IL-06: Pat Brady Endorses Sean Casten over Jeanne Ives

Pat Prady
Sean Casten

Endorsement announced through two videos released for digital ads Thursday

Former Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady, as a “lifelong Republican” endorsed Democrat Congressman Sean Casten for reelection over Republican challenger Jeanne Ives on Thursday.

Reaction from the Illinois Republican Party:

Thursday 9/10/20 Chicago Tribune

The endorsement came through two 15 second videos for digital ads released by Casten’s campaign. The two Brady videos will likely be spliced into a 30-second TV commercial in the future.

Here are the two video ads, the first, a positive piece which does not mention Ives by name:

The 2nd video mentions Ives by name, compares her to President Trump and uses outdated pic and faux undated newspaper headlines.

The lack of dates in quotes/faux newspaper headlines is first giveaway the whole truth is not being told.

Yesterday’s reaction was swift.

Jeanne Ives

Jeanne Ives

“Casten Can Have Brady, We’ve Got Crenshaw”

Jeanne Ives press release 9/10/20
Dan Crenshaw with Ives

Since last October, when Congressman Sean Casten called Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R, TX-02) a “racist” because of his amendment and floor speech to H.R. 1, “For the People Act”, to only allow citizens to vote in any election in the United States, including local elections, Crenshaw has backed Ives ever since.

“I am honored to have the support of an effective, dynamic game-changer like Dan Crenshaw.

“I will take the endorsement of a combat veteran and rising-star over the support of a stodgy, old establishment relic like Pat Brady any day.”

Jeanne Ives, from statement 9/10/20

Illinois Republican Party

In a joint statement yesterday, the three Illinois members of the Republican National Committee, Chairman Tim Schneider, National Committeeman Richard Porter and National Committeewoman Demetra Demonte:

“Identifying and labeling Pat Brady as a Republican is false and misleading.

“If you spend all your time attacking and betraying Republicans – whether out of newfound convictions or to continue booking TV appearances – you are a Democrat.

“Pat Brady is a liberal Democrat and has been for some time. Sean Casten may have the backing of political hacks but Jeanne Ives is supported by hard working taxpayers.”

Joint statement from Illinois’ three members on the Republican National Committee from Capitol Fax

Illinois Family Action

Illinois Family Action, the political committee of the Illinois Family Institute Laurie Higgins, released both a written and audio statement

“Brady is the disgraced former Illinois Republican Party chairman who, before Illinois legalized same-sex ‘marriages’, skulked around Springfield, secretly trying to convince Republicans to vote in favor of the law that recognizes non-marital unions as marriages.

“Once ousted from his position as chairman, the ACLU hired him to lobby Republicans to support same-sex faux-marriage. Brady is one of the reasons why the Republican Party in Illinois—with a few stellar exceptions—became such a weak, feckless, compromised party.”

Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Action, 9/11/20

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IL-06: Pat Brady Endorses Sean Casten over Jeanne Ives — 26 Comments

  1. Tells you all you need to know about Pat Brady and why the republican party in IL is in the shape that it’s in.

    What a turd.

  2. Pat Brady – attention whore, liar, traitor, RINO and hero to people like Little Eddie.

  3. Ditto to all of the above comments.

    Sean Casten is so busy, peeking down at his “junk” he cannot run an honorable campaign !

    I am not sure how Brady can help, unless it is to peek too?

    Jim Edgar on a radio interview said he was backing Biden for President and many other R’s in Illinois are too, including Ray LaHood.

    Now all I can say is, these folks must have benefited financially by the Corruption in Illinois, for them to go into protective mode.

    Maybe running from the RICO Bus?

  4. Pat Brady is a disgusting Rhino who should leave Illinois.

    We need conservatism more than ever in this state.

    He is in bed with all the corrupt Demorats

  5. This just shows us that for the last several decades both parties have really been going for the same thing, globalism.

    They simply differ on the means and how quickly.

    Then Trump came along and took over the republican party as and shifted it towards a more USA first point of view.

    That’s the real reason these life long republicans oppose Trump and anyone who supports his policies.

    Everyone seems to forget, Trump isn’t really a republican in the sense we have known for the last several decades.

    He also isn’t really a politician.

    So of course he upsets those who are part of the swamp.

  6. Neal is 100% right.

    rump is political “truth serum”.

    Trump FORCES people on either side to define themselves politically and philosophically.

    It’s a beautiful thing – if you seek the truth.

    However, if you’re part of the Establishment, you have loved the shadows/darkness.

    The darkness allows you to hide your real positions while bloviating about nothing meaningful. The “RINOs” have been hiding in that shadow.

    The Establishment gets along with the democrats for personal enrichment at the expense of the average American.

    McCain, Romney, Edgar, Snyder, Pat Brady represent the “country club, elitist” establishment part of the republican party – but they could care less about the party.

    Their open support for socialists reveal that.

    They’re losing the establishment as a political party and they are freaking out.

    God Bless Donald Trump.

    He’s draining the swamp.

    Pat Brady has revealed himself as a swamp creature.

  7. I agree with CLM and Neal.

    I’ll also add that this endorsement reminds me of Joe Lieberman’s recent endorsement of Senator Susan Collins.

    Lieberman, the self-proclaimed “lifelong Democrat” (turned Independent), endorsed Susan Collins (R-ME) in her U.S. Senate re-election bid.

    Unfortunately for Collins, Lieberman’s endorsement of her (urging Democrats and swing voters to support her) has had the opposite effect: causing many people across the political spectrum, but especially Democrats, to rally in **support** of Collins’ opponent, Sara Gideon (D).

    “If Lieberman supports Collins, then I am correct to oppose Collins” is the reasoning there.

    I liken Pat Brady to Joe Lieberman, because Brady, like Lieberman, is seen as a phony by his “own” party.

    He has been an outcast for quite some time now, so I’m not sure what Casten was thinking when he promoted Brady’s endorsement of him as a good thing.

    That Brady refuses to endorse Ives and instead endorsed Casten is proof to many voters, especially Republicans, that they are correct in supporting Ives.

    Some people feel that Brady’s endorsement of Casten validates their opposition to Casten just like Lieberman’s endorsement of Collins validates voters’ opposition to Collins!

    Pelosi’s endorsement of Joe Kennedy against Ed Markey was the same thing.

    People who didn’t even care about that race came out to support Markey just because “screw Pelosi.”

    In other words, Pat Brady is a turd, and this endorsement will actually help Ives and hurt Casten.

    And this isn’t the first time Ives and Brady have butted heads OR the first time Brady has acted like a RINO.

    Remember when Brady gave money to Dick Durbin?

    “Brady was previously noted for making contributions to the campaigns of State Sen. Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park).”


  8. Brady is Steve Reick’s big backer.

    Just shows what a sick, rotten bunch has been running the GOP in IL for all these years.

    This all started with Psycho Lee Daniels, Degenerate Jim Thompson and Crooked Jim Edgar.

  9. Pat Brady a fan of Dan Savage too?

    the guy Casten cites as someone to be looked up to…

    Brady you disgust me.

    Go join that Phony Christian, Phony Republican and the guy who killed Horse Racing in Illinois a Horse owner himself, Jim Edgar and pretend to be Righteous with this choice.

    My God its frightening he’d take a hate filled Dan Savage Lover over a Good American and Citizen like Ms Ives.

  10. Just goes to show how compromised and complicit the GOP leadership is with the rats.

    Maybe Brady will swing someday. I volunteer.

  11. Brady is merely symptom #6342 of a corrupt GOP establishment.

    Al Jourdan was a cog in that apparatus.

    So was the ‘little Foy’ Bill LeFew the County’s erstwhile treasurer and insurance agent crook who lined his pockets with County business that always had to go through him.

    So many others! Pammy Althoff. John Reinert. John Bung-Jung. McCann. Jett.

    When does it stop?

  12. So, I get that y’all hate Pat Brady.

    But I am pretty sure that an endorsement of the Dem Congressman by the former chair of the GOP will go a lot further in the 6th than an endorsement of a conservative candidate by a conservative Congressman that no one in the 6th has ever heard of.

  13. Ironically, in 2018, Tim Schneider lost his Cook County Commissioner (R-15) seat to Kevin Borrini Morrison, who is gay. 🤔😮

  14. Peter Austin, McHenry County Administrator under Jack Franks??


  15. LOL – I (and Cal) can assure you that I don’t work for Jack Franks.

    But I truly do enjoy how much I live in some of your heads.

  16. The last Austin contract said he reports to the Board,but Board has not figured out how to enforce it.

  17. Heard this guy Pat making comments on a big left wing Chicago radio station within the last couple of years. He is a jerk. Four years ago he refused to support Trump and said: “And the tone and tenor of his campaign makes me think he’s not fit to be commander-in-chief, I can’t cast my vote for Donald Trump. How wrong was and is he in light of the promises kept by Trump and the accomplishments of the Trump Administration.

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