Franks Ducks Daily Herald, Northwest Herald Interview

Democrat Jack Franks refused to participate in the in-person interview conducted by the Daily and Northwest Heralds.

Franks chickened out.

Instead the papers allowed him to provide a written statement and when Republican opponent Mike Buehler scored points, the NWH even had its reporter call Franks for rebuttals.

The NWH headline, however, gives no indication that Franks did not appear in person:

McHenry County Board chairman candidates talk collaboration, lowering property taxes

In a rebuttal to Beuhler’s saying he would like to lower county expenditures without cutting essential services, the NWH reported, Franks “plans to continue looking for ways in which various departments of county government can run more efficiently.”

As McHenry County Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe pointed out in her speech to Republicans in Huntley on Wednesday night,

“Jack Franks likes to take credit [for savings], but it’s departments like our own and the State’s Attorney and the Sheriff that made the cuts.”


Franks Ducks Daily Herald, Northwest Herald Interview — 16 Comments

  1. The States Attorney is worthless. He should be cutting his diet as his waist line is approaching his height.

  2. Franks is our Jewish “untouchable” and the media supinely submits.

    Such “courtesy” would never be granted Ives or Buehler.

  3. I no longer get the Daily Herald any more, but if the candidate did not show up for the Editorial Board candidates forum and interview, it was reported bluntly as a no-show

    Same for the Trib, too, I think.

    No sidebars, no special interviews, no rebuttals.

    If you did not play ball, you forfeited.


    Newspapers are supposed to be one more Constitutional check and balance.

    Incredibly poor form!


    The NWHerald has ceased to be a newspaper.

  4. Although done for different reasons, conservative candidates should do as Ives and Franks did, ignore the worthless Northworst Herald and Daily Carol.

    Two useless liberal rags unwilling to give conservative voice a fair shake.

  5. What is this crap about Franks’ religion.

    I’m the last one to defend Franks on anything but these attacks on his religion are so ignorant they’re hard to comprehend.

  6. I used to do sheet metal. As a tin-knocker, you had to know how to cut metal in a straight line.

    If someone failed, and wandered back and forth across the line several times, they might joke, “What’s the problem? I was on the line … four or five times.”

    That seems to be the Northwest Herald’s approach to the truth.

    It doesn’t matter if, in its entirety, something they publish is a complete lie as long as you can find the tiniest fragment of truth buried somewhere in the story.

  7. Monk and Frankly Speaking are right on point!

    Rostron, perhaps you should read some history.

    Have fun w/ your Hollywood degenerates.

    Do you have any awareness as to who’s running the show in “higher education” or the MSM?

    Why are we in all these stupid wars?

    When the real culprits of 9/11 are exposed, maybe Rostron will back up a bit from his “Oprah goo-goo ga-ga” babble.

  8. Hey Rich Rostron, maybe he’s trying to get a congratulatory call from Kamala Harris like when she told criminal Jacob Blake and his anti-Semite racist father she was proud of them.

  9. Frankly Speaking, Franks is not Conservative.

    He’s a Madigan Democrat.

  10. I echo Keefe’s comments and add that the Recorder’s office is on track to save about $2,000,000 by the end of my term as recorder. That’s about two years of expenses for the office.

    Thank you to the remarkable team in that office and their commitment to the work and the people of the county.

    Franks raids the couch cushions and piggy banks for a few dollars and calls that tax cuts, while he adds considerable cost in payroll and other expenses for staff that were never needed before.

    Meanwhile, what has he done to bring meaning fun, systematic change to reduce costs?


    Elect Buehler and let’s get this county on the road to revitalization!

  11. That is correct we all know how much it likes to spend our tax $$ especially on salaries.. that were not needed or there before… it got in

  12. That means that the Republican Recorder before Joe Tirio was a tax pig.

    Who was that?

    Good work Joe!

    Like Trump.

    Not swamp people.

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