IL-14: Mail Arrives Supporting Oberweis

14th District Republican congressional hopeful is getting help form some outside money.

Here’s the comparison mailing that just arrived.

Note that it is from “Vote Yes for Fairness.”


IL-14: Mail Arrives Supporting Oberweis — 5 Comments

  1. Too much virtue signaling for me!

    What a loser.

    “Vote for me because I give money to a bunch of Southside of Chicago race hustlers.”

  2. I received that mail too and can ASSURE you Cal that those were separate pieces.

    The person who sent you this must not have been clear about what was sent.

    The “vote yes” one had an application to vote by mail.

    The Oberweis mailing was NOT in the “vote yes” envelope.

    It was by itself.

  3. Cal, that top piece w/ the green stick ‘em is NOT what the Oberweis drivel came in!

    You’ve been had by a demo-rat!

    The faker cropped out the address space on the rather gigantic postcard.

    BTW, I totally agree w/ Lee Preston.

    I gagged when I saw what the lush wrote about how good he was for sending $$$ out of district to a Southside Black gang!

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