IL-14: Lauren Underwood Endorsed by Daily Herald

Lauren Underwood

As expected, the Herald endorsement went with the incumbent and while newspapers don’t have the influence they once had, it’s to date the loudest wake up call to a lethargic Jim Oberweis campaign

As expected when one views the editorial board endorsement interview conducted jointly by the Daily Herald and Shaw Media, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood was endorsed by the Herald on Saturday, likely to appear in Sunday’s print edition.

Watching the replay of the interview video, the Underwood endorsement should surprise no one.

“In an interview with the editorial boards of the Daily Herald and Shaw Media, her answers were well-reasoned and to the point. She avoided bickering, even when provoked.”

Daily Herald editorial endorsement of “Underwood over Oberweis” 9/12/20

Please refer to the commentary in the interview article (linked above), as the points there do not need to be repeated.

McHenry County Blog is thankful the Herald was not bought into the portions Underwood was less than honest in her responses, and a Herald reporter clarified, which is reflected in the endorsement of her:

“While Underwood hews closely to Democratic Party planks in her votes…

“A few of her ideas — notably controls on insulin prices — have found their way into legislation President Trump has signed.”

Daily Herald editorial endorsement of “Underwood over Oberweis” 9/12/20

Put another way, the Herald did not let Underwood get away with saying “President Trump signed 3 of my bills into law” message she has been using since the first debate on September 1 and the Herald gave a nod Underwood’s voting record follows the Democratic Party platform planks.

Jim Oberweis

The editorial simply reflected, and to date accurately, the truth of Oberweis:

“But he [Oberweis] has not made the case that he could be the kind of open-arms representative in a diverse district that Underwood has proved herself to be.”

Daily Herald editorial endorsement of “Underwood over Oberweis” 9/12/20

In this General Election campaign in the 14th congressional district, all of the momentum is currently with Underwood. Oberweis’ campaign, and the Republican Party at the national, state and local levels (hint, starting with the Republican Party County chairmen) need to turn that around, and fast. Vote-by-mail ballots begin hitting the street in less than two weeks.

The full Daily Herald endorsement can be read here.


IL-14: Lauren Underwood Endorsed by Daily Herald — 10 Comments

  1. I am being very serious, when and how did we allow this County to turn Blue?

    That rag of a paper was so Red at one time, you might think they were bleeding money.

    Oh yeah, sorry…..that was and is blood.

  2. Lethargic or comatose?

    If Joe Biden were to win, he will not be in control. The Communists will. The first thing they will do is eliminate the filibuster.

    Then they will pack the supreme court by adding more judges. The electoral college would go bye bye.

    They will redistribute senators based on population – imagine California with 30 sentators. Illegal immigrants and residents will be given voting rights.

    This election is not a Democrat v Republican. This is about a radical left progressive party (communist-democrats) like BLM Underweird, who wish to fundamentally alter the US.

    They want to erase 1776 and they want to go for a Jacobian French revolution complete with guillotines and Reign of Terror.

    Church members to re-education FEMA camps!

  3. Not terribly surprised that Oberweis makes “Sleepy Joe” look like Mr. Excitment!

    We couldn’t have Christina Lauf of course, too young or whatever.

    I wouldn;t be surprised if many dems crossed over to vote Oberweis in the primaries.

  4. Oberweis still have a pulse?

    He drinks 2 glasses of warm milk every night before he retires for the evening…… at 6:30pm!

    Gets up at 10:30am.

    Don’t forget his 1:30-3:00pm ‘catnap’ after his luncheon!

  5. I don’t think there is anything Oberweis could have done to win the endorsement.

    The only way I see him winning is if Trump really drives the turnout with the anti socialism message.

    I can’t think of any other scenario where he wins unless he changes his strategy.

  6. hahaha … of course they would endorse buckwheat… LOL… hahahaahaaaaa… a rag for a rag..

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