Democrats Buying Guns

From The Epoch Times comes this report:

1 in 9 Democrats Bought Gun in Past 3 Months, Poll Shows

I got to read the article for free, but it seems to be behind a paywall now that I try to re-read it.

Interesting article; interesting implications.


Democrats Buying Guns — 16 Comments

  1. Does this mean that (at least) 1 in 9 Democrats believes that Kyle Rittenhouse has a right to defend himself?

    Anecdotally, buying a gun is one of the first steps in a Democrat’s transition to red because it separates them even more from the gun-grabbing radicals.

    Welcome to the club.

    Many moderates already had guns.

    Many aren’t Democrats anymore either.

  2. I hope the read the instruction manual carefully that is if they can open the box without injuring themselves


    Dem This Year: Can I have an AR-14? I’m scared!

    Gun Shop: Do you have a FOID? Fill out this paperwork and come back after your background check and x hours to get it. We’re also out of stock so you’ll have to wait longer.

    Dem This Year: Wait, wut? DEFUND THE POLICE!

  4. Usually, Democratic politicians have guards and/or guns. 😮

    Chicago Alderperson Eddie Burke has a big gun collection. 😮

  5. I’m sure that not ALL Dems are anti- second amendment, but the party line certainly is.

    Not to worry though, hypocrisy is the liberal/progressive/Democrat stock in trade. “Do as we say, not as we do!”

    Eddie? Are you aware that all those self-righteous Alderassholes in Chicago are granted peace officer status? Every last one of them can legally carry a gun while, all the time, doing their damnedest to prevent law abiding citizens from exercising their second amendment rights.

    In addition, Burke had a CPD, city funded, police security detail (latest report was 6 in number plus vehicles) from 1986 to January of last year. The reason he needed it was because he opposed then Mayor Harold Washington and was afraid that some of the people who said nasty things about him might do him harm.

    It’s like, er, the Chicago way.

    Perhaps when the Feds tighten the noose a bit more, he’ll eat that gun of his. It would be such a pity, NOT!

  6. I’ve seen inexperienced shooters at the range. It’s kinda terrifying seeing handgun shots hit the floor and ceiling when that’s the dude you’re next to.

  7. give us a break, I’m aware of peace officers and why Burke has protection. 😐

  8. Steve Reick told me PERSONALLY at the 2018 Co. Fair (McHenry Co.) that the second amendment really only applies to militias NOT ordinary citizens!

    With RINOs like that dud, who needs Democrats!!!

  9. @Save….Militia definition (all able-bodied civilians eligible by law for military service.)

    That would be most if not all people who own guns.

  10. Stormy,

    It’s debatable that most people are “able bodied” these days.

    Many couldn’t do a 10 pushups if their lives depended upon it.

    Many couldn’t do even a single pushup.

    But I guess they could shoot guns if they practice.

    90 lb liberals might fall on their ass though so they’d need a bit of basic training to develop at least some basic strength.

  11. That’s funny, so how do you define a 90 pound liberal?

    So many possibilities

  12. Thank you to the people who stood up and specifically named the problem!

    Even though Richard Rostron and other milquetoast burgerboys on this blog talk vaguely about “socialism” or “unamericanism” many of us ARE willing to speak about the SPECIFIC threats of cultural Marxism and critical race theory being taught in schools and in the government.

    Many of us ARE willing to talk about the Frankfurt School.

    We know who does not discuss such things!

  13. @someguy, the 4 star generals don’t do push ups, I could be the Commandant of the Marine Corps. with my experience. Semper Fi 🙂

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