Carlos Acosta, AJ’s DCFS Caseworker, Arrested for Felony Child Endangerment, Supervisor Andrew Polovin, Too

From the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

Two Men Arrested on Warrants: Endangering the Life of a Child

Carlos Acosta

Today members of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office served arrest warrants on Carlos J. Acosta, 54 of Woodstock and Andrew R. Polovin, 48, of Island Lake, Illinois.

Acosta and Polovin were charged with two felony counts of endangering the life of a child and one felony count of reckless conduct.

Both were taken into custody without incident and transported to the McHenry County Correctional Facility.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office does not have any additional information related to the investigation leading up to the warrants of arrest.

The charges against this individual are merely allegations against them. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

= = = = =

Their mug shots are below:

Carlos Acosta
Carols Acosta

Arrests like this are not made without the involvement and approval of McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally.


Carlos Acosta, AJ’s DCFS Caseworker, Arrested for Felony Child Endangerment, Supervisor Andrew Polovin, Too — 30 Comments

  1. Amen … and thou it will never bring back that precious little boy

    I hope all involved will rot in hell for eternity !!!

  2. Maybe this is the only thing to go right in 2020 but it’s a good one.

    Many prayers were answered today.

  3. Acosta was acting so very cocky these last months especially with the Ban ICE at the Jail bit.

    Guess what Carlos, those are Jail Guard jobs you would take with that move, you might need them now on your side as a child abuser behind bars.

    Hopefully you already bonded out.

    Thank you Mr Kennealy, maybe you took this much time so as make sure you got both of them with the evidence for a conviction.

    What say you Mr Franks, such a supporter of Acosta on the County Board on all things like recent ICE elimination proposal.

    Not good to be aligned with this guy.

  4. I wonder if these clown’s defense attorneys will request to move their trial outside of McHenry County.

  5. According to the Sheriff’s web page,they both bonded out.

    Is there any rule about someone serving on the Board while under felony indictment?

  6. We all knew this was coming.

    Those are some sad looking mug shots.

    Can you wear Batman briefs in prison?

  7. I would hope there is some sort of rule that you can’t be on the board if you are under indictment for a felony.

    I hope they both enjoy the jail time.

  8. Lazy, enabling Kenneally is not to be praised, he resisted this for many months, only to get earfuls from angry cops, voters, AJ activists etc.,

    Now watch for the cop out plea reduction to something like disorder conduct and a cheap fine with 18 hrs of community service>>>>>>>and Kenneally touting himself as the savior!


    May Acosta and Polovin burn in Hell for eternity.

  10. @billy bob, Yes, innocent until proven guilty.

    Serve until convicted or resign.

  11. Step One.

    Charge the sick twists who were complicit in murder of a child.

    Step Two.

    Win prison time for each sick twist.

    Excellent work on Step One.

  12. While it may be easy to condemn Acosta, and easy to see why he should not be on the county board, it’s equally true such a prosecution will also result in less people wanting to be an over worked social worker.

  13. Let them squirm twist and fidget while their cases slowly progress into the future.

    It serves them right!

    The public and maybe some board members will demand their resignation but they care not.

    After all they’re entitled due to their progressive liberal socialist leanings.

    JF won’t ask Acosta to resign what will he do/say when his gig is up?

    That’s the way of the Democratic Party; ignore, lie, and accuse others of what they do then hope they can get off on a technicallity.

    Gotta love these Dems, at least they are consistent from local to national levels!

  14. Kenneally will slap Acosta’s wrist.

    A wrist that needs to be severed!


    You’ll all be disappointed, watch. Acosta will end up with a little misdemeanor, if anything!


  15. It was a grand jury that decided to move forward with the charges, so Kenneally’s office must have at least provided some evidence.

    My understanding is that these two schlubs already bonded out which is too bad.

  16. Yes, innocent until proven guilty.

    However, in this case the metrics are different, and what transpired indicates a serious lack of judgement and simple common sense.

    This case has national coverage.

  17. The little baby whose forgotten remains were found in a file cabinet by the new Coroner Majewski resulting in criminal charges brought by Bianchi against the lesbian coroner Lantz depended on Kenneally too, only to have all charges dropped by him.

    Moral of story: DON’T Depend on Patty Kenneally!

  18. McHenry County States Dipshit Supreme Kenneally must have some political agenda in this or his benefactors told this imbecile to do it.

    I doubt Justice for A.J. had anything to do with it.

  19. Acosta is the poster child for criminal negligence and depraved indifference in the performance of his child-protective duties.

  20. This is likely the first time Patrick D. Kenneally has heard of this matter.

    ‘O.J.? Simpson?’

    Patrick D Kenneally Ladies and Gentlemen 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  21. Carlos Acosta?

    That’s Jose Sanchez Gomez!

    Junior of course.

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