Coroner Candidate Kelly Liebmann Releases Campaign Card

It’s Labor Day, the point in the campaign calendar when, in times past, candidates started their fall campaigns.

While signs posted throughout McHenry County indicate that those seeking office are starting earlier, undoubtedly because of early voting, this is the day that Libertarian Party candidate for Coroner Kelly Liebmann has released a campaign piece.

It is below:

When I ran for Governor in 2002 as a Libertarian, the goal was to get 5% of the vote, thereby establishing “established” party status.

That would mean Libertarians would not have to get more signatures to get on the ballot that the Republicans or Democrats.

Without a Democrat on the ballot for Coroner, there is no doubt that Liebmann will at least achieve that goal.


Coroner Candidate Kelly Liebmann Releases Campaign Card — 16 Comments

  1. No, he is not financing her, and she is suing over Franks’ failure to comply with a FOIA request dealing with the hours of public employees.

    Additionally, Franks has referred to Liebmann as an “extremist” in the local newspaper.

    The NW Herald has barely covered the Libertarian Party’s candidates Jim Young and Kelly Liebmann, despite the fact that there are no Democrats in either of those contests (only Republicans and Libertarians).

    Does it sound like they want Liebmann or Young to win?

    The local newspaper did NOT cover Liebmann or Young submitting almost 1000 signatures, yet they covered Marci Suelzer (D) turning in less than that.

    Does it sound like they are promoting Liebmann or Young?

    The NW Herald did NOT cover Liebmann and Young being challenged by GOPers.

    Are those the actions of a shill?

    The NW Herald did NOT cover Liebmann and Young winning their challenges against GOPers who tried to kick them off the ballot.

    I wonder why.

    I also didn’t see any local Democrats reprimand the GOP for trying to kick the LP off the ballot (which would have been very easy to capitalize on politically), so I’m going to assume Jack Franks and the Dems would have preferred for them to get tossed off.

    I’m sorry to burst any schizo conspiracy theories, but neither Franks nor the newspaper likes Liebmann or Young.

    Both have been in the public arena for years — writing letters, running for office, speaking at meetings, and, in general, annoying governments.

  2. I’m favorably disposed to vote for Kelly so far, but haven’t paid close attention yet.


  3. Correcting, I just think most of the time it’s a practical editorial decision not to devote expensive employees and column inches to 3rd party candidates of any stripe.

    Unless there’s an otherwise juicy sensational story in such candidacy.

    Outside of those story parameters, what 3rd party candidates they DO routinely cover would let you know either their slant or balance.


  4. She’s far more qualified than the current chiropractor vying for the office.

    She has my vote and I’m recommending her to my township!

  5. Kelly Liebman’s literature tells me she has zero qualifications for being a coroner.

  6. Anyone The Jackal labels an extremist is worth looking at closely.

    Did he call Rein an extremist?

  7. Monk, the difference here is that there is no Democrat.

    There was only a Republican running for auditor and coroner, so when the LP candidates stepped in, one would think the fact that there was now a contested race for auditor and coroner would be newsworthy.

    Yet they did not cover it.

    People should be able to get news from the newspaper.

    I think it’s sad that a Republican activist turned blogger covers more local news than a newspaper with an entire paid staff.

  8. Oathkeeper, the point is that the paper has paid employees while Cal does this as a hobby and writes most of the articles himself.

    Therefore, they should be able to cover MORE stories than he does, yet the NW Herald misses a LOT of important local things that people learn about from Cal’s blog!

    Are they actually MISSING these stories?

    No, not always.

    They know about what’s happening.

    They know LP candidates are running — I am told they were sent press releases.

    And we know the people at that paper read this blog, so they know.

    The NW Herald CHOOSES to not discuss certain candidates, certain issues.

    The NW Herald CENSORS content.

    I’m sure Mike Buehler, Richard Rostron, and other Republicans could tell you about that!

  9. I cancelled my subscription when they overcharged me for my Mom’s obit.

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