Real Estate Taxpayers Get Another 90 Days to Pay Second Installment

At a Special County Board meeting, the McHenry County Board decided to extend the deadline for the second installment of property taxes from September 15th to December 15th.

This was Chairman Jack Franks one-upmanship to Board member John Reinert’s original proposal to extend the deadline to October 31st.

The vote was overwhelming, 22-1.

Mary McCann voted against the resolution.

John Jung was not recorded as voting.

The first installment is still due on September 15th.


Real Estate Taxpayers Get Another 90 Days to Pay Second Installment — 9 Comments

  1. Who is Mary McCann?

    Where did we get this broad from?

    Let them eat cake.

  2. Mary McCann is a Rino under the direction of RINO ringmaster John Jung and his understudy Pam ‘the Ham’ Althoff.

  3. this will cause a back up and people will be more in arrears when it’s time to pay for the next 2 installments.

    Not a good idea.

    Just prolonging the inevitable.

  4. Why is there nothing posted regarding this on the McHenry Clerk’s website ?

  5. The Clerk does not collect property taxes.

    The County Treasurer does that, says the former County Treasurer.

  6. Cal, I stand corrected and good catch !

    I was looking for sample election ballot info on the
    clerks portal at the time so I guess I had the clerk on my mind
    when I posted while I was actually on the treasure’s portal.

    Still no info on either of the above matters at their respective portals.

  7. Yippie!

    Why are one of the very highest property taxed counties in the whole country?

    That’s my question but the RINO fops like Jung, Althoff, Wheeler and Gottemoller won’t say ‘Boo!’ About that sad fact!!!!!

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