obama administration looked the other way while these groups organized.

    Let’s not forget there were several riots during the Obama years from the same people.

    According to Senator Paul, some of thugs in the mob that confronted him were staying in the same hotel, at $600+ a night.

    Wonder who is paying for that.

  59. Careful, Valeurs Actuelle.

    You might be accused of a “conspiracy theory” by talking about the deep state.

    Neal, this corruption predates Obama.

    He just brought the foot soldiers out of shadows, like cockroaches.

  60. Two of the Republican Congressional appearing, at that rally, are running in Cook County Congressional Districts:

    Jesus Solorio (4) and Sargis Sangari (9), currently represented by Entrenched Democrats Jesus Garcia (4) and Jan Schakowsky (9). ☹️

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