IL-14: Underwood Mailing

This may be the first of many mailings from Congresswoman Loren Underwood, paid for by Mike Madigan’s Illinois Democratic Party:


IL-14: Underwood Mailing — 11 Comments

  1. Looks like a targeted mailing for McHenry and Lake counties.

    Expect the DeKalb, Kane, Kendall, and Will counties portion of the 14th to have received a version with their Shaw Media publication and the headline.

    Underwood doing again what she does best — embellishing the truth in the mailer.

  2. Embellishing … or lying? She’s great at both!

    She’s quite steatopygous, too!

  3. The contrast between Underwood’s headline

    “No one should choose between the medicine they need and going bankrupt”

    vs Oberweis’s headline

    “If you like his ice cream, you’re going to love him as your Congressman”

    is stark.

    Oberweis comes across as a kind, easy going guy.

    These are good traits to look for in a friend or a customer service employee, but given this current political environment, I’m not sure that’s what voters are looking for in a representative.

    If he wants to go that route, he should highlight how he has been out in the community during the pandemic despite his age yet Underwood has more or less been in a bunker even though she likes to brag about being a nurse.

    Although I still think the best bet is to hammer on her silence of antifa and blm terrorists.

    A tv ad with footage of their carnage and any outrageous quotes she has lending support to the far left (like her ICE statement) would be in order.

    Trump has put out some effective ads about left wing terrorism.

    For Underwood, I think her current strategy is fine.

    She is highlighting bipartisanship, results, and especially the healthcare issue.

    She is doing a good job at cementing her positive, pragmatic image (which is why I think Oberweis needs to counter that by tying her in with the loons — he should have been doing that a lot more by now).

  4. Buckwheat so outta touch with reality we are already Bankrupt!! from you and your kind.. time for you to move on! no more… your like a one horse pony show keep repeating same BS that does not matter at this time ! go have a cocktail with your BFF the Sea Hag… leave us decent folk alone..

  5. Oberfool missed the boat again.

    His campaign is one slo-mo mess up, from start to finish, so far.

    Oberfool: WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  6. Once again, Underwood is leaning on her reputation as a ‘nurse.’

    She grossly embellishes her role in the insulin legislation and then leans back on the two-year-old lie that she ever did anything with her nursing credentials.

    It’s expecting a bit much to expect truth about anything from someone who thinks that, by going quiet when supporters laugh about violence against police, she is somehow absolved of guilt.

  7. If someone was shot, Oberweis would start to cry, and Lauren would hit the deck, and if the someone shot was White, she’d congratulate the attacker!

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