Tom Weber’s Opponent Sends Post Card to Independents — 9 Comments

  1. Lgbtq special rights?

    “Works for a local school district.”


    Which one?

    What capacity?

    Lunch room aid?

    “Is a labor union leader” funny!

    That’s a disqualification!

    “Brings all people together”……except whites!

    ‘Small business owner’?

    Really? What?

    A dog walking concern?

    A tax rip off racket like Senior Services?

  2. Her head ought to be put in a yoke to haul rocks from McHenry to So. Beloit!

  3. Yeah you lost me at School District all i see is you taking more $$ from us not a chance, bye bye

    My guess is now that all these teachers admin lose their positions now there going to try to keep that pension rolling with getting into politics…

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