Lake in the Hills Enhanced Enforcement Nets 32 Speeders

From the Lake in the Hills Police Department:

Labor Day Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Enforcement Results

Lake in the Hills, IL – From Aug. 20 through Sept. 8, the Lake in the Hills Police Department focused additional efforts towards keeping alcohol and drug impaired drivers off the roadways during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year.

Officers proactively patrolled the roadways to help keep the community safe during their travels and conducted 33.75 hours of additional enforcement in the weeks surrounding the Labor Day holiday.

Among these violations,

Officers stopped forty-six (46) vehicles for violations of the Illinois Vehicle Code (IVC).

  • one DUI arrest was made
  • thirty-two speeding citations were issued, and
  • four uninsured motorists were cited.
Locations of speeding arrests.

This mobilization was made possible by federal highway safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation. For more information about NHTSA’s Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, please visit:


Lake in the Hills Enhanced Enforcement Nets 32 Speeders — 7 Comments

  1. If you’re a scientist, the degree of frequency of speeding indicates that the speed limit is too low, not that too many people are speeding.

    It’s like when Florida was reporting 98% positive COVID testing.

    The moment the data is that ridiculous, you have to take a serious look at what you’re measuring.

    Sadly, this means that LITH is doing this for $$$.

    To hell with the citizens, get money for the city.

    Do police want support from her citizenry?

    I’d probably review the data scientifically and chose a different course.

  2. They need to keep the Village solvent so they don’t get laid off, duh.

  3. This is interesting data.

    Pretty much demonstrates that they’ll give you 10.

    Backs up my own observations over the years.

    So I’d wish for our overly-obedient brothers and sisters to just loosen up a bit.

    Live, damnit! Live!


  4. I always speed around there.

    Guess my BLM bumper sticker really works!

  5. Algonquin Road, Boulder,Frank and other destinations—where the cops know its easy to speed because its set too low there, and the residents have the; money to pay the fines, show up for court, and wont “fuss” with a traffic stop…love to see a racial breakdown of who got these tickets.

    Not Saying, just sayin’….looks like a money grab to me.

    Bad time to be doing that when Po-Po rep. is in the toilet these days.

    So easy to get the middle class who will pay, and not “fuss”…dont push it too far, they might get on board too with the Po-Po bad routine if you make a money grab this obvious.

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