Masks for Thee, But Not for Me: Jack Franks

From Algonquin Patch:

After the August County Board meetings only Jack Franks was unmasked.

In two separate meetings last week, county officials met with local mayors and village presidents as well as and city managers and police chiefs to discuss partnerships that aim to help businesses avoid penalties and fines by focusing on education and awareness, according to the news release.

“We want and need our businesses to thrive in order for our local economy to thrive. The best way to keep businesses and schools open is to decrease the level and rate of infection in our community,” McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks said. “We can do that by wearing a mask. Our local businesses are counting on us.”


Masks for Thee, But Not for Me: Jack Franks — 11 Comments

  1. Da Czar.

    Do as I say not as i do.

    The rules don’t apply to me.

    I’m above all that.

  2. ‘I’m Jack Franks. I’m your jewish overlord! Bend your knee to me, now!”

  3. Good with any luck Covid will attack it… and save us tax payers $$ then to house it in prison…

    Is that Acosta with a batman mask on?


    after letting a child die ?

    he thinks he is a super hero now?

    should be wearing the walk of shame mask..

  4. If he wants to get the Rona, leave him be, people of his age and largesse are vulnerable to death by the LungFlu.

  5. The Jackal won’t be laughing soon.

    I heard tell about a new investigation, but can’t say whether it’s about something new or the covered up Springfield stuff.

  6. Pelosi, Pritzker, Franks

    ALL HYPOCRITES and Self-proclaimed ELITES.

  7. The Jackoff was unmasked long before Covid-19.

    Unfortunately the masks do very little to protect the wearer.

    Jack is merely showing his off his disdain and lack of regard for his fellow man, er, his serfs.

  8. Business owners and environmentalists should also be asking Mr Frank and its community development professionals why they support the unlicensed operations of multiple businesses ,over 30, and allowing it to happen within a channel that has ties to the water table, then into a wellhead area in Holiday Hills?

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