Message of the Day – A Billboard

Here’s a new billboard supporting Donald Trump’s re-election that is on Route 120 west of Ringwood Road:

This Trump billboard is lit at night.


Message of the Day – A Billboard — 27 Comments

  1. First funny thing that you have posted in a long time.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. How about this on a billboard?

    Illinois is the nation’s extreme outlier.

    We have the largest pension debt burden.

    The worst population losses.

    The highest property tax rates.

    The worst political corruption.

    And we’re the ‘least tax-friendly state’ in the nation, according to Kiplinger.

    More tax hikes will only make those problems worse.

    Illinois needs pension reform instead.

  3. Low I.Q. Little Tommy Snowflake – on this blog, YOU are the joke . . . thanks for the laugh.


  4. The biggest lie in America.

    The far right, not conservatives because they are jumping the Trump Ship, are the only fools who actually believe this.

    The Law & Order President hires eight people who have since been indicted and or sentenced to prison, his Administration has violated the Hatch Act over and Over,

    Republican Senate agrees with Russian interference.

    He doesn’t listen to Intel Briefings and turns his head to Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops, he doesn’t go to Dover anymore, he’s only been to se the troops in the Middle East once, he’s led the nation into among the worst with COVID response, he hasn’t done anything on immigration, healthcare is woefully worse, the debt far exceeds any POTUS before him, the wall got some repairs but very little new wall.

    He has lined his pockets from Trump properties and taxpayer funded outings.

    He’s golfed more than any POTUS before him.

    His wife uses private emails in her official capacity.

    Anyone of the above had been committed by a Democrat and the right would be losing their heads….Trump 2020…20 for treason and 20 for corruption.

  5. Hopefully he doesn’t lose to Dementia Joe and his sidekick

  6. And who cares about the hatch act when democrats are openly supporting rioters?

    If the democrats wanted to win, it should have been EASY.

    All they had to do was not go insane and try and shove socialism down the countries throat while giving cover for terrorists.

    That’s not really asking much now is it?

  7. What promises made in 2016 have been kept, exactly?

    (Hint: It’s a trick question – there are none)

  8. 50% on half the intended 8-year term is halfway there, especially when you have a House that opposes everything that you do (right or wrong).

  9. Trump, a very good president. What a contrast with the Doofus dementia addled Joe Biden who was the sidekick to the worst ever president of the U.S., Barak Hussein Obama. Biden is a large part of all of the stupidity, recklessness and incompetence of the Obama Administration.

    That includes the early withdrawl of US troops from Iraq that led to ISIS taking over large parts of Iraq and elsewhere which Trump then authorized sufficient US forces to defeat ISIS and kill its leader.

    That includes the illegal spying on the Trump campaign in 2016, sabotage of the Trump transition team after the Nov 2016 election and subsequent false phony claims of Trump collusion with Russia.

  10. Trump went to Kenosha yesterday to listen to citizens there who were impacted by the recent riots, looting and arson there. Trump promised federal aid to businesses and police and other help.

    In contrast, Doofus dementia Joe Biden left his home basement today in Delaware and went to Wilmington, Delaware to give a talk and then take questions from reporters. Biden at least twice recklessly accused Trump of “inciting riots”.

    A reporter asked Biden: “You said that you warned President Trump in January that there was going to be a pandemic and what needed to be done. If you knew that, then why were you still hosting crowded campaign rallies in March?” Biden sidestepped that question.

  11. And Mr. “Law and Order” won’t turn over his DNA in compliance with a court order for a rape case (one of dozens of credible accusations of sexual assault, won’t turn over his taxes, steals from charities and is no longer permitted to be involved in them in NY, and was impeached for using taxpayer money for his own political gain.

    The refusal to confront Putin over the bounties on our troops is unforgivable.

    No “conservative” can claim to support the troops after their silence on this.

  12. I see a number “57” as part of a poster’s name.

    That is solidarity of the poster with Barack Hussein Obama who stupidly thought there were 57 States in the US.

  13. Bountygate said: “No “conservative” can claim to support the troops after their silence on this.”

    Here’s an idea.

    You don’t decide what people choose to support or not support based upon a single circumstance.

  14. **Here’s an idea. You don’t decide what people choose to support or not support based upon a single circumstance.**

    Here’s an idea.

    You don’t decide who loves God based on what political party they choose.

  15. Sure, there’s 57 states, maybe more. 😅😂🤣 LOL

    51) Puerto Rico,

    52) US Virgin Islands,

    53) Guam,

    54) American Samoa,

    55) Israel,

    56) Iraq,

    57) Afghanistan,

    58) Syria,

    59) Haiti,

    60) South Korea


  16. **In fact, you LOVE perversion and hate all that is good.**


  17. AlabamaShake,

    From the moment you took offense to me stating that “No real man is a Democrat”, it should come as no surprise that some of what I am saying is just messing around with you.

    Lighten up. We agree on some things.

    It’s not very often, but it’s normally only when you reply with a something that is rational and undeniably factual.

    At least you’re thinking about it. And you can be a male rather than a man.

    I’m not judging.

  18. Alabama, I volunteer to write the placard hanging on your body.

  19. Some Guy – I’m not offended by most of what you say. I just feel bad for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Your ideas of masculinity and God and good/evil and even basic facts are so distorted that I just have to hope that you’re just attempting to joke in a really unfunny way.

  20. When Doofus dope dementia Joe Biden got off the airplane this afternoon in Kenosha, he reached out with his hand and then shook the hand of a guy waiting there to greet him. Violations of Chinese Virus protocols by Democrats including the piece of garbage Pelosi getting her hair fixed up in SF wherein beauty(?) parlors are supposed to be closed in California. But, she is special and above the law and rules just as were thugs in the Obama administration and Hillary’s gross negligence in not protecting top US secret info when she was a secretary at the state department.

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