Republicans Gather in Huntley’s Parkside Pub – Part 2

Tom Weber

The next candidate introduced by Coroner candidate Dr. Michael Rein was State Rep. Tom Weber.

Weber had a hard time describing the gerrymandered district resulting from Mike Madigan’s 2012 reapportionment.

Referring to the Democrats, he said, “They have so many people under investigation.

He pointed to Lake County’s State Senator Terry Link, who although under investigation by the FBI was re-elected Chair of the Lake County Democratic Party Central Committee.

Addressing House Speaker Mike Madigan’s problems, Weber said, “If this were a private company or the Republican Party, [he] would have been driven…out of office.”

With reference to the income tax Constitutional Amendment on the ballot, Weber pointed out that the rates passed by Democrats “are not permanent.”

Then, District 3 County Board candidate Mike Shorten spoke.

Mike Shorten at McHenry GOP event.

“Like me, you’re thinking, ‘When am I going to leave the state?'”

Discussing it with his wife brought out the local family ties, “My mother, your mother…”

“We can leave or make a decision to fight.

“Our fight is not at the keyboard.

“Our fight is not at the ballot box.”

It has to be more active, he stressed.

He pointed to opportunities to go door-to-door or make phone calls.

“There are tons of opportunities to volunteer.

“This is a long fight,” pointing out that school board and municipal elections are coming up in the spring

He explained that his opponent, a woman had only voted once in the last twelve years.

“The Democrats recruited her because they wanted to stretch our resources.”

Speaking for 14th District Republican congressional candidate Jim Oberweis was Matt Duray.

Matt Duray

He told of an impressive number of doors knocked on and phone calls made. (I asked him later, if he was talking about robo-calls. He wasn’t.)

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More coming.


Republicans Gather in Huntley’s Parkside Pub – Part 2 — 20 Comments

  1. But “Pat” was a no-show!

    Was Kenneally too busy meeting with his bosses or just filling his fat face at the buffet?

  2. Why is Weber even there, he’s a big RINO part of the problem.

    He likes to kneel at BLM functions and worship at Drug addict/thug George Floyd shrines.

  3. LeePreston, as judge and state representative, how did you tolerate corrupt politicians?☚ī¸đŸ˜Ž

  4. Cal, is Matt Duray in the photo, the Gurnee Trustee candidate? 🤔

  5. Little Eddie, so many questions you could have asked if you had been there, but you weren’t – why ?

    Was it past your bed time ?

    Couldn’t get a ride from mom ?

    I was going to buy you all the Shirley Temples you could handle, you have greatly disappointed me.

  6. DisHonestAbe1, I said many times I don’t live in McHenry County.

    You weren’t there either.

    You were with Rubba. 😮

  7. Actually the fight is at the keyboard.

    That’s what people do on this site, and hide their identity with cute monikers.

    Anything to grow the man with their toolbox of concepts.

  8. Little Eddie, how do you know I wasn’t there ?

    The Fact is you don’t.

    The FACT is I was.

    The FACT is I’m in one of the pictures.

    The FACT is FACTS don’t matter to you.

    Thanks for playing, perhaps you will do better next time.
    Now get out there and take on the day !

  9. DisHonestAbe1, the facts don’t matter to you and you weren’t there.

    Seize the day, for your idol Biden. 😝😆

  10. Perhaps Kenneally was the entertainment. Playing guitar, banjo or some such. Playing for change.

  11. Kenneally is really pretty deceptive.

    He fooled Bianchi pretty good.

    His true colors came out when he let the Millers off the hook.

  12. Watch all the judges in McHenry Co. wimp out.

    Well, Judges Nader Nadir and Costello do have a reason— they’re pals of Acosta and his boss, The Jackal, a/k/a the Jackoo!

  13. Sad gathering if wipes like Weber are keynotes.

    These people like to lose.

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