Republicans Gather in Huntley’s Parkside Pub – Part 1

Republican candidates, officials and citizens gathered at Huntley’s Parkside Pub outdoor area on Wednesday evening.

There was a good deal of informal mixing before Coroner candidate Michael Rein starting introducing candidates.

The first to speak was newcomer Damon Hill.

Damon Hill

He is running for the County Board in District 5, which covers most of Dorr Township and much of Grafton Township.

He told of being interviewed at the Farm Bureau.\

“Why are you running?” was the first question.

“It was either that or leave the state,” he replied.

“There’s a point you reach and you just bail,” he continued.

Damon and his wife Michele, a Registered Nurse, live on the little farm just north of Route 176 on Dean Street, the place with an old caboose next to a pond.

They raise pigs, sheep, chickens and market them from their property.

“I’m looking forward to making some big changes on the Board and standing up to Jack Franks.”

That brought a hearty round of applause.

Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe was next.

She told of having worked in the office for thirty-three years and having been the elected Circuit Clerk for twelve years.

Though automation she has cut the staff by twenty-one, a twenty-seven percent decrease.

The annual savings is $1.2 million.

“We’ve done more with less,” Keefe said, pointing out that the office had become more transparent in the process with records now online.

Kathy Keefe

“Jack Franks likes to take credit [for savings], but it’s departments like our own and the State’s Attorney and the Sheriff that made the cuts.”

Jim Kearns

McHenry County Board member Jim Kearns spoke next.

“If Mike Buehler wins this election [against Jack Franks], every Republican is in,” he stated.

“The one thing Jack Franks never takes any credit for is the sexual allegations in Springfield,” the Huntley native continued.

“If he doesn’t like you, he tries to destroy you.”

Kearns told of Franks’ efforts to get rid of the independently-elected offices of Coroner and Auditor.

“We give him too much credit.

“We just need to stand up to him.

“He is nobody.

“How can you vote for a gentleman who you don’t trust around your wife , your daughter, your granddaughter?”

Shannon Teresi

County Auditor Shannon Teresi followed Kearns.

“I am running on crushing corruption.”

She told of challenging Franks recently for spending $32,000 on on a mailing, “basically a political mailing.”

The CPA told of her training in forensic accounting and that she now had an assistant with the same background as a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Teresi was accompanied by her four-year old son to whom she explained her job this way:

“I catch the bad guys at work.”

Teresi reported she now reviews purchase requests to see if department heads have to obtain County Board approval before proceding.

“All invoices come electronically.”

She emphasized how important it was to elect Mike Buehler County Board Chairman.

The Auditor also praised Kathy Keefe for reaching o”to be sure that the internal controls in the Circuit Clerk’s office” were strong enough.

“Take a sign.

Shannon Teresi yard sign.

“My husband wants them out of the house,” she concluded.

= = = = =

More coming.


Republicans Gather in Huntley’s Parkside Pub – Part 1 — 18 Comments

  1. I support Damon Hill (as long he’s not related to the infamous RINO Tina Hill) and Teresi.

    Many of the others in attendance are the doors who allowed and enabled the libtard takeover of the County -and the Franks Malignancy to metastasize — and, of course, the stratospheric property taxes which are far worse than Cook Co.

  2. Doors. Good music of the past. Riders on the Storm. LA Woman….. Nothing resembling “music” being produced, played today on the radio.

  3. Not sure who gives It credit but I know most of whom I know Do NOT! and are Not afraid of a Bully… if it worked in the real world It would not last one day on the job, don’t understand why its been in so long now?

  4. Mike Brown is correct, even Trump stated that the COVID-19 is airborne, didn’t you get the memo?

  5. Not a surprise they were not wearing masks.

    I love that an executive order from the ELECTED governor was tossed aside.

    Hope to have this bunch contact traced and reported.

    Thanks for not helping us to get back to our normal lives.

  6. Oh, no masks?

    Obviously the health of our community isn’t important.

    Automatic loss of my vote.

    Also wont be visiting Parkside again!

  7. It appears from the photos this event was the outdoor area next to Parkside, so that’s a plus.

    But clearly zero social distancing.

    I’m generally upset at the politicization of masks vs no mask.

    Hey, I hate them too, but I’d rather do my part to allow our economy to stay open.

    I would think pro-economy Republicans would recognize that.

    I’m a person who votes Republican for 99% of local elected positions.

    But it strikes me as irresponsible that these folks made the no-mask choice once the place got packed.
    Let’s not make public safety a casualty of our political beliefs simply because of the distorted memes that show up on your social media feed.

  8. @Cat Lynn

    That order is no longer in effect.

    Not saying they shouldn’t be wearing masks, but they’re definitely not required to.

  9. Won’t vote for a single one of you for not wearing a mask to help protect your fellow citizens at high risk.

    I was leaning towards a few of you, but now I just can’t and am disappointed to be a part of this community for 40 years.

  10. No masks???

    That says it all.

    Supposedly educated, informed people clearly showing indifference and ignorance.

    Why does the Republican party always represent indifference to others?

  11. Come on !

    Why would anyone want to back a Democratic Pandemic mongrel who wants to destroy are civil liberties and country?

    This has gone way too far.

    Trump and the Republicans have done way more for Our country in the last 4yrs than any LIBERAL has ever done.

    Face the music and wake up!

  12. Trump and the Republicans have done far more for this country in nearly 4 years than Democrats….

    And as far as other comments on no masks and no social distancing….I do not hold with eitheron that position anyway…good for the Republican candidates…the have common sense

  13. Trump and republican have done more far more for this country?

    Hahaha we have an put of control pandemic, a collapsing economy, racial tension.

    West coast on fire.

    Kids in cages.

    Forced hysterectomies at the border.

    White supremacists are now considered “good guys”.

    What good have they done exactly?

    This is trumps america, not Bidens.

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