Opposition to Coroner Abolition Campaign Evident on Route 14 Between Woodstock and Crystal Lake

Driving from Woodstock to Crystal Lake yesterday, there were “Vote No” signs against the referendum to eliminate the Coroner’s Office as an elected position multiple locations along the highway.

“Vote NO. Keep Elected Coroner. STOP CORRUPTION!”

Above are two at the intersection of Routes 14 and 176.


Opposition to Coroner Abolition Campaign Evident on Route 14 Between Woodstock and Crystal Lake — 14 Comments

  1. Who is paying for these signs/lit?

    Do they have a campaign committee?

  2. Hmmmmmmmm, wasn’t the Coroner’s office corrupt under elected Marilynn Lantz …. the one who hid the mystery infant remains which became mummified in the Coroner’s office?

    The one who Lou Bianchi criminally charged and fought off several dismissal motions only to have Kenneally drop all charges after he took over?

    Kenneally is a bum!

  3. I have seen dozens of them!

    Good job!

    We don’t need the man behind the curtain ‘appointing’ anymore of his cronies!

  4. Apparently the GOP is worried Ferris Buehler won’t win.

    Otherwise what difference does an elected or appointed coroner make?

    Why isn’t there a plebiscite requiring the Coroner to be a medical examiner with an MD or DO?

    Or Chiropractic degree for that matter?

    All the weird witch Lantz was was an undertaker’s asst.

    Querhammer, right?

  5. Keep our coroner elected.

    Separations of Powers is vital in that position.

    Why in the world would you want anyone, especially your chairman, to appoint someone.

    Didn’t that chairman back Carlos Acosta, the indicted DCFS agent who was supposed to watch over little AJ Freund?

    And now he wants to have a say (and a big’say’) mind you, in who your coroner should be?

    Is he out of his mind?


  6. Republican Headquarters in the tip of the “V” in the Crystal Lake Plaza.

  7. Have you seen the Steve Reick billboard in East Wonder Lake?

    Buehler needs something like that.

  8. The argument is that voting to abolish the Coroner as an elective office could compromise the judgment of the newly-appointed Coroner, if the person who appoints him (the County Board Chairman) applies presure.

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