Trump Zone in Algonquin

A Friend of McHenry County Blog sent the following photo of boats tied together in the Fox River near Port Edward in Algonquin:

Trump flag is flying.

This was at five o’clock on Friday.

Here is one of a boat with Trump flag flying speeding on the lower Fox River.\:

The Trump boat parade is Sunday.

Looking for photos of it.


Trump Zone in Algonquin — 20 Comments

  1. This is newsworthy?

    The boat parade will be, prolly front page of the Frank’s Herald.


  2. Like when Franks Herald featured the 25 BLM protesters at Veterans Acres the day of the Back the Blue motorcycle rally—and there were a couple thousand riders for the Police support.. FAKE News at the local level. Guaranteed it isnt BLM and Antifa paying for or reading that paper, so why do they and Shaw Media cater to them so much? Bad business for sure, unless the Franks Herald is now a not for profit charity.

    Guranteed HUGE as in YUGE turnout for the Trump boat parade Sunday. Go to the Dam and cheer them on. 11 a.m. start.

  3. Bob Wire, get with the program. Jewish lives matter the most.

    White Lives ate toast! (Along with Tibetan)

  4. Police say several boats have sunk and multiple are in distress at a Trump Boat Parade in Lake Travis, Texas, during nationwide MAGA parade for the Labor Day weekend

  5. I would like to follow the parade getting drone shots and camera shots followed by interviews afterwards.

    Who should I contact about this?

  6. Not a single boat at or by the Dam at 10:30a.m….none sighted between there and Vicky’s Place in McHenry—save for a lone person holding a Trump Flag on shore outside the Snuggery on River Rd. and 1 Boat anchored with two American Flags, that was after 11a.m.

    I must have read the memo wrong, or the weather and the sinkings in Austin scared them away–if they were all up at Pistakee Bay, well wasnt going to go that far in search of a Cause. Memo said meet up by Dam at 11 and head North.

  7. Ah just what we need, more redneck mouth breathers displaying thier ignorance.

  8. Libs always have to start the ‘hate parade’. Grow up, Kangaroo & Belcher.

  9. Nothing to say Belcher, you coward?

    You are as ignorant as you are a scared little bitch.

  10. Then, I guess it shows that one does not have to have a college education to have enough money to buy a boat.

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