Since There Was No LITH Parade This Weekend, Here Is What Happened Last Year

Ives & Sanguinetti–Two 6th District GOP Congressional Candidates–in LITH Parade

The first indication of politics at the Lake in the Hills Labor Day Weekend was a young man passing out bags across from where I sat.

Who were the bags from?

I switched to the long lens to try to discover what was printed on the bags.

Even by enlarging the photo I couldn’t figure out who paid for the bags.

Then, another young man handed me a bag.

When I saw it was congressional candidate Jeanne Ives, I asked to take a photo of him and the bags.

The mystery was solved.

So, Ives had campaigners walking the parade route from finish to start, leaving something to re-enforce her name identification.

In the 2014 Indenpendence Day Parade in Crystal Lake gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner and Congresman Randy Hultgren walked toward the beginning of the parade, but on that hot day nothing was being handed out.

The Lake in the Hills American Legion Color Guard.

The parade began with the Lake in the Hills American Legion Color Guard.

The first politicians to appear were Lake in the Hills officials.

I hurried around their pickup truck to capture those facing in the opposition direction. Unfortunately, the sun was behind them, so their images are only fair.

The next evidence of government were the fire engines.

A Huntley Fire Protection District engine led the contingent.
Whoever was in the passenger seat had fun squiting people with water.

Next, came a large contingent suppporting appointed Circuit Court Judge Mark Gerhardt’s candidacy for election to a six-year term.

Supporters of Circuit Court Judge Mark Gerhardt.

Gehardt is running in what is referred to as a “subdistrict.” It covers most of Crystal Lake and Lake in the Hills.

Mark Gerhardt

That legislation was sponsored by Jack Franks when he was State Representative in order to make it easier for Democrats to win.

The real reason kids like parade is the candy.

Learning that parades are about candy starts early.

The next tax supported entry was the Algonquin Area Library District.

Algonquin Area Library District van.

Behind it van were supporters pushing book carts.

Besides the book carts, teens were giving books to young children.

Sixth District Republican congressional candidate Jeanne Ives’ entry was the next one that caught my attention.

Jeanne Ives banner.

Behind the banner, windblown candidate Jeanne Ives appeared.

Jeanne Ives

Since the candidate distracted me, here’s a shot of her contingent from behind for those who want to count the number of her supporters at the parade.

The Ives continent from behind.The ne

The next poliltical entry was that of 6th District GOP aspirant Evelyn Sanguinetti.

Evelyn Sanguinetti proceeded her supporters.

Sanguinetti repeated her performance at the Algonquin Parade shouting good things about being an American to those on the sidelines.

Evelyn Sanguinetti engages the sparse crowd.

Her group of supporters can be seen following her.

Evelyn Sanguinetti’s parade walkers.

District 6 McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen was in the parade driven by her husband immediate past Chair of the Democratic Party, Mike Bissett.

Paula Yensen

Besides a Lake in the Hills village bus and a Flood Brothers street sweeper from that was the end of the parade.

LITH bus

Although the place I was watching the parade was in the 14th congressional district, no candidates from that far-flung district was in the parade.

Lake in the Hills is located in both the 6th and the 14th congressional districts.

And, although this is Labor Day Weekend, again there was not entry from any labor organization.


Since There Was No LITH Parade This Weekend, Here Is What Happened Last Year — 9 Comments

  1. Where was Patty O’Kenneally?

    I personally find it hard to believe that that pear shaped jackalope would miss an opportunity to march prancing around and kicking like a Sideshow Bob cartoon character leading the Bozo Circus Grand March.

    Patty O’s baton please!

  2. Kenneally? What a louse! He never prosecutes government crooks because he is one himself!

  3. Evelyn Sanguinetti, what a smelly PoS.

    RINO Queen bee.

    So glad she’s gone.

    Hopefully forever.

    Yensen, she’s a biped rat!

  4. Gary, must you ask?

    Did they have transgender performers for the kiddies too?

  5. Why didn’t Yensen’s sign reveal she was a piglet democrat?

  6. Frank, Dacy you’ve hit the nail on the head. Kenneally is a incompetent, political paid hack in many peoples opinions.

  7. Why are the library cartpushers all obese fatties?

    Answer: they don’t do any work and oarasitize off the taxpayers.

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