IL 4 – Commenter Analyzes First Debate Between Underwood and Oberweis

Lauren Underwood

Commenter “Kirk Donald” offered the following analysis of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce debate between Congresswoman Lauren Underwood and Republican challenger Jim Oberweis:

After watching this, I walk away with confidence that Jim Oberweis can win this.

I thought he brought it to Underwood extremely well on several points, “With Pelosi 100% of the time”, “Where were you?”, “Throwing money at it”, “Defunding the police”.

After observing Underwood, I would challenge her on the origin and authorship of the bills she “crafted”.

I believe many of those bills came out of a “war room” headed by Nancy Pelosi and “committee” that specifically put Underwood’s name on it because Pelosi knows this District went to Trump, and without hours of research, it seems those were ideas the President campaigned on and championed, “eg. veterans’, ‘drug pricing”.

I hope others noticed that Underwood seems to have a bit of a temper (or at least a level of smug frustration), underlying her “wholesome” façade.

I think she’s extremely coached, and it’s absolutely laughable that she claimed to be so accessible and transparent when most of her “townhalls” are completely staged, as if her campaign is ushering in some darling that the selected audience must keep their distance from and ask the right questions.

Jim Oberweis is 100% right, she has 0% business experience, and her every answer involves procuring Federal funds.

People see her now as a young, energetic, healthcare official, when in reality she’s a pure party member interested in the dilution of our rights and complete government control.

She doesn’t believe we know what’s best for ourselves, she is working for complete government control of our lives.

I hope people picked upon her continuing threat in this piece about the Coronavirus, how we need the government to lead us through this, and that’s how we’re going to win this seat back!

Underwood keeps bringing up 7 counties in the 14th District, she reports she carried them all in the last election.

Well I don’t think she’s carrying them this time.

I think people are tired of a weaponized pandemic.

I think they believe President Trump is the person to bring our economy back, and to keep us safe.

I believe most voters will vote straight Red, because they’re seeing red right now, both through frustration, exhaustion, and anger, and in the words of a well groomed and guarded candidate.

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The video can be found here.


IL 4 – Commenter Analyzes First Debate Between Underwood and Oberweis — 6 Comments

  1. People like Mr. Donald are huge hypocrites.

    We have Underwood now bc of RINOs like him!

  2. I Shot a Bear – Get a life!

    I’m a dedicated Republican and didn’t vote for Underwood the first time around.

    If anything, it’s people like you who were the weak link with your petty nonsense.

    The point is to vote Underwood out of office!

  3. Doctor Who – No one appointed me, but thank God someone’s speaking up!

  4. Who is Kirk Donald?

    And why is he allowed to pontificate on nonsense?

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