Skillicorn Calls for Acosta’s Resignation from McHenry County Board

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn issued the following statement after McHenry County Board member Carlos Acosta was arrested:

Allen Skillicorn

Thank you McHenry County States Attorney Patrick Kenneally and Sheriff Bill Prim for getting wheels of Justice turning!

I also have to point out Jack Franks, Suzanne Ness, Paula Yensen, Kristina Zahorik, and the McHenry County Democrats have protected Carlos Acosta for over a year concerning the death of AJ.

Shame on them!

Carlos Acosta needs to immediately step down from elected office.

Will the McHenry Dems still condone this?

Will a single McHenry Dem join my call for Acosta’s resignation?


Skillicorn Calls for Acosta’s Resignation from McHenry County Board — 34 Comments

  1. The public should demand his resignation.

    Wearing batman crap at board meetings is juvenile, on top of everything else

  2. my question has always remained this…..

    How did Acosta get his job?

    who hired him?

    how many people work at the McHenry Office of the DCFS?…

    how many are Democrats?

    I firmly believe that getting a job there has patronage connotations…

  3. Word on the street, Andy Zinke was able to get his ex wife a job at DCFS.

    Not Kim, the previous wife.

    Then he took custody from their kids.

  4. Yes, Acosta has an obligation to the people to remove himself from the County Board.

    Thanks Skillicorn!

  5. Say what they were harboring a criminal?

    be sure he takes that batman mask with him…

  6. Batman stuff aside, he ought to be also up on charges for that “wife beater” T-Shirt he wore for his Mug shot.

    Who is this guy?

    Surely not a wife beater, but whats up with that look?

    Something weird about Acosta beyond he was negligent in his job and a kid ended up getting killed.

    His claim by the way is he was just following DCFS procedures…like Hitlers henchmen–just following orders.

    Please step down and do the right thing Carlos.

  7. Finally a politico with sufficient scrotal development!

    Go Skills!

  8. I doubt Kenneally did this because of the need to get Justice for A.J.

    He did it because of political pressure or how this can help this dipshits personal agenda.

    Arrest Kenneally too and put him in a cell with Big Bubba.

    The KY Jelly or first can of Crisco ™ is my treat.

  9. @DALA your street whisperer lied, Wasn’t his first wife a former SA?

    Not so sure he got her a job at DCFS “then took” custody unless there was something scary there and I don’t think there was, she was a nice sharp states attorney and I believe he was paying child support reluctantly, like most men.

    A quick check shows that a person with that last name just requested a name change and the attorney representing said child was I believe his ex-wife.

    They have always had a very public 15 year divorce feud in the courts with contempt charges leveled back and forth and currently in court still, next date 10-20-20, which could be why the name change requested for the young man.

  10. Good for Skillicorn!

    His running mate and County Board member, Susanne Ness remains silent on this issue all while collecting campaign funds from crooked Madigan!

    Perhaps Acosta could make a plea deal and SING as to what has gone on in Woodstock & McHenry County with illegal minors, some elected Mayor, former Sheriff, state officials etc.

    If he doesn’t, and it should come out anyway, Acosta will be spending a lot of time behind bars.

    This entitled punk who didn’t do right by children, won’t do very well in prison!

  11. Andy’s ex-wife obtained her position with DCFS after the divorce.

    She worked in Lake County, Illinois.

    Andy had NOTHING to do with this and had no relationship or influence with DCFS.

    Additionally, his ex-wife received custody and guardianship of their only son in 12/06.

    Andy had visitation rights.

    Check your facts before you vomit “fake news.”

  12. Hopefully he gets transferred to Lake County for prosecution and not Boone, Judge Quick Draw looks for reasons to free the politicians.

  13. I don’t think he is a politician, perhaps a useful tool that is akin to a lap dog, ie owned.

  14. Our own JB, JF, is calling for his resignation.

    Usefulness over🙈

  15. If he’s convicted of a job related felony, won’t that wreck his fat pension?

    Llavona should have his pension cancelled too!

  16. Skillicorn got out of his crypt for this?

    Great job, Al.

    Thought you abandoned your constituents.

  17. Acosta could have removed AJ from his parents and placed him with a relative. 🤔😮

  18. Following conviction will Acosta be deported and have his pension(s) cut?

    Will Carlos now take down his Che Guevara poster from his county board cubicle.

    Somehow it was discovered on the floor one morning and it’s glass got cracked.

    Carlos placed a large post it note on the rehung communist icon saying “This poster was vandalized by fascists.”

    But with Carlos, you really have to wonder if he didn’t do it himself or negligently hung the poster, like he did all all his other work.

    He can now cry ‘Victimhood’ and ‘racism!’

    Now that he’s been tagged as an accused felon awaiting trial and punishment.

    But I still feel Kenneally will wimp out on this one.

    He always does.

  19. Once people begin to confess, there might be even more prosecutions.

    There were a lot of players in the death of AJ Freund.

    Drew Freund has plenty of contacts in McHenry County.

  20. Acosta would lose his pension, if convicted of the felony charges.

  21. @Dala, I didn’t say you didn’t talk to her at DCFS but she got that job on her own merit.

    She is a well respected attorney who worked as a MC States Attorney under Gary Pack when she met him 20 years or more ago while he worked at the Sheriff’s office as a patrolman.

    They are both good people who for whatever reason couldn’t make the union work.

    I blame it on the system that makes it too easy to divorce back in those days and made it financially lucrative for the custodial parent at the peril of the poor schmuck 99% male victims.

    Nowadays it has gotten closer to fair with co-parenting and the demotion of Mangleitamale.

  22. MsChumpion: truth hurts eh, snowflake?

    That’s the best you got? Go back to taking cute selfies with your moo-moo on, and your blue beehive wig.

    The other boomers will crave more pics of your flab.

  23. Stormy D, 99% male victims?

    Not only are you twisted, but you are the real schmuck!

    And, if you think Zinke is a good person, you don’t have all the facts!

  24. Bob Belcher, are you Peter Austin?

    Does your husband approve of you posting here?






  26. Nothing in state law giving anyone that authority before a felony conviction.

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