Coverage of AJ’s DCFS Caseworker’s/Supervisor’s Arrests Broad

The arrests of murdered 5-year old AJ Freund by his parents has received broad coverage in the Chicago media.

WLS, the television station with the greatest viewship, ran an over two-minute story.

The mug shots of DCFS Caseworker Carlos Acosta and his supervisor Andrew Polovin were displayed.

The woman who has been leading the fight to obtain justice for AJ, ROAR for AJ leader Tracy Kotzman, took part in a long interview.

Jack Franks even made the story, finally calling the Democrat the Illinois Integrity Fund helped elect to resign:

“I am a firm believer in the presumption of innocence. It is not some quaint, antiquated notion,” Franks said in part in a statement. “However, the ability of the County Board to conduct the people’s business cannot be compromised. I encourage Mr. Acosta to reflect on this and make the decision to resign, which would be in the best interests of his constituents and the County Board.”

= = = = =

I guess that means if Franks is not indicted on sex charges in Springfield, he will not resign.

= = = = =

Patch led with Franks’ call for Acosta to resign from the County Board, but without pointing out both are Democrats.

Later in the article, reporter Amie Schaenzer, added Franks’ opponent Mike Buehler’s comments:

Meanwhile, the Republican candidate in the upcoming county board chair race, Mike Buehler, is calling on not only Acosta to resign, but also Franks.

Franks is running as the democratic candidate against Buehler in the upcoming November election.

Buehler said Acosta was a “political ally” to the county board chair, and “many” believe ongoing calls for Acosta’s resignation were stymied by Franks.

“Just recently, Franks called Acosta a model board member,” Buehler said in a statement Friday.

“Franks should have asked Acosta to resign a long time ago. But the chairman put politics ahead of justice or decency.

“With Franks, politics always come first.”

Franks’ reply to Buehler’s call for his resignation appeared in the Northwest Herald:

= = = = =

As if Franks’ belated call for Acosta’s resignation was not for political gain.

= = = = =

AP picked up the story, as this from the Las Vegas Sun shows:

= = = = =

The Chicago Tribune put its story on the front page:

= = = = =

= = = = =

Carlos Acosta

= = = = =

I may add more later.


Coverage of AJ’s DCFS Caseworker’s/Supervisor’s Arrests Broad — 24 Comments

  1. Anything to deflect from the poor oppressed inner city dwellers shooting and looting.

    That’s just how the Chicago Leftist media rolls, people who are stupid buy into it.

  2. Patty O’Kenneally wants his cringe worthy face on television and Chicago media and the reason for the charges!

    It’s for his self gratitude and benefit!

    What a shameless turd!

  3. As I said, this case has national coverage.

    In fact some of the British papers carry the story

  4. Funny how none of the headlines say “County Board member,” isn’t it?

    Just “Two former DCFS workers”

  5. So Jack Frank’s, the astute county chair said nothing about Acosta resigning for 17 months, as he didn’t want to lose his little batman patronage vote.


    I call for Jack D. Frank’s resignation.

    His judgement is non-existent.

    When you see a bandwagon, it’s too late

  6. Good to see—the AJ story was a National story to begin with and folks from around the Country followed with hope at first, that a missing boy would be found then dred when learning the morbid details.

    Its unusual in that Case Workers arent routinely “gone after” when these kinds of cases go horribly bad, so thats a story in of itself and folks who followed the national story will now want to follow this one–so dont blow it Kenneally.

    All the more reason on a more local level, Acosta should resign at once and concentrate his life on his upcoming trial. Take Franks with you.

    Maybe he’ll capture some national attention too if they learn what he’s accused of and still in charge of.

  7. Reading the tea leaves,
    this Acosta indictment will be a Waterloo event and the county chair will go Republican.

    Vote out the enablers 🃏

  8. Daily Mail story~In depth coverage

    Two social workers who oversaw case of AJ Freund before the five-year-old was beaten to death with a shower head by his mother are charged with child endangerment

    AJ Freund, five, was killed in April 2019 by his parents in Crystal Lake, Illinois

    Four months before he died police reported injuries on the boy to social services

    AJ was examined and bruises were found on his body, but he was returned home

    On Thursday two Illinois social workers were charged with child endangerment

    Carlos Acosta, 54, and supervisor Andrew Polovin, 48, were arrested Thursday

    AJ’s mother JoAnn Cunningham, 37, pleaded guilty to the boy’s murder last year

    She was sentenced in July to 35 years in prison for his killing

    AJ’s father, Drew Freund, 61, faces murder charges and is negotiating a plea deal

  9. Barney Styf of the Northworst Herald is already watering down the likelihood of a conviction.

    He’s another incompetent idiot in my opinion.

  10. Watch all the judges in McHenry Co. wimp out.

    Well, Judges Nader Nadir and Costello do have a reason— they’re pals of Acosta and his boss, The Jackal, a/k/a the Jackoo!

  11. Franks is a pathetic!



    Let’s not forget Jack Frank’s protege “FAKE NURSE” Lauren Underwood snubbed AJ Freund at a parade, AFTER HIS MURDER MADE WORLDWIDE NEWS!


    Continued reform in McHenry County means that Jack Franks and his entourage must hit the road!


  12. Costello is a pal of Jacko’s?

    He’s the judge who ruled against the Illinois Integrity Fund.

  13. What’s your proof, Hasso, about Costello and Franks?

    It doesn’t make sense!

    But I put nothing past Franks, he is the great co-opter and money is his medium.

    Nader, I believe!

  14. Nader is from the days of the Nygren and Zinke Regime,

    She’s another one that needs to remove herself from the bench and the people should be demanding her resignation.

  15. Did McHenry County States Attorney Kenneally push this high profile case now just for his re-election campaign and free media coverage and publicity?

    I wouldn’t put it past him as his personal character is extremely poor in my opinion. Wasn’t he involved in a Domestic Violence incident in 2010 in Barrington which he physically attacked his wife.

    I guess that’s perfectly alright in his thinking as he was just jiving and playing around. Was part of the job prerequisite for prosecuting Domestic Battery cases having hands on experience?

    How many cases did Kenneally prosecute which equaled his actions?

    Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black and hypocritical. I’ll be passing on voting for States Attorney in November as this fool is running unopposed.

    How did that happen and don’t the voters deserve better than this limp dick?


  16. Cal, didn’t my third to the last paragraph State ” this fool is running unopposed”?

  17. I’ll 2nd that motion for JF outage NOW! he had nothing to do with this pos leaving but sure wants lime light for it, truly sickening its like using a child to get Fame… disgusting… this MCC board is like where all the leftover politiicans come to hang while the law catches up to them… like Al Capone days hide out… till the heat subsides…

  18. “… trying to fix a broken system …”?

    Suddenly, Franks is all worried about ‘fixing a broken system.’

    Fixing the ‘broken system’ includes removing the culpable from positions where their incompetence and, possibly, guilt can do more harm.

    But Franks stuck with Acosta right up to the bitter end.

    When the chairman’s intransigence in the face of doing the right thing, he comes out with a political response (exactly what those who know Jack would expect) trying to point the finger at his opponent for the chairmanship.

    No one is trying to score political points here except for Jack Franks.

    He wasn’t worried about the implications of the death of a 5-year-old boy until his partisan approach to justice landed him on the wrong side of the issue.

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