Tribune Writes about DuPage County Highway Commissioner Using Campaign Funds to Hire Attorney, But Not about Jack Franks Spending Eight Almost Times as Much for the Same Purpose

In the article about Bloomingdale Township Highway Commissioner Robert Czernek’s legal troubles with the Federal government, the Chicago Tribune points out that he use $8,500 from his campaign to pay legal fees.

$8,500 for Czernek versus $66,915 for Franks.

Not worth a mention in the Chicago Tribune, the Daily Herald or the Northwest Herald.


Tribune Writes about DuPage County Highway Commissioner Using Campaign Funds to Hire Attorney, But Not about Jack Franks Spending Eight Almost Times as Much for the Same Purpose — 12 Comments

  1. Franks is a ‘Jewish untouchable’.

    Don’t expect the captive media to investigate anything about the Jackal, much less print anything negative about the lustful, prideful loser and Madigan gofer.

  2. The Tribune refuses to print anything negative about Jack Franks, as does the Sun-Times, the NW Herald, the Daily Herald, and on and on and on.

    When will we see Public Comment at County Board meetings used to ask Jack Franks about the sexual assault allegations against him?

  3. Why are Jews so taboo?

    They are a tiny minority with extravagant power.

    They’re always afraid it’s 1933.

    Living in perpetual fear that the host population will take notice of their overrepresentation in almost all public opinion formation organs from Hollywood to the Supreme Court.

  4. If you’re part of the problem in Illinois, McHenry County government or municipalities and townships you you provide protection for your financial benefactors and they you until you become too much of a risk to them.

    This is why nothing of any substance is in the Chicago or Local media and / or the reason the McHenry County States Attorney looks the other way.

    You’d think that the Democratic Party would run a candidate against Kenneally as Franks is a Democrat and Chairman of the McHenry County Board.

    There’s a reason Kenneally isn’t being opposed.

    He’s in Office to protect and deflect.

  5. If Jews are so powerful, why do they have less elective offices these days? 🤔

    Currently, there’s:

    State Senator Sarah Feigenholz (Chicago),

    State Representative Yehiel Kalish (lost re-election) (North Cook County Suburbs),

    Governor Jay Bob Pritzker,

    Congressperson Brad Schneider (D-10) (North Suburban Cook County & Lake County)

    Congressperson Jan Schakowsky (D-9) (North & Northwest Cook County),

    Chicago Alderperson Debra Silverstein (50)

    and some suburban local politicians ?


  6. Eddie – not to encourage the ugly antisemitism on here, but you’re missing numerous IL state legislators, including Bob Morgan, Kelly Cassidy, Jennifer Gong Gershowitz, Jonathan Carrol, Yoni Pizer, etc.

  7. Why don’t you organize a predator flash mob or something?

    That’s when you dress up as a science fiction villain, Predator, and you hold signs saying you support Jack Franks at some very public place.

    The group shall call itself “predators for jack franks”

    You can also wear Bill Clinton masks, Jeffrey Epstein masks, or Bill Cosby masks.

    Seriously, you’re going to need to SEIZE a moment, seize publicity.

    You can’t count on yahoo journalists who are probably buddies with Franks to hold his feet to the fire. Don’t count on newspapers to give you ANY help.

    So what are you doing? How are you going to MAKE a moment?

    Have the burgerboys in the mcdopey gope thought about this at all?

    Have they thought about how they are going to MAKE a moment?

    Or are they at least giving Mike Buehler more money now?

    Two thousand dollars won’t cut it against some guy who I’m pretty sure owns a chain of banks.

    You have to think about these things, and start acting as serious political agents…

    Early voting starts in about three weeks and I bet most people in this county have never heard of Franks’ opponent.

    I don’t see ANY of his yard signs.

    I see lots of Kathy Keefe signs!


  8. Kelly Cassidy and Yoni Pizer talk more about their homosexuality than Judaism. 😮

    Judaism forbids homosexuality, but The Bible has David & Jonathan and Ruth & Naomi. 😮

  9. How much did is Madikahn spending on his defense ?

    of OUR $$ they learn from the best…

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