Peaceful Protest for Antioch’s Kyle Rittenhouse Saturday in Vernon Hills

Kyle Rittenhouse

“Self Defense is NOT a Crime” rally starts at 11AM in front of Lake County Juvenile Complex Center

Organizers of a peaceful protest against the arrest and detention of Kyle Rittenhouse is set for Saturday from 11AM – 2PM CDT are communicating important information for anyone who wants to show support for Rittenhouse on Saturday.

If you plan to participate in the peaceful protest, please observe ALL rules the organizers are communicating. The meme is hard to read, so it is being transcribed for ease of reading:

Self Defense is NOT a Crime

Sept 5th, 2020 11AM – 2PM

In support of Kyle Rittenhouse, the American people of IL and WISC will peacefully gather and protest his arrest and detention pending trial in front of the Robert W. Depke Juvenile Complex Center at 24647 N. Milwaukee Ave in Vernon Hills 60061

For those who cannot join the protest, we encourage supporters to drive by with signs, honking horns, and otherwise showing support for Kyle Rittenhouse. We welcome all car, motorcycle, truck clubs to drive by in support. Easy access northbound on Rt. 60 and Rt. 22 in I-94

This will be a Safe, Secure protest site. We will exercise our 1st amendment rights. We have spoken to Vernon Hills PD – They know you’re coming.

Ground Rules

1. We will stay on the WEST side of Milwaukee Ave.

2. We will not engage anyone who stops to argue on Milwaukee, only film to make memes.

3. We will be respectful to the neighbors, and take out our trash.

Please respect social distancing, and follow the edicts of J.B. Pritzker as you see fit!

Please join us if you believe Self Defense is NOT a crime

Here is the tweet with the meme:

According to the organizer, IGOT-TV will be onsite to record the event. Unknown if there will be a live stream.


Peaceful Protest for Antioch’s Kyle Rittenhouse Saturday in Vernon Hills — 17 Comments

  1. Thank you Kyle for standing up for law and order, and yourself.
    You are a hero to many more than you will ever know.

  2. Self-defense is not a crime.

    And water is wet.

    Here’s a novel notion.

    Why don’t we all wait to see what the evidence is at trial ?

  3. This warped child and anyone who supports his malicious conduct are sick, sick people.

  4. First, Kyle Rittenhouse is not “warped”.

    The peaceful protest is Patriots who support the due process of law and support the right to defend oneself including through the 2nd Amendment, and questioning why Rittenhouse must be detained at the Juvenile Center in Lake County awaiting his day in court, the first one his extradition.

  5. Your side is being picked off by children.

    A civil war would go very poorly for the left.

    That’s why they are worried.

  6. Heinrich’s comment is a perfect example of why liberals have promoted the “cancel culture”.

    When one cannot win an argument on the merits just yell louder, cry or make statements like Heinrich did without any supporting offerings at all.

    The argument for Kyle being a Hero of the Republic has been well laid out in several ways on this blog.

    The argument against Kyle has never once been offered.

    This is endemic to liberal thought.

    Don’t offer policy, position or promote an argument.

    Just make an idiotic statement and run away like the moronic cowards they are.

    Keep standing up to them.

    Liberal thought is an oxymoron.

  7. Hey Heinrich do you support all the rioting and looting going on across this country?

  8. At least he can shoot what he aims at “criminals” unlike the scum in chi town they just spray… and its pot luck night.

  9. Yo Heimlich!

    Were the 3 violent rioters who were filmed attempting to burn buildings, smash vehicles, AND attempt to murder a 17 year-old, ALSO sick individuals?

  10. Heinrich, you aren’t German, and you’re not a gentile either. Nice try, chameleon.

    See you soon!

  11. Its not going to be peaceful.

    Delusional militia wanna be jackasses on holiday training missions can’t get the logistics right from their moms basement to Rt.21.

  12. Wish we could be there, but are on a trip.

    We have 3 families that would be there, total of 11 people that would be there with you.

    We’ve already donated to Kyle’s legal fund.

  13. Looks like these assholes got doxxed

    Go out in public and support a murderer

    Confederates with their civil wars

  14. Bless your heart Kyle I pray for you everyday sometimes twice or more.

    You are a good man .

    And that fact you acted so quickly when you were fighting for your life is by the Grace of GOD.

    I am so glad you are alive.

    You were only trying to do something good that night.

    I stand with you and would love to buy a t Shirt with your name on it .

    But I think I will wait until someone does it then those sales could go to you family or what ever you need.

    You should not be in jail or going through what you are.

    Just no that there are so many people in this country and around the world standing with you.

    But every time i see you face on tv or internet . I cry because what has happened to you is wrong is the only word i think i can say on the internet.

    I wish I could have been in your home town yesterday but the car has to be fixed.

    I would have loved to be there protesting for you .

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